Eel River Township, Hendricks County, Indiana
SE Corner of the NE ¼ of Sec 19, T17N R2W
Visited August 14, 2005 & November 19, 2007

This cemetery is on the east side of 850W north of 900N on the current Jim Williams land. Between two fields there is a strip of woods going east.  The cemetery is on the farthest southeast corner of the woods.

NW: N39°53.843’ W86°40.825’
SE: N39°53.831’ W86°40.808’

Approximate Center:
N39°53.837’ W86°40.817’ or
N395350 W864049

This cemetery is partially fenced but not mowed or maintained.  The southwest corner is completely covered in thornbushes and barely passable even in the fall.  The rest of the cemetery is covered in lilies.  Three graves were found in a row, with possible burials in between.  There are most likely no other rows in the small cemetery.  The northernmost grave is marked with a slotted base.  The tablet stone was probed for but not found.  The middle stone is a medium-sized three-part stack stone for Eppy J. Hypes (see below for biography information).  The base has sunk backwards into the grave and both top pieces slid off and sunk.  The top piece was dug out of the ground and placed next to the base.  The middle section remains deep in the ground.  The southern most grave is marked with a small level stack base.  The top pieces were probed for but not found. A footstone was found to the east and slightly south, indicating that there were possible two burials marked by the headstone. A family member indicates that the twin boys of Melvin and Anna Woodrum (born/died April 16, 1917) are also buried here, though their graves are most likely unmarked.

                   Cemetery       Corner     Eppy Jane Hypes
                                          Cemetery                                                         NE Corner Post                                             Top Piece of Headstone


Inscription on stone: "EPPY J./ WIFE OF/ SAMUEL HYPES/ DIED/ FEB. 6, 1876/ AGED/ 39 YRS.& 11M."

-Samuel Hypes married (1st) Eppy Jane Page on March 8, 1855 in Hendricks County, IN.
-Samuel Hypes married (2nd) Martha F. Baker April 26, 1877 in Hendricks County, IN
-Eppy's parents were Chesley and Martha Page. Chesley was the son of Williamson Page, one of the first settlers of Eel River township.
-Samuel's parents were Jacob and Mary (Peffley) Hypes.
-Samuel (10/1/1836-3/7/1919) and Martha F. (1846-1928) are buried in Fairview Cemetery in North Salem.

Census Records:
1850: Eel River Township, Hendricks County, IN
Jacob Hipes 42 b. in VA
Mary 34 b. in VA
John 15 b. in VA
Samuel 13 b. in VA
Ann E. 12 b. in VA
Mary J. 10 b. in IN
Catherine 8 b. in IN
Henry 6 b. in IN
James 4 b. in IN
Susan 2 b. in IN
Sarah 9/12 b. in IN
(Next door:)
Chesley Page 49 b. in VA
Martha 45 b. in VA
Peter M. 19 b. in IN
Ephisus J. 14 b. in IN
Mary 11 b. in IN
Endata 7 b. in IN
Emily A. 7 b. in IN

1860: Walnut Township, Montgomery County, IN
Samuel Hypes 23 b. in VA
Ella J. 24 b. in IN
Joseph 3 b. in IN
Lyman H. 2 b. in IN
Henry H. 2/12 b. in IN
Ida E. Buchanan 12 b. in IN

1870: Eel River Township, Hendricks County, IN
Samuel Hypes 33 b. in VA
Jane 24 b. in IN
Joseph 13 b. in IN
Limon 12 b. in IN
Henry 10 b. in IN
Mary 8 b. in IN
Ellenora 5 b. in IN
Elverine 4 b. in IN
Omer 2 b. in IN
Noble 4/12 (Feb) b. in IN

1880: Eel River Township, Hendricks County, IN
Hipes, Samuel 43 VA(self), VA (father), VA (mother)
Martha F. 32 KY, KY, KY
Hubbard L. 22 IN, VA, IN
Henry H. 20 IN, VA, IN
Elnora 16 IN, VA, IN
Miona E. 14 IN, VA, IN
Samuel O. 13 IN, VA, IN
Noble A. 10 IN, VA, IN
Florinda G. 8 IN, VA, IN
Jacob B. 5 IN, VA, IN
Epa Jane 2/12 (May) IN, VA, KY

1900: Eel River Township, Hendricks County, IN
Samuel Hypes, Oct. 1836 (married 23 years)
Martha F., July 1848 (8 children, 6 living)
Eppa, May 1880
Jasper, Nov 1882
Albert S., May 1883
Jesse O., June 1885
Frances, Oct 1886
Lena, April 1888
Hubbard, April 1858

1910: Eel River Township, Hendricks County, IN
Samuel Hypes 73 (2nd marriage, 31 years)
Martha F. 62 (1st marriage, 31 years)
Jesse 25

1920: Clark Township, Montgomery County, IN
Hypes, Martha 73 Widowed

From family trees, birth/death records and censuses, it appears that these are the children of Samuel Hypes:
With Eppy Jane:
1. William M. (3/22/1856-4/28-1856) Possible burial in Hypes Cemetery
2. Joseph Marcellus (2/18/1857-9/19/1917) Stillborn twins (1879) from first wife (Sarah Williams) possibly buried in Hypes Cemetery
3. Hubbard Liman (4/1858-1900 in Indiana)
4. Henry Hughes (1860-after 1930 in Washington)
5. Mary E. (~1862-married John L. Williams, death after 1880)
6. Ellenora (1865-after 1885 Kansas)
7. Miona Elvarine (1866-after 1880) Possible burial in Hypes Cemetery
8. Samuel Omar (1868-after 1920 in Oklahoma)
9. Noble Angelo (2/2/1870-7/21/1916 in New Mexico)
10. Florinda Gertrude (1872-4/6/1964 in Massachusetts)
11. Jacob Chesley Brent (1875-after 1930 in Kansas)
With Martha:
12. Eppa Jane (2/12/1880-11/20/1959, died in Los Angeles)
13. Andrew Jasper (11/7/1881-9/20/1969 in Michigan)
14. Albert Sylvester (5/19/1883-1962, buried in Fairview Cemetery)
15. Jesse Orland (6/25/1885-3/14/1915, buried in Fairview Cemetery)
16. Frances Ellsworth (10/20/1886-7/13/1946 in Marion County, Indiana)
17. Lora Ethel (4/15/1888-1/17/1962 in Indiana)
18. Howard (3/5/1890-bef. 1900) Possible burial in Hypes Cemetery
19. Another child, most likely Martha's first, possible burial in Hypes Cemetery

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