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Early American Pioneers Held Captive or Killed by Indians

Welcome to the home of the descendants & relatives of Early American Pioneer Indian Captives!
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The site is not exclusive to Georgia, this site is part of The Georgia GenWeb.  This site has always been and will always be for Pioneers held captive or Killed by Indians. This site is for the genealogy research of those captives or killed during Indian Conflicts and peace.

1835-1842 Second Seminole War Seminole chief Osceola refuses to honor treaties agreeing to the movement of the tribe to the west and launches a general war. More than 60,000 militiamen, volunteers and regulars participate in the campaign; 41 percent become casualties.

I am trying to gather information on the 41% causalities and the civilians that were killed and or captured in Georgia.  Please send any  information you may have to Margie Daniels

Includes Surname Index & History of the Pan-Handle, West Virginia and all other states. 


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