Eel River Township, Hendricks County, Indiana
SW ¼ of the SW ¼ of Sec 11, T16N R2W
Initially visited June 28, 2005

The cemetery is located on the east side of SR 236, just north of 500N. It is in a clump of small trees and brush surrounded by a cultivated field.

NW: N39°50.272’ W86°36.749’
SE: N39°50.252’ W86°36.723’

Approximate Center:
N39°50.262’ W86°36.736’ or
N395016 W863644

The stones in this cemetery have been scattered and broken by cattle and stolen by vandals.  The weeds were recently sprayed, which allowed for the searching of stones.  Markers for 9 graves were found, though more burials probably exist.   The stones were restored by Jessica Felix with the assistance of volunteers.  The landowner is interested in maintaining the site.

  Before         After Far         After Close
             Pile of Stones Before Restoration                               Whole Cemetery After Restoration                                   Main Row After Restoration

The following stones were found, numbered approximately from east to west and north to south:
1. Fieldstone headstone and footstone, most likely for a child due to the distance between. By itself along the east edge of the cemetery. Photos
2. JOHN W./ Son of/ R. & E./ ALEXANDER/ died/ Dec. 7, 1855/ Aged 1 mo. &/ 27 ds Photos
3. WILLIAM/ DEVENPORT/ DIED/ OCT 17, 1839/ AGED/ 40 YEARS (north side), ------URBER/ ----OF/ --VENPORT/ -IED/---.3, 1882/ -GED/ -EARS”(badly eroded south side for Nancy (Dodson) Devenport Surber), Our father and/ mother here lies/ under ground/ The dearest/ friends we ever/ found/ But through the/ Lord’s unbounded/ love/ We’ll meet again/ in realms above (west side) Photos for William and Nancy
4. ALBERT T./ Son of/ R. & N.E. LAMB/ Died/ Aug. 5, 1858/ Aged 6 mos. Photos
5. WILLIAM S./ Son of/ G.R. & D./ DEVENPORT/ DIED/ Mar. 9, 1855/ Aged/ 3 mo. 18d. Photos
6. NANCY E./ Dau’t of/ G.R. & D./ DEVENPORT/ Died Dec. 28,/ 1860/ Aged 3ys, 2m/ & 7ds Photos
7. DAVID S./ Son of/ G.R. & D./ DEVENPORT/ DIED/ MAY 9, 1867/ AGED/ 11 MONTHS &/ 12 D. Photos
8. Bottom half of a large tablet, most likely for an adult.  It was placed where it was found--to the far southwest of the other stones.  There is no way of knowing where it actually belongs because the long tablet type stone does not require a base. Photos

So the burials occured in this order:
1. William Devenport (on the farmland that he owned) 10-17-1839
2. William S. Devenport 3-9-1855
3. John W. Alexander 12-7-1855
4. Albert T. Lamb 8-5-1858
5. Nancy E. Devenport 12-28-1860
6. David S. Devenport 5-9-1867
7. Nancy (Dodson) Devenport Surber 1882

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