Lincoln Township, Hendricks County, IN
SE¼ of Sec 22, T16N R1E
Visited June 15, 2005

Go to CR 350 N west of 267.  West of Romar Drive is house #6518.  Behind the house (north) is a fence line and woods. The cemetery is just a few feet north of the fencerow.  Enter to the east of a small storage shed where the fence is gone.  The cemetery is visible and surrounded by a new chain link fence.

NW: N39°48.725’ W86°24.604’
SE: N39°48.717’ W86°24.593’

Approximate Center:
N39°48.721’ W86°24.598’ or
N394843 W862436

The cemetery is not mowed or maintained.  There is a thick blanket of myrtle and weeds covering the cemetery and woods. The ground is very soggy and uneven, making it difficult and unpleasant to walk though the cemetery. There is some standing water. There are probably more stones below the myrtle that were not found on this visit.  The large stack stone of Moses Bell is leaning forward with a large tree behind. Isabel Bell’s stack stone is sunken and leaning.  Thomas Harrison’s stack pieces are sliding. The stack stone for Nicklos Hedsor is broken. The top is laying on the ground and the rest is leaning. There are two big marble rectangles in the ground next to each other that may be a large stack stone, but no writing shows.  The tablet for David Wilson is lying face up on one of the blocks.  The other half of his stone and his brother James’ stone are on the ground next to the two blocks. The stones for Vivann and Charles Free are leaning against each other. The tablet of William Wilson is broken in half and leaning against each other. 
It is disturbing that there are pets buried near the cemetery.  Two are well marked and outside the cemetery, but there is also a wooden cross with the name “Lady” carved in it.  It is in the southwest corner of the cemetery, probably on or very near a human grave.

Cemetery    Leaning Stack    Tablets
                                  Cemetery                                                              Leaning Stack                                                     Sinking Tablet Pieces

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