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Emanuel Hill Lutheran Church, Kellerville
Funerals, 1893-1905

The following records were handwritten in German--the transcriber apologizes for any errors.

Name Date of Birth Date of DeathRelationships Comments
Stamm, Margarethe nee Angerer Aug. 31st, 1893 age 42y 4m
Meier, Barbara Mathilde Oct. 21st, 1893 daughter of David and Emma Lottes Meier
Hammerlein, Conrad Jan. 6th, 1894 son of Georg and Anna Liehauer Hammerlein
Appel, Peter Sept. 14th, 1862 Jan. 1st, 1895 born in Louisville, KY; age 32y 3m 10d
Schiller, Erhard April 18th, 1885 Sept. 23rd, 1896 son of John L. and Eva Maier Schiller diphtheria
Angerer, Johann Nov. 27th, 1893 Sept. 30th, 1896 son of John L. and Elisabeth Schiller Angerer diphtheria
Angerer, Heinrich Erhard Nov. 3rd, 1890 Oct. 5th, 1896 son of John L. and Elisabeth Schiller Angerer diphtheria
Arnold, Catherine nee Loehmuller Aug. 8th, 1850 Dec. 1st, 1896 wife of Adam Arnold born Schnabelsberg, Beyreuth, Bavaria
Lottes, Johann June 2nd, 1851 Jan. 29th, 1897 husband of Margarethe Angerer died in Albany
Hader / Harder, Mathilde Aug. 12th, 1890 July 24th, 1897 daughter of Louis and Margarethe Hoffman Hader
Bär / Baer, Catharine Barbara nee Freiberger Oct. 27th, 1852 July 27th, 1897 wife of Georg Bär
Hader / Harder, Conrad Felix Aug. 25th, 1895 Aug. 20th, 1897 son of Lorenz and Margarethe Hoffman Hader
Hemmerlein, Elisabeth Lorine July 7th, 1897 Sept. 20th, 1897 daughter of Lorenz and Anna Freyberger Hemmerlein
Hemmerlien, Johann Wilhelm Dec. 5th, 1897 Dec. 12th, 1897 son of Johann L. and Louise Krodel Hemmerlein born in Dubois Co.
Lottes, Johann Georg June 5th, 1824 Mar. 7th, 1898 influenza
Krodel, Elisabeth Mattie July 25th, 1898 July 26th, 1898 daughter of John C. and Anna Seifert Krodel
Arnold, Johann Wilhelm Aug. 4th, 1896 Sept. 2nd, 1898 son of Heinrich and Dorothea Liehauer (?) Arnold
Arnold, Emma nee Leistner Dec. 17th, 1865 Mar. 8th, 1899 wife of Georg Arnold
Hemmerlein, Katharine Gertrud July 13th, 1898 Apr. 25th, 1899 daughter of John F. and Dorothea Eichmuller Hemmerlein
Teufel, Isabella July 1st, 1889 not given
Arnold, Else Elisabeth July 9th, 1899 age 4m 21d
Bär / Baer, Elisabeth Tilde Nov. 24th, 1899 Dec. 5th, 1899 daughter of Fritz Bär
Angerer, Johann Dec. 26th, 1818 Jan. 20th, 1900 date of death differs from headstone
Zehr, Friederich Mar. 5th, 1900 suicide; age 41y, 5m, 5d
Keller, Margarethe nee Hagen Apr. 24th, 1900 wife of John Keller age 67y 22d
Hemmerlein, Johann Georg Apr. 27th, 1900 died in Los Angeles, CA; age 27y 6m 9d
Hader / Harder, James May 30th, 1871 July 22nd, 1900
Kalb, Dorothea Wilhemina nee Wolf Dec. 18th, 1819 July 22nd, 1900
Arnold, Adam Jan 6th, 1823 Apr. 2nd, 1901 old age
Hemmerlein, Johann Georg Oct. 1st, 1824 Oct. 4th, 1901 born near Beyreuth, Bavaria
Bär / Baer, Lorenz May 11th, 1827 Nov. 19th, 1901
Bär / Baer, Jacob Sept. 16th, 1901 Mar. 19th, 1902 son of Thomas Bär
Heesemann, Rose Elisabeth May 8th, 1900 June 5th, 1902
Bäcker / Baecker, Elisabeth nee Hemmerlein Jan. 2nd, 1831 July 21st, 1902
Keller, Andreas June 13th, 1884 Sept. 8th, 1902
Glaser, Wilhelm 1822 Jan. 28th, 1903 heart failure
Arendt, Else Therese Catharine Oct. 3rd, 1903 Dec. 3rd, 1903 daughter of M. and Elise Hess Arendt died in Haysville
Gruener / Greener, Michael Feb. 15th, 1828 Apr. 1st, 1904
Leistner, Jacob June 9th, 1824 Apr. 17th, 1904 born Kaltenthal, Bavaria, Germany
Dornhofer, Lena nee Boehmer Apr. 30th, 1823 May 15th, 1904 wife of Andreas Dornhofer born Kaisershrent, Bavaria, Germany
Neukam, Johann Wilhelm Nov. 16th, 1887 Feb. 11th, 1905 explosion
Neukam, Eva Emma nee Keller Apr. 23rd, 1875 Feb. 25th, 1905 wife of Jacob E. Neukam
Hagen, Marie nee Hemmerlein Oct. 13th, 1862 Mar. 8th, 1905 wife of Christian Hagen
Meyer, Johann Philipp Aug. 17th, 1884 Apr. 10th, 1905 son of David and Anna Lottes Meyer age 20y 7m 3d
Harder, Heinrich July 16th, 1841 Dec. 12th, 1905 husband of Charlotte nee Fluegel

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