Old Hadley
Guilford Township, Hendricks County, Indiana
SE ¼ of the NW ¼ of Sec 27, T15N R1E
Visited April 4, 2006

This cemetery was on the lot next to #499 at the end of Summit Court between North Center Road and White Lick Creek.  All visible remains and stones have been moved to Maple Hill Cemetery . The stones are mostly in the southern older end of Maple Hill. When the graves were moved the families were allowed to choose plots; therefore, not all graves are located in the same area. 

Most likely graves remain at Old Hadley.  An article in the August 11, 1902 "Friday Caller" describes the cemetery as being in very poor condition, with most gravestones on the ground. Many of the names listed in this article are not found in Maple Hill, possibly meaning that the graves were never moved.  In 1951, the owner of the farmland pushed the reamining gravestones over the bluff into White Lick Creek to stop erosion.  Remains were also found when the land was developed into a subdivision.  In 1972, a genealogist found a single gravestone on the side of the hill below the burial sites.  The current landowners must report any remains that are found so they may be moved to Maple Hill.

      New      Stacks      Old
         Location of Some of the Graves in Maple Hill                             Leaning Stack Stones                                        Original Location at Summit Court

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