Eel River Township, Hendricks County, Indiana
SE ¼ of the SW ¼ of Sec 5, T16N R2W
Visited July 7, 2005 and December 29, 2008

You may want to use a GPS unit to find this cemetery. From SR 236, take 725W south then west when it turns. Stop before it turns south again and park at the gated barn drive (notify the family in the house to the south that you will be going to the cemetery).  Go through the gate and follow the drive west. When it ends walk north along the fence line then west along the fence line until you get to the woods. Walk southwest down the hill, across the small creek and back up to the next ridge.  The cemetery stretches along this north-south ridge.  Note: It is best to visit this cemetery in the winter, though even then the thorn bushes are very thick. There are also some large grave depressions so walk carefully.

NW: N39°51.088’ W86°40.045’
SE: N39°51.056’ W86°40.013’
Sign is at N39°51.056' W86°40.039'

Approximate Center:
N39°51.072’ W86°40.029’ or
N395104 W864002

This cemetery is not fenced and is currently in thick thorn bushes. It was cleaned out in the 1990s by family in California.  All of the trees and undergrowth were removed and the stones were photographed.  After that time, the cemetery was not mowed so the thorn bushes grew back out of control.  It is apparent that this used to be a large, well-kept cemetery a hundred years ago.  There are many large stack stones and ornately carved tablets, most of which have fallen and are sinking into the ground.  Burials are clustered in families, most of whom were somehow related to the Fleeces.  
Gravestones were found for 39 people.  See Find-A-Grave for individual photos and biographies.

Sign Fallen Stacks Fallen Stacks
                                        Sign                                                                                                 Groups of Fallen Stones


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