Eel River Township, Hendricks County, Indiana
SW 1/4 of the SE ¼ of Sec 21, T17N R2W
Visited August 14, 2005 and November 28, 2007

This cemetery is on the north side of 900N, just west of the West Fork of the Big Walnut Creek. It is on the current Phyllis Kidd farm, on the west side of the driveway. Walk west to the gate in the fence line. Enter and walk north along the fence, past an old silo on the west until the corner post. That post is the northeast corner of the cemetery. There is a field to the north and pasture to the east.

NW: N39°53.730’ W86°38.683’
SE: N39°53.728’ W86°38.680’

Approximate Center:
N39°53.729’ W86°38.682’ or
N395344 W863841

This cemetery is partially fenced but not mowed or maintained.  The current homeowner, Phyllis Kidd, lived on the land when she was a child.  She remembered that there were about 10 stones that were all standing and legible, but doesn’t remember any of the names. Mrs. Kidd described the cemetery as approximately 16 x 20’.  Her father kept it mowed and fenced.  She and her sister were not allowed in it.  At some time the farm was sold and the new owners had horses that got through the fence and into the cemetery. When she bought the land back, most of the stones were gone or in small pieces.
The cemetery ground was carefully probed for fallen gravestones.  One large slotted base was found along what would have been the west edge of the cemetery, about 8 feet south of the north fenceline.  No tablet stone was found to fit in the base.  The headstone for Ann Eliza Adair (see below for biography information) was found in the same row, about 10 feet south of the empty base.  Her stone is a long tablet-type stone without a base that had snapped at ground level, fallen backwards and been trampled into about 8 pieces. No other stones were found.

Note: This land was owned by Long and Wren families, not Adair.  It is most likely that this is not a true "Adair Family Cemetery" but instead the single burial of a young first wife in a neighbor's cemetery. However, until other names are found, this cemetery will be referred to as "Adair Cemetery."

By 1878, William D. Long owned 181 acres surrounding the cemetery.  He aquired part in 1862 from Henry Moore, part in 1872 from Calvin Graves and part in 1877 from Dandridge Tucker.  William's father-in-law was George S. Wren, who owned much of the land to the north.

           Cemetery           Stones           Ann Adair          
                                Northeast Corner of Cemetery                                   Empty Base and Adair Headstone               Ann Eliza Adair Headstone

Map of Cemetery Location on the Kidd Farm

Inscription on Stone: "ANN ELIZA/ Wife of/ Wm. A. Adair/ DIED/ Dec. 24, 1855/ Aged/ 21Y. 2M. 11D."

- William A. Adair married first Ann Eliza Duckworth September 2, 1852 in Bath County, Kentucky
- William A. Adair married second Emerine Whitt June 19, 1859 in Hendricks County, Indiana
- William and Ann's son John D. (1853-1918) married Harriet Dean (1854-1910) May 9, 1880 in Hendricks County, Indiana. They are both buried in Fairview Cemetery.
- It is unknown what happened to William and Emerine after 1860.

Census Records:
1850: Bath County, KY
Catherine Duckworth 47 b. in KY
Prestley P. 20 b. in KY
George H. 18 b. in KY
James J. 16 b. in KY
Ann E. 15 b. in KY
Susan E. 14 b. in KY
William W. 12 b. in KY
Surelda R. 9 b. in KY
Sarah C. 5 b. in KY

1850: Bourbon County, KY
Jesse M. Adair 49 b. in KY
Rhody B. 35 b. in KY
Wm A. 25 b. in KY
Jno M. 8 b. in KY
Jas L. 6 b. in KY
Nancy J. 4 b. in KY
Robt H. 2 b. in KY

1853: Eel River Township, Hendricks County, IN
William A. Adair

1860: Eel River Township, Hendricks County, IN
Thomas J. Adair 29 b. in KY
Mariah 27 b. in IN
Mary C. 3 b. in IN
Martha A. 1 b. in IN
William 36 b. in KY
Emirine 29 b. in IN
John D. 7 b. in IN

1880: North Salem, Eel River Township, Hendricks County, IN
Adair, John D. 25 Physician IN(self), KY(father), KY(mother)
Harriet J. 24 Milliner IN(self), KY(father), KY(mother)

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