Center Township, Hendricks County, Indiana
SW ¼ of Sec 22, T16N R1W
Visited June 19, 2005

It would be very wise to use a GPS to locate this cemetery.  The stones are small and are easily covered by weeds. At the intersection of CR 100E and CR 350N, north of Danville, take the lane to the west (would be 350N, if it continued to the west).  An abandoned house is currently at the end of the lane.  Continue driving west as far as possible, until you reach a field.  Walk west along the fencerow to the end of the field.  Turn south and walk along the tree line until a little bump out where the woods sticks out into the field.  The cemetery is in this clump of trees up on a little hill.  If you look at the photograph taken from the vehicle, the cemetery is just to the north (right) of the opening in the trees.

NW: N39°48.628’ W86°30.947’
SE: N39°48.620’ W86°30.943’

Approximate Center:
N39°48.624’ W86°30.945’ or
N394837 W863057

This cemetery is not fenced, mowed or maintained.  There are four small marble stones for Cofer children, obviously replacements.  There were many large fieldstones in the cemetery, but not in any pattern or order.  No other burials were obvious; however, more are listed on an old reading. 

  From Far        Four Stones        Stone
                     Cemetery from Field                                                 Four Cofer Children's Stones                                              Close-Up of One Stone


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