Neier Farm
Clay Township, Hendricks County, Indiana
NW ¼ of the SW ¼ of Sec 33, T15N R2W
Visited August 30, 2007

This cemetery is located on the Russell Neier farm between Coatesville and Amo.  It is on the west side of 675W between 450S and the old railroad bed. No visible signs remain. The general location is somewhere to the south or west of the house trailer.

Approximate Area:
N39°41.541’ W86°38.834’ or
N394133 W863850

In the early 1950s Mr. Neier’s father bought the land the cemetery is on.  It was badly grown up and the stones were in pieces on the ground.  As the area was cleaned up, the stones were leaned against the trees along the ravine to the north.  Over the years the stones disappeared, probably sliding down the ravine.  At this visit only a slotted base with part of a tablet stone mortared in was found. 

This may be a small family cemetery.  William Hancock originally bought the land from the government June 6, 1832.  It was then bought by Joshua Edwards on April 29, 1843.  Joshua appears to have lived on the land until his death in 1905, upon which the land went to his living children: Mary C. Edwards, Alconzo "Con" Edwards, Hannora "Nora" Pickett, Rosella "Rosa" Harris, Eliza J. Edwards, Alonzo "Lon" Edwards and Isaac Edwards.

Joshua was the son of Hanuel and Catherine (Hunt) Edwards, who were members of the Spring Friends Church.  Therefore, his first wife (Rhoda Mendenhall) and a child with her (Emery C.) are buried in the Spring Friends Cemetery.  The other two other children from their marriage that are listed in the 1850 census (Julia F. and Jesse F.) are unaccounted for in the 1860 census and could have possibly been buried on the farm.  

Joshua was married for the second time to Mary (Casa) and had eleven children with her (8 were living in the 1900 census); besides the children listed above, Ellie (1874-1892 buried in Amo Cemetery), William (b.~1863, d. possibly 1885, blind), Timothy (b.~1858, d. possibly 1888), and Alfred Horace (July 1879-Dec.1900 buried in Amo Cemetery).

There are still no definite names of people buried in this cemetery.  If you are have more information about this family or this cemetery, please email

                                          Trailer              Base
                                                                    House Trailer                                                                      Slotted Base

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