Guilford Township, Hendricks County, Indiana
SE Corner of the SW ¼ of Sec 8 and the NW Corner of the NE ¼ of Sec 17, T14N R2E
Visited July 30, 2005

This cemetery is on the northwest and southeast corners of the intersection of 700S and 1050E.  Both sections are visible from the road.

Northwest Section:
NW: N39°39.699’ W86°20.197’
SE: N39°39.674’ W86°20.156’
Center:  N39°39.687’ W86°20.178’

Southeast Section:
NW: N39°39.670’ W86°20.156’
SE: N39°39.586’ W86°20.088’
Center: N39°39.628’ W86°20.122’ or N393938 W862007

Overall Center:
N39°39.659’ W86°20.150’ or N393940 W862009

The northwest section is all old stones, and the southeast section is mostly new with current burials. The northwest section is not fenced or maintained, but is mowed.  The southeast section is fenced and mowed, but the older stones are not maintained.  Many of the old tablet stones in both sections have been set in concrete, so many have broken off at the concrete level.  The northwest section is mostly all small tablets that are leaning, set in concrete, or broken.  A few are on the ground.  There are some sandstone markers that are splitting and crumbing from age.  Most of the small stack stones are leaning.  The old area of the southeast section is similar, but contains more stack stones.  The new burial area is maintained.  There is a fenced off section of graves from the airport in the southwest corner of the southeast section.  It has about 115 replacement flat stones with names on them, mostly unknown or last name only.  There is a small pile of old stones in the corner. 

                                        SE              SE New
                                                  Southest Section from the Northwest                                   New Part of the Southest Section      

                                        Church                              Tablets   
                                             View of Church from Northwest Section                                  Broken Tablet Stones in Concrete

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