Lincoln Township, Hendricks County, Indiana
NE ¼ of Sec 10, T16N R1E
Visited August 2, 2005

This cemetery is on the north side of US 136, between 625E and SR 267.  There is an easement on the west edge of house # 6840.  The cemetery is beyond the tree line behind the house. It can be seen from the road in the winter.

NW: N39°50.827’ W86°24.392’
SE: N39°50.791’ W86°24.348’

Approximate Center:
N39°50.809’ W86°24.370’ or
N395049 W862422

This cemetery is fenced, mowed, and somewhat maintained.  The stack stones have been leveled and have mortar mix or setting compound between the pieces, which are signs of recent restoration. The grave depressions are very deep, so leveling must have been done.  The tablet stones, however, have not been fixed.  Most lie scattered on the ground, some sinking face up.  Some are also broken from being set in concrete.  While the cemetery is nicely mowed, there were some large tree limbs down at this visit that had not been taken care of. 

Cemetery   Cemetery   Tablets
                        Cemetery from the Entrance                                                 Cemetery                                                         Fallen Tablet Stones

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