Center Township, Hendricks County, Indiana
SE ¼ of the SW ¼ of Sec27, T16N R1W
Visited March 24, 2006

This cemetery is on the west side of CR 100E, roughly across from where 200N Ts it.  It can be accessed through the Carolyn Moran farm, #2368.  The Roahrig family who lives just south of her can help guide you back.  Use a GPS or be guided.

NW: N39°47.603’ W86°30.896’
SE: N39°47.590’ W86°30.893’

Approximate Center:
N39°47.597’ W86°30.895’ or
N394736 W863054

This cemetery is not fenced, mowed, or maintained.  The stones have fallen and the bases are sinking.  Mrs. Moran says that many of the stones were bulldozed off the cliff about fifty years ago.  The remaining stones are in a small group away from the cliff, still in rows.  They appear to not have been disturbed as the footstones still match the headstones. The following headstones were found: Catherine Ayears, James Ayears, L.G. Ayears, Bettie Knapper, James Knapper, Nettie Ann Knapper, Eva Alice Knepper, James Robey, and Sarah Robey.  The only headstone on the previous list that was not found was Mary Ayears. 

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