Center Township, Hendricks County, Indiana
NW1/4 Sec 27, T16N R1W
First visited June 14, 2005

Take North Washington Street (CR 0) north out of Danville.  Turn into the last house on the east side of the road before you get to the intersection of 300N.  The house number is 2867 and it is currently owned by Steve Myers.  Follow the lane east to the house.  Ask permission, since the land surrounding the cemetery is owned by Mr. Myers. In the backyard there is a small wooden bridge that crosses a tiny creek.  Cross and walk northeast up a short hill.  The cemetery is at the top and the large stack is visible.

NW: N39°48.159’ W86°31.183’
SE: N39°48.148’ W86°31.177’

Approximate Center:
N39°48.153’ W86°31.180’ or
N394809 W863111

Mr. Myers has been mowing a path back to the cemetery since about 1997.  Before that time, the cemetery was overgrown; in fact, hunters had used it as camping grounds, complete with a fire pit.  In April of 2008, Jessica Felix assisted a girl scout troop from Clayton in fully restoring this cemetery.  Mr. Myers cut down several large trees and the area was cleared so that grass would grow.  
The area in and around the cemetery was closely searched for stones and bases.  Some tablets and footstones had been leaned against a tree and others were found sunken below the surface. All headstones were able to returned to their original locations except for David Hyten.  A base was cast to hold his stone and was set to the south of his half-sister Julia's headstone.
At the south end is the large stack stone of William C. and Eliza (Darnell) Hyten.  Just north is a tree where some of the stones had been piled. Next north is the headstone for David P.H. Hyten, which had been broken and was repaired. To the north of David is the badly weathered and broken stone for Julia Arnold, which has also been repaired.  Next to the north is a large rock that may or may not mark a grave.  To the north of it is the large repaired tablet for Mary Flathers, then to her north, her husband Thomas Flathers. The next row to the east has three marked graves.  The farthest south is an empty slotted base with the initials "J.T.H." on a footstone.  To the north is a base with the top half of a headstone and a footstone with the initials "S.M.", which is most likely for Sarah (Hyten) Moberly. After another space is the repaired headstone for Johnson A. Hyten. The most eastern row has only one found grave, which is for Armilda Hyten. More graves probably exist, along with the possibility that headstones have fallen down the edge of the hill into the creek.

                                     Cemetery                    Pile
                                              Whole Cemetery Before Restoration                                            Pile of Stones Before Restoration

    Group Picture     After
                                       A Tired and Dirty Group!                                                                                         Cemetery After Restoration

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