Marion Township, Hendricks County, Indiana
NW ¼ of the NE ¼ of Sec 3, T15N R2W
Visited July 4, 2005

This cemetery is on the east side of 550W, just south of 100N, in a grove of walnut trees.  There are no stones for the three graves.  The abstract lists the following location for the cemetery: From the corner of 550W and 100N, go south 16 rods (88 yards) and east 3 rods (16.5 yards). This is the NW corner of the cemetery. Each side of the cemetery is 20 feet long.

Corners (There are no stones. This location was figured by measuring the legal description.):
NW: N39°46.504’ W86°37.389’
SE: N39°46.501’ W86°37.385’

Approximate Center:
N39°46.503’ W86°37.387’ or
N394630 W863723

There are no stones or fence for this cemetery.  The grove of trees is on the side of the road and is not mowed. The burials that are listed in the abstract are George Peck, John Peck, and Nancy Samuels.

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The following information comes mostly from Sally Darby Sauer (, great-great-great granddaughter of George Peck and great-great granddaughter of Thomas Samuel Peck:

The people buried in the cemetery:
1. George Peck was born about 1808 in Pennsylvania and died August 9, 1839 in Hendricks County, Indiana. (Another version is that he was born in 1789.) He was a wagon maker and farmer.

2. Nancy (Hunter) Samuell was born before 1783 in Caroline County, VA and was not found on the 1840 census. Her husband (and Lucinda's father) was Thomas Samuell. In the 1840 census, a male between the ages of 50 and 59 in living with Lucinda and her children, suggesting that Nancy had died and that Thomas was living with Lucinda. Previous Hendricks County researchers assumed that "Nancy Samuels" was a married daughter of George and Lucinda Peck.  While they did have a daughter named Nancy E., our explanation is more plausible, as she was living when the family moved to Iowa in the 1850s.  

3. John Peck may be an infant of George and Lucinda.  There is a gap in their children that would suggest a child was born around 1832.  He is not listed on the 1840 census, so if this was the case, he would have died by then.  That would be around the time of the other burials.

George Peck and Lucinda Samuell were married in Hendricks County, Indiana June 21, 1827, both having moved to Indiana from Kentucky.  George purchased land in Putnam County, Indiana May 15, 1827, Hendricks County July 1, 1831 and Hamilton County September 30, 1835.

Lucinda (Samuell) Peck was born May 24, 1806 in Kentucky to Thomas Samuell, Jr. and Nancy (Hunter) Samuell, both natives of Virginia. She died February 12, 1873 in Lawrence County, Missouri. According to the 1885 History of Hendricks County, Thomas Samuell was one of the first settlers of Marion Township, settling between 1826 and 1827.  His son, Bradford Samuell, is listed as one of the voters in the first election (August 3, 1836).

Children of George and Lucinda (Samuell) Peck:
  1.  Thomas Samuel Peck: Born October 22, 1829 in Indiana, died March 17, 1898 in Boulder County, Colorado.  Married Susan Edmund Walthall September 2, 1850 in Danville, Hendricks County, Indiana.  Susan was born November 21, 1833 in Hendricks County, Indiana
  2. Susannah "Susan" A. Peck: Born june 4, 1828 in Hendricks County, Indiana, died December 20, 1887 in Lawrence County, Missouri. Married Martillus Margason November 3, 1850 in Hendricks County, Indiana. Martillus was born Septmeber 7, 1829 in Clark County, Kentucky.
  3. William Matlock Peck: Born January 15, 1835 in Danville, Hendricks County, Indiana, died March 22, 1914 in Lawrence County, Missouri. Married Miriam Johnston September 1857 in Blakesburg, Wapello County, Iowa.  Miriam was born October 18, 1838 in Zanesville, Muskingum County, Ohio.
  4. Nancy E. Peck: Born about 1837, died between 1855 and July 15, 1860 (listed in Wapello County, Iowa census). 
  5. Helen Catherine Peck: Born about 1839 in Indiana, died 1915. Married Theodore W. Cook in 1860, James William Lummis in 1864 and David H. Ellis in 1894.

Lucinda Samuell Peck and her children (and Thomas and Susan's spouses) moved from Indiana to Iowa between October 14, 1850 and 1856.  Thomas and Susan (Walthall) Peck moved to Lucas County, Iowa.  All the others moved to Wapello County, Iowa. Thomas and William Peck went to Colorado about 1860 to search for gold.  Thomas returned to Iowa and moved his family, now consisting of himself, his wife Susan, and his daughters Clara Cassandra and Lucinda Josephine to Denver, then Nevadaville and finally Boulder County, Colorado.  All the rest of the family, with the exception of Nancy E., moved from Iowa to near Mt. Vernon, Lawrence County, Missouri.

This valuable narrative comes from Barbara Berry Meger (, great-great-great granddaughter of George Peck, great-great granddaughter of William Matlock Peck:

This postcard comes from Ivan Berry (, great-great-grandson of George Peck, great-grandson of William Matlock Peck.
The back of the postcard reads: "Taken August 1910. Childhood home of W.M. Peck 5 miles West of Danville Ind. One mile North. The Smoke house about 90 yrs. old--built mostly of walnut and poplar logs. The house fronts East, the shed room taken from West and Chimney also taken away. A big black Locus tree near house, a spring about 20 steps southeast. Built by Geo. Peck father of Wm M. Peck."
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More genealogical information can be acquired by emailing the sources above.

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