Lincoln Township, Hendricks County, Indiana
S ¼ of Sec 2, T16N R1E
Visited August 2, 2005

This cemetery is on the northeast corner of the intersection of 56th Street and SR 267 in Brownsburg.  The westernmost part is actually St. Malachy East Cemetery.  A gap is visible where the two cemeteries separate.

This cemetery is irregularly shaped.  These corners start at the most northeastern point and move counterclockwise around the perimeter.
1. NE: N39°51.169’ W86°23.477’
2. (Go south) N39°51.095’ W86°23.468’
3. (Go west) N39°51.091’ W86°23.537’
4. (Go south) N39°51.062’ W86°23.539’
5. (Go west) N39°51.055’ W86°23.654’
6. (Go north) N39°51.103’ W86°23.657’
7. (Go west) N39°51.104’ W86°23.696’
8. (Go north) N39°51.113’ W86°23.690’
9. (Go east) N39°51.125’ W86°23.534’
10. (Go north) N39°51.166’ W86°23.545’

Approximate Center:
N39°51.108’ W86°23.532’ or
N395106 W862332

This cemetery is mostly fenced and is mowed and maintained.  The cemetery began in 1945, so there are no old stones and no noticeable condition issues. 
In 1984, the remains of Jonathan and Hannah Ward were moved from the Ward Cemetery (northwest side of Brownsburg) to Brownsburg cemetery.  The stone (but not the grave) for Revolutionary War soldier Thomas Harding was also moved to Brownsburg in 1992 from Lingeman Cemetery.

West    East    Line
                                    West End                                                                East End                                          Line Between St. Malachy & Brownsburg

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