Center Township, Hendricks County, Indiana
SW¼ of Sec 34, T16N R1W
Visited June 14, 2005

Take Pittsboro Rd (CR 50 E) north out of Danville.  The road will curve to the east, then make a sharp 90 degree turn to the north.  The white house on the west side of the road belongs to Mary Ann Worrell, a long-time resident.  Her house is the last one before the road turns 90 degrees to the east again.  Ask permission to enter, as the cemetery is on their private property.  From the house, take the fencerow west along the field until it hits another fence.  Take that fencerow north along the field until the woods. There is an opening in the fence and some horse trails.  The cemetery should be visible. Go north through the woods a short distance to the cemetery. 

NW: N39°46.890’ W86°31.015’
SE: N39°46.874’ W86°31.000’

Approximate Center:
N39°46.882’ W86°31.007’ or
N394653 W863100

The four corner posts remain.  There is some wire fence remaining, but not much.  The horse trails do go around the cemetery and not though it.  The trees provide enough cover to prevent major weed problems; however, the site is not maintained and there are many logs and brush on the ground.  There are probably stones just below the surface that were not probed for during this visit.  There are two large stack stones that are standing.  One is for Z.R. and Ann Clark and the other is for Daniel and Elizabeth Kiger.  The Civil War stone of F.A. Huff is standing but leaning. Amanda Darnall’s stone is out of the base and leaning backwards severely.  William Hazelrig, Mary Jones, and Charley Jones’ stones are each broken and on the ground.
Mrs. Worrel (born ~1910) remembers the last burial being in the 1930s, though the last death date found on a stone was 1899.  She said that she used to go back there often to go mushroom hunting or pick flowers. Now her grandson rides his horses back there.

                 Cemetery1          Cemetery2          Broken Tablets
                         Whole Cemetery                                         Whole Cemetery                                                Fallen & Broken Tablet Stones


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