Center Township, Hendricks County, Indiana
N ½ of the SE ¼ of Sec 28
Visited August 4, 2006

This cemetery is somewhere on the property currently belonging to the Setser family.  It could be anywhere in the legal description above.  The property is on the west side of North Washington Street (CR 0) north of 200N. 

In 1930, Erasmus Clark, a long-time resident, recalled a cemetery on the H.E. Jenkins Farm along the old Lebanon road.  Jenkins owned that farm from about 1924 to 1965.  According to neighbors, the farm has been arranged the same since he owned it.  Most of it is farmed.  A pasture is to the north of the barns.  The cemetery could be in there or could be plowed over.
The house on the property is over 100 years old.  In the crawl space, being used as footers, are 5 pieces of gravestones.  Four are pieces of tablet stones, most likely headstones but they cannot be read because other bricks and stones are stacked on top of them.  The fifth headstone is the top piece of a three-part stack stone.  It is turned on its side so the inscription can be read.  It is for Beatrice Woodward.
This is most likely what happened with Beatrice:  She was buried at the Gates cemetery in 1880.  Her father, William, was buried there in 1888.  When her mother died in 1891, Beatrice and William’s graves were moved to Fairview Cemetery next to her.  There is one granite stone there that has all three names on it. Records for Fairview confirm that all were interred in 1891.
At the house just south of the Setser property (owned by the Underwood family), there used to be a few gravestones in a scrap pile behind a shed.  They were illegible at the time and have not been seen for about 30 years.  Probably the stones were removed from the cemetery location at some time and piled before plowing.
Most likely more graves remain at the Gates cemetery.  Mary Gates (widow of Edward) owned the land to the northwest of the cemetery land in 1878.  Edward died in 1854 but does not appear on any of the cemetery lists for Hendricks County.  He could have been one buried in the cemetery.  All is speculation at this point.

Dashed Red: Original Herb Jenkins Farm (now Setser)
Yellow: Places where gravestones were found

                        Beatrice Original                            Woodward
                                          Original Stack Top in the Crawl Space                                            Woodward Family Stone in Fairview Cemetery

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