Photo Collection
Here are some photographs from my interesting cemetery adventures.


Lilah Cleaning

Lilah Cleaning

My kids like to accompany me to the maintained cemeteries to help clean stones.  When my daughter was younger she disliked getting her hands dirty so she preferred to use a toothbrush instead of a scrubbrush. She could still go for hours! Now she constantly askes to clean stones with me and is a real help.  My son is more distractable but still likes to clean.  He also likes spraying his sister with the water instead of the stone!
In these pictures we are in the Clear Creek Cemetery (Putnam County), Hixon Cemetery (Parke County) and the Underwood Cemetery (Putnam County).

Kids Cleaning  

My daughter also enjoys photographing gravestones with her very own camera.  In this picture we are in the North Burial Ground, Providence, RI.  

Lilah Photos

Sniff Flower

While at Burial Hill in Plymouth, MA, we caught my sun letting each death's head and soul effigy "sniff" the flower he found.

This was the biggest tablet stone I had seen and had to get my picture taken next to it.  It's amazing that the thin stone has not snapped yet.  
It is located in the North Burial Ground, Providence, RI.

Tall Stone



My husband took this picture of me while we were walking away from Cofer Cemetery.  The corn height was no problem for him, but I kept getting smacked in the face.

I was 9-months pregnant with my son when this picture was taken.  We were preparing for an upcoming field trip to Clayton East Cemetery.  
I left the heavy lifting to the others and worked to cut a new slot in a base.

Cutting Slot



As we approached the Hardwick Cemetery, a deer bounded away through the wheat. After we were exploring the cemetery for a few minutes we happened upon this fawn, which we quickly left alone.           

These puffballs were unbelievably BIG!  I found them while looking for Leach Cemetery #2.


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