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R. L. Polk & Co., Indianapolis, Indiana

Is a station on the B & O R R situated on line between Butler and Richland townships in Dekalb county, 6 miles west of Auburn, the county seat and banking town. Population 100. Ex, B. & O. H. E. Gettel, postmaster.

Clark O C, grain and live stock.
Gettel H E, General Store.
Rogers Harris, brick and tile mnfr.
Saxton O, hides and furs.

Settled in 1837, is a prosperous town of 1,700 inhabitants, the county seat of Dekalb county, located on B & O, Eel River Div W St L & P and Ft W & J R Rs, 130 miles northeast of Indianapolis, 146 east of Chicago, and 23 north of Ft Wayne. The town carries a bonded debt of $1,300, and has real and personal property (assessed value) amounting to $500,000. It is supplied with good county buildings, 8 churches, a fine graded school building, 3 hotels, 3 banks, and 2 weekly newspapers, the Republican and Courier. wind mill factory, 2 flour mills, a scythe, snath and cradle factory, 3 planing mills, 1 foundry, 2 saw mills, 2 stave and heading factories, 1 woolen mill, and a church furniture factory comprise its most prominent manufactories. Live stock, grain, spokes and staves are the chief exports. Ex, Am, Pacific and B & O. Tel,. W U and Postal. George W Gordon, postmaster.

Aber J F, photographer.
Abright Joseph, jeweler.
Allen Aaron W, livery stable.
Allen Wm S, physician.
Ashleman Christopher, grocer.
Auburn Church Furniture Co, Shearer, Wilson & Keeran, Proprietors.
Auburn Courier, James A Barnes, propr.
Auburn House, Henry Bashelier, propr.
Austin Bros, boots and shoes.
Bachtel Isaac O, flour mill.
Baker Edward, baker.
Barnes James A, propr Auburn Courier.
Barr George W Rev (Presbyterian).
Bashelier Henry, propr Auburn House.
Berg John, blacksmith.
Beringer Frederick, tailor.
Beugnot C & Co, staves and heading.
Beuret Jules, stoves and tinware.
Blake Freeman K, lawyer.
Boland Michael, county recorder.
Boyle John W, sheriff.
Buss Frederick, confectioner.
Casebeer & Matheny, drugs and livery.
Cass Sarah S, hair goods.
Central House, H E Chilcote, Proprietor.
Chilcote Humphrey E, Proprietor Central House.
Church Chester W Rev (Methodist).
Clock Lucinda D, millinery.
Cool Isaac N, carriage mnfr.
Cowan John A, physician.
Davenport Franklin E, druggist.
Davis John L, banker and hardware.
De Kalb Republican (weekly), Houser & Hoisington, proprs.
Dickinson Charles M, meat market.
Dills Wm H, lawyer.
Eckhart Charles, carriage mnfr.
Edgington Wm E, barber.
Eldridge Edward, saloon.
Elson Richard, dentist.
Emmanuel Charles E, lawyer.
Ensley & Harter, dry goods.
Espy Henry, harnessmkr.
Farmer's Bank, Albert Robbins, cash.
First National Bank (capital $50,000), Charles A McClelland, pres; Wm H McIntyre, cashier.
Finch H J Rev (Baptist).
Forkner Granville H, Proprietor Swineford House.
Gibson Finley, baker.
Goodman Benedict, tinner.
Gordon George W, postmaster.
Green Burton, lawyer.
Grosh Samuel, flour mill.
Gugerli John H, mer tailor.
Harris John, general store.
Hartman Ezra D, lawyer.
Hasselman & Sanborn, lumber mnfrs.
Hebel Bros, grocers.
Heberling & Lewis, agrl implements.
Henry John C, druggist.
Hoff Frank A, general store.
Hollister Sherman, restaurant.
Houser & Hoisington, proprs DeKalb Republican.
Husselman Daniel Y, lawyer.
Jones Mrs M & Son, dry goods.
Kiblinger Wm H, hardware.
Klinkel Francis, general store.
Knoder John, blacksmith.
Kuhlman & Rhodenbaugh, dressmkrs.
Lewis & Widney, lumber and tile.
Link George W, restaurant, Auburn Junction.
Little Andrew J Mrs, millinery.
Lockwood Philo J, lawyer.
Loutzenhiser Peter, saloon.
McClellan & Garwood, lawyers.
McDougal Robert, manager Postal Tel Co.
McIntosh Wm H, insurance.
McIntyre Wm H, insurance.
McQuiston & Long, general store.
Meese Wm L, insurance.
Miller Lafayette I, county treasurer.
Mitchell Jacob, saw mill.
Moody & Hoffman, lawyers.
Morell Bros, foundry.
Myers John N, agrl implements.
Myers Mandis, grocer.
Ober David S, justice.
Ochs Isaac, general store.
Otto John, grocer and shoes.
Penfield & Shafer, lawyers.
Peterson Henry C, lawyer.
Plumb Guy, lawyer.
Pommert Charles H, barber.
Pommert Samuel, barber.
Porter George W, woolen mill.
Postal Telegraph Company, Robert McDougall, manager.
Potter James A, shoemkr.
Rainer & Headley, meat market.
Rakestraw Wm H, carpenter.
Ralston Andrew J, grocer.
Ralston George C, grocer.
Raut Charles & Son, boots and shoes.
Rice John M, photographer.
Rose James E, lawyer.
Rothenberger Joseph, saloon.
Rothenberger Joseph P, saloon.
Rush Samuel H, harnessmkr.
Rush Wm E, confectioner.
Schaab & Burgnot, general store.
Schleenbaker Jacob, beer bottler.
Sebring David A, physician.
Shaffer Christopher C, furniture.
Shaffer John W, wagonmkr.
Sheffer Wm, harness, etc.
Shearer, Wilson & Keeran, Auburn Church Furniture Company.
Shunk Flora, dressmkr.
Slaybough Frank, grocer.
Smith & Madden, marble works.
Snyder Wm, blacksmith.
Snyder & Culbertson, agrl implements.
Sommers Thomas, saloon.
Spitler Lyrurgus, grocer.
Sprott Thomas H, lawyer.
Stahl George W, sewing machines.
Stamets Houses, Wm Stamets, propr.
Staudacher John, furniture.
Steele & Son, painters.
Sthair Wm S, blacksmith.
Stutz August, saloon.
Swarts David J, physician.
Swarts Vista M, physician.
Swineford Mouse, Granville H Forkner, Proprietor.
Tarney Simeon U, meat markets.
Tefft E Dexter, lawyer.
Tomlinson Thomas H, county auditor.
Umber James H, Scythe Snath and Cradle Mnfr and Grocer.
Walborn Jacob, justice.
Willis Moses B, books and stationery.
Woolsey Clara, dressmkr.
Yesbera George H, mer tailor.
Young Peter, mer tailor.
Zimmerman & Co, Planing Mill and Hercules Wind Engine Mnfrs.
Zirwes Mathias, blacksmith.

Is located in DeKalb county at junction of Eel River Div W St L & P, B & O and Ft W & J R R, 1 mile from Auburn the county seat and postoffice. Population 150. (For business names see Auburn.)

Locally known as St Joe, is situated in Concord township, Dekalb county, on the B & O R R and St Joe river, 10 miles southeast of Auburn, the county seat and location of nearest bank. The river is not utilized at this point for water power. Blair contains 300 inhabitants, Evangelical and Lutheran churches. Grain, lumber and live stock are exported. Daily stage to Fort Wayne and Butler. Ex, B & O. M T Bishop, postmaster.

Baker Joseph, barber.
Barney S & T, general store.
Bishop M T, lumber.
Bleeks George, lumber.
Bowls Wm, wagonmkr.
Bowman W H, physician.
Brooks E H, shoemkr.
Case & Olds, General Store.
Chaney M, meat market.
Conrad J H, tinner.
Copp R, blacksmith.
Donaldson A C, carpenter.
Fales H H & Son, furniture.
Filley & Lounsberry, saw mill.
Kaufman J G, painter.
Leighty J D, General Store.
Leighty Wm, hotel and livery.
Meek Harry, cooper.
Meek O A, painter.
Patterson W C, drugs.
Shaffer B S, physician.
Washier C, saloon.
White Edward, livery.
Wineland S, handle mnfr.
Woodcox C W, meat market.
Woodcox G W, justice.
Zern A, shoemkr.

Is a thriving incorporated town of 2,000 inhabitants located on Air Line Div L S & M S and Eel River Div W St L and P Rys, in Wilmington township, Dekalb county, 12 miles northeast of Auburn, the county seat, and 160 northeast of Indianapolis. Butler is a progressive commercial town, and has Methodist, Lutheran, United Brethern and Disciple churches, a graded school, 3 hotels and 1 bank. 2 weekly newspapers, the Review and Record are published. The chief manufactories here comprise 2 saw mills, handle factory, 2 brick yards, and tile works. The surrounding farming district is quite fertile, and adapted to the growth of cereals. Am and Pacific Ex. W U Tel. Ida Carpender, postmaster.

Aldrich & Son, Proprietors Hotel Aldrich.
Barnett James S, physician.
Barns J S, brick and tile mnfr.
Baxter Andrew J, lawyer.
Beadle & McCurdy, hardware.
Beechler Curtis W, dentist.
Bennett Joseph B, physician.
Blaker John, livery.
Bolan M J, physician.
Bowman Bros, saw mill.
Boyle James B, lawyer.
Burget Lewis C, wagonmkr.
Butler Record, W E Garrison, propr.
Butler Review, R H Weamer, publisher.
Campbell John A, insurance.
Coats C, lawyer.
Crane C H, grocer.
Crane W E, boots and shoes.
Daily Isaac D, blacksmith.
Dieffenbach W Rev (Lutheran).
Diehl L J, jeweler.
Fanning F W, physician.
Fink J, grocer.
Fosdick E W, lawyer.
Fosdick & Wilkinson, druggists.
France EC Rev (Christian).
Garrison W E, propr Butler Record (weekly).
Gengnagel N F, saloon.
Hanlin & Crowe, furniture.
Harley H A, hardware.
Haskins George, livery.
Hirschler Isaac, saloon.
Hopkins Ezra, brick mnfr.
Hotel Aldrich, Aldrich & Son, Proprietor.
Johns G T, boots, shoes and harness.
Kehrer & Stone, druggists.
Kenestrick J, physician.
Knisely, Boots & Co, bankers.
Knisely Bros, general store.
Leonard & Stevens, foundry.
Levy A, general store.
Lilly Harrison, physician.
McBride C C, painter.
McBride Levi, handle mnfr.
McCurdy John, marble works.
McNabb D T, Proprietor Wabash House.
Madden W H, physician.
Mason W A, lumber.
Matheny W S, shoemkr.
May Adolphus, saloon.
Miller John, physician.
Milligan James, physician.
Otis J M & Son, furniture.
Pinchin A F, Attorney at Law.
Proctor John B, jeweler.
Rudd Thomas, meat market.
Searight S G, tinware.
Seed S J, general store.
Sise John J, justice.
Springer Isaac, saloon.
Stiefel C & Co, grocers.
Stoy C S, saw mill.
Stuart Frank, agt L S & M S R R.
Swarts G W, flour mill.
Troutman W R, agt W St L & P R R.
Tyson J W, meat market.
Vauconsant & Co, grocers.
Wabash Mouse, D T McNabb, Proprietor.
Warren D H, shoemkr.
Watson Alexander, blacksmith.
Weamer R H, propr Butler Review.
Woolpert D C Rev (Methodist).
Worth Sadie E, milliner.
Young O L, lawyer.

Contains 45 inhabitants, 1 church and a saw mill. It is situated on E R Div W St L & P Ry, in Butler township, DeKalb county, 8 miles southwest of Auburn, the county seat and banking town. Lumber and grain are its exports. Mrs Alice M Holman, postmaster.

Drake John, saw mill.
Holman Frank, General Store and Railroad Agent.
Miller H A, general store.
Shenk Henry, blacksmith.
Zern Christian, shoemkr.

Township of same name, DeKalb county, with 50 inhabitants, is a station on the B & O R R, located 7 miles southeast of Auburn, the county seat and banking town. G W Draggoo, postmaster.

Baker D M, carpenter.
Baker Henry, carpenter.
Draggoo O M, Live Stock.
Garrett H, general store.
Gill John, blacksmith.
Griner P K. saw mill.
Ricketts Ira, Saw Mill.
Shilling S & W, live stock.
Wade G W, carpenter.

Settled in 1848, is a thrifty village of 500 inhabitants, located on Air Line Div L S & M S Ry, in Richland township, DeKalb county, 8 miles northwest of Auburn, the county seat and banking town. The prominent features of this place are 2 churches—Methodist and United Brethren—graded school, 1 hotel, 1 planing mill, 1 saw mill, 1 flour mill, and a semi-monthly newspaper known as The Headlight. Grain is the principal crop grown in the surrounding country and is the chief shipment. Ex, U S. Tel, W U. Benjamin A. Chaffee, postmaster.

Adams Wm B, stoves and tinware.
Backer John, blacksmith.
Beck & Raichart, flour mill.
Brumback J M, live stock, Calkin P M, planing mill.
Cissel Benjamin G, druggist.
Corunna Headlight, J C Loveland, Publisher.
Finch John, justice of the peace.
Fried Frederick G, general store.
Gettings J W, saloon.
Griffith D W, barber.
Helmer J W & Co, general store.
Imus Charles, propr Union Hotel.
Kirkpatrick J & Son, hardware.
Lipsett John, grocer.
Littee Wm, shoemkr.
Loveland Joseph C, Publisher Corunna Headlight.
Maynard Truman T, shoemkr.
Mercer Wm M, druggist, grocer and physician.
Miles George H, harnessmkr.
Nusbaum W H, physician.
Nye J, livery.
Osborne & Kline, saw mill.
Paschal J W Rev (Methodist).
Rex J D, meat market.
Reynold Melvin, furniture.
Shaffer Louis, blacksmith.
Snyder Fairfield, physician.
Union Hotel, Charles Imus, propr.
Walda Herman, tailor.
Wallace Wm J, stoves and tinware.
Williamson H A, wagon mnfr.
Wise Harmon, wagonmakr.

A recently established postoffice, located DeKalb county, 9 miles from Corunna, its shipping point, on the L S & M S Ry, and 15 from Auburn, the county seat. Population 50. Isaiah Hovarter, postmaster and general store.

Postoffice name for St Johns Station, located on the Ft W & J R R, in Butler township, De Kalb county, 5 miles southwest of Auburn, the county seat and banking town. Population 65. Jarad F. Housel, postmaster.

Groves Amelia, carpet weaver.
Weant J P, justice.

Is a post village of 150 inhabitants, located in Fairfield township, Dekalb county, 10 miles northwest of Auburn, the county seat. Corunna, 4 miles south on the L S & M S Ry, is the shipping point, and Kendallville, 8 miles southwest, the banking town. Tri-weekly stage to Kendallville and Angola. Jerome Reynolds, postmaster.

Bower & Short, flour and saw mill.
Chaffee Robert, ex agt.
Knauer E, general store.
Miller Michael, blacksmith.
Reynolds Jerome, Cabinetmaker
Rice L Rev (Lutheran).
Randolph C F, physician.
Sthair John, blacksmith.
Webster Wm, plasterer.

Is a thrifty town of 1,500 inhabitants, located on the B & O R R, in Keyser township, DeKalb county, 5 miles west of Auburn, the county seat and banking town. This is comparatively a new place, it was platted in 1875 and in 1876 was incorporated a town. The B & O R R Co has repair shops here employing some 500 hands. The town has Methodist, Catholic and Episcopal churches,a graded school of 4 departments, 3 hotels, 1 saw mill, a flour mill and supports one weekly newspaper—Herald. Ex, B & O. Tel, B & O. Alexander H Phillips, postmaster.

Alsbaugh Elmer B, jeweler.
Austin Bros, boots and shoes.
Bacon Charles, blacksmith.
Bacon Frank M, justice of the peace.
Beehler Albert W, barber.
Behler Frederick, shoemkr.
Behler George, saloon.
Bender Phoebe, millinery.
Bennett Asa, grocer.
Bicknell Henry M, druggist.
Blackburn N W, ticket agt B & O R R.
Bloom Reinhold, saloon.
Branch C, carpenter.
Britton Frank H, supt transportation B & O R R.
Burns James, plasterer.
Camp & Long, druggists.
Cherry & Woolson, restaurant, Clark Henry F, meat market.
Clay Frederick, shoemkr.
Covell Lewis, Attorney and Counselor at Law; special attention to collections.
Daniel Peter K, grocer.
Davis John L, hardware.
Decker Isaiah, livery stable.
De Kalb House, David W Ocker, propr.
Duck Martin L, furniture and undertaker.
Frederick Wm J, lumber dealer.
Fike & Gunnett, flour mill.
Garman Julia A, jewelry.
Garrett Herald (weekly), Otho J Powell, publr.
Gault Frank W, train master B & O R R.
Gilmore Frank J, barber.
Harvey John, live stock.
Hunsel Bernard, merchant tailor.
Imler Frederick, dairy, 1 mile n.
Imler Wm, baker.
Jones Cornelius B, lumber mnfr.
Kester Alonzo A, physician.
King Chauncey Eev (Methodist).
Kornetske Nathan, tailor.
Lackey George W, dry goods.
Lindoerfer Charles, millinery.
Linkenhelt Charles, saloon.
Lowther Benjamin F, master mechanic B & O R R.
Ocker David W, propr De Kalb House.
Powell Otho J, pubr Garrett Herald.
Reeves George, saloon.
Reyher C & Co, general store.
Reyher John, sewing machines.
Rice Trusanah Mrs, dressmkr.
Roether Daniel B, physician.
Rogers Harris, tile and brick mnfr.
Sargent House, Lewis White, propr.
Schnitzer Veronica, grocer.
Schultheis Frederick, plasterer.
Simpson Eobert L, furniture.
Singler Joseph, general store.
Stewart Addison J, grocer.
Stewart Thomas H, physician.
Stickney Fannie G, millinery.
Sullivan John, painter.
Sullivan Thomas H, photographer.
Tarney House, Nathan Tarney, propr.
Thomson John F, physician.
Vaughn Harry, carpenter.
Vaughn Walter, carpenter.
Wagner Jacob W, saloon.
Wert Levi, shoemkr.
White Lewis, propr Sargent House.
Worth C W Mrs, music teacher.
Yard John Jr, dairy, 1 mile n.

A station on the E R Div of the W St L & P Ry, in Wilmington town ship, DeKalb county, 62 miles northwest of Auburn, the county seat and nearest bank location. Population 100, Aseph E Harwood, postmaster.

Gisinger J M, saw mill.
Lanning J R, Grocer.

A postoffice in Union township, DeKalb county, 8 miles east of Auburn, the county seat, banking and shipping place. Population 20. Ex, US. Tel, WU. B F Thomas, postmaster.

Coleman C T, wagonmkr.
Pugsley George, justice.
Thomas B F, Postmaster.

Situated on the L S & M S, Ft W Br, has a population of 40, in Butler township, DeKalb county, 8 miles south of Auburn, the county seat and banking location. Fort Wayne is 16 miles south. Grain is shipped. George H Post, postmaster.

Kell George W, flour mill.
Miller J A, saw mill.
Post George H, Grocer and Grain.
Simon Silas, live stock.

A village locally known as Vienna, in Newville township, DeKalb county, 11 miles southeast of Auburn, the county seat and bank location. Blair (called St Joe), a station on the B & O R R, is the shipping point. Stage communication to Butler, fare 50 cents; Blair, fare 25 cents; Ft Wayne, fare $1. G. W. Weeks, postmaster.

Bartlett S H, lawyer, justice and hotel.
Blair B F, drugs.
Coburn H W, general store.
Dean Walker, wagonmkr.
Harris J W, harnessmkr.
Hathaway Z, carpenter.
Headley George, blacksmith.
Lawrence J M, lawyer.
Moody & Fusselman, live stock.
Porter G W, blacksmith.
Seeley Wm, saw and planing mill.
Tanney John W, wagonmkr.
Ward V J, physician.
Whitehurst John, blacksmith.

A postoffice and station on the L S & M S Ry, formerly called Lawrence. Population 150. Located in DeKalb county, 6 miles northwest of Auburn court house and nearest bank. W H Crane, postmaster.

Crane W H, R R agt and grocer.
Gouser George, grocer.
Kense Wm, wagonmkr.
McIntyre W, justice.
Schroder Charles, carpenter.
Staedy F, blacksmith.

A place of 400 inhabitants, located in Concord township, DeKalb county, 12 miles southeast of Auburn, the county seat and location of the nearest bank. Wheat and hogs are shipped. St Joe, 3 miles north, on B & O R R, is the shipping point. J A Provines, postmaster.

Baltz Jacob, blacksmith.
Barney George, justice of the peace.
Barney & Erick, dry goods.
Beams Bros, furniture.
Beery Lewis, carpenter.
Bishop Peter, general store.
Bowman R Mrs, milliner.
Cleany Bros, meat market.
Chaney & Staffer, wagonmkrs.
Fales Wm M, carpenter.
Houghton Lloyd, physician.
Hull Jocob, physician.
Hussey F M Rev (Methodist).
Jones L, shoemkr.
Kinsey A, furniture.
Murray Bros, flour and saw mill.
Myers W H, cooper.
Nichols J R, hotel and insurance.
Olds & Carnes, grocers.
Provines John A, Drugs.
Rummell O W, saddles and harness.
Schappach A, boots and shoes.
Scott John, carpenter.
Shilling S, live stock.
Shutt Wm, agrl implements.
Silberg Stephen, barber.
Smith G W A & Son, blacksmiths.
Steward & Moody, saw mill.
Summers J B, saddles and harness.
Wise George, blacksmith.

A place of 70 inhabitants, in Smithfield township, DeKalb county, 10 miles north of Auburn, the county seat. The Ft W & J R R traverses the village. The nearest band is at Waterloo. P H Gramling, postmaster.

Baxter John, live stock.
Bowers James, barber.
Grays John, live stock.
Gramling P H, Carpenter.
Gramling R & Son, brick mnfrs.
Haas A Z, general store.
Heller Isaac, harness and shoemkr.
Mortorff Bros, saw mill.
Myers Henry, carpenter.
Parish Charles, blacksmith.
Penick Joseph, hub, spoke and stave mnfr.
Strong Joseph, lumber.
Waters Henry L, grain.
Zimmerman Wm, carpenter.

Is pleasantly located at crossing of Air Line Div and Ft W & J Br L S & M S Ry, in Union township, Dekalb county, 4 1/2 miles north of Auburn court house, and 28 north of Fort Wayne. It was settled in 1856, incorporated in 1860, has 1,500 inhabitants and is the location of 8 churches, 3 public halls, 2 graded schools, 2 banks and 3 hotels. The bonded debt amounts to $3,500. 1 weekly newspaper, the Press is sustained. Its manufactories consist of 1 flour mill, saw mill, foundry, planing mill, 2 broom factories, 1 tannery, and a fanning mill factory. Ex, Am and U S. Tel, W U. John M Kimsey, postmaster.

Anderson Lebius, carriage mnfr.
Baird Jefferson D, live stock.
Bassett & Maxson, jewelry.
Bateson Maggie, millinery.
Beck Jacob & Son, bakers.
Beck Samuel, grocer.
Beidler Solomon, agt Am Ex Co.
Best & McClellan, proprs DeKalb Bank.
Bevier Ameldia, druggist.
Bevier Frank, printer.
Bevier Wm, physician.
Blair Lewis J, lawyer.
Bowers John S, furniture.
Bowers & Weirich, flour mill.
Boyer Cyrus C, live stock, 5 miles e.
Boyer & Beidler, general store.
Braun Henry E, meat market.
Butt's Hotel, F D Ryan & Son, Proprietors; Leading Hotel in Waterloo.
Campbell James D, druggist.
Central Union Telephone Co, D A Garwood, manager.
Chamberlain James N, physician.
Christene F F Rev (English Reformed).
Citizens' Bank (capital $25,000); John Leas, pres; H K Leas, cash.
Clifford James H, saloon.
Crane, Duncan & Co, carpenters and planing mill.
Crory John W, furniture.
Danks Oris, shoes and justice.
Darby A B, physician.
Day F P & Bro, hardware.
DeKalb Bank (capital $100,000); Best & McClellan, proprs.
Dennison Julius A, confectioner.
Deventer Frederick, blacksmith.
Dickinson & Willis, publrs Waterloo Press.
Dilgard Belle, dressmkr.
Duncan Arvilla, dressmkr.
Duncan Bros, grocers.
Eureka Hitch Co, McAnally & Leib, proprs, Patent Safety Hitch.
Ewing Charles, physician.
Farrington Almond S, physician.
Fausett A L, painter.
Fisk Royal J, grocer.
Froehlich Herman, marble works.
Garwood Jennie, music teacher.
Geauque A L, carpenter.
Gill Mary A, dressmkr.
Gill Prentice, sewing machines.
Greuter Rosanna, grocer.
Gruhlke August C, restaurant.
Hartwick Charles, photographer.
Heign John, blacksmith.
Homer May Miss, music teacher.
Hoover John, barber.
Johnston Silas B, dentist.
Kennedy B F Mrs, dressrakr.
Kennedy & Jackman, proprs Long's Hotel.
Klotz Lycurgus H, wagonmkr.
Klutz Samuel P Rev (United Brethren).
Knott Henry H, planing mill.
Leas Wm H, lawyer.
Leas Wm H & H K, insurance agts.
Leas & Bigler, livery stable.
Lightner John J, carpenter.
Lockhart Robert M, lumber mnfr.
Locke Simon J, saloon and hotel.
Loewenstein & Rothchild, general store.
Long's Hotel, Kennedy & Jackman, proprs.
Mc Anally & Leib, proprs Eureka Hitch Co.
McBride Robert W, lawyer.
McBride & Seller, hardware.
McClellan & Garwood, lawyers.
McCray H & Son, Wholesale Produce Dealers.
McKeague James C, lumber mnfr.
Mergy Francis G, broom mnfr.
Montavon Peter, shoemkr.
Morell Philip, shoemkr.
Phillips Cyrus M, lawyer.
Pierce & Gavitt, founders.
Reed Charles R, music teacher.
Rickel John, carpenter.
Rickel Samuel R, carpenter.
Rinesmith George, carpenter.
Ryan Frankie, music teacher.
Ryan K D & Son, Proprietors Butt's Hotel.
Shepherd Zephaniah W, physician.
Shoner George, tannery.
Shull Jennie music teacher.
Shull Richard, millinery.
Shultz Louis, saw mill, 5 miles e.
Shumaker Emanuel R, live stock, 3 miles n.
Sinclair Arthur V, grocer, Sinclair Bros, hardware.
Sinclair John W, agt U S Ex Co.
Slusser Frederick R, broom mnfr.
Smith A T & Co, agrl implements.
Smith Oliver P, justice and shoemkr.
Smithfield Dairy Association, creamery, and cheese mnfrs.
Snyder James D Rev (United Brethren).
Somers & Roby, lawyers.
Speer & Co, grocers.
Stevens Almon R, mer tailor.
Stoops J E Rev (Evangelical).
Stough Solomon, physician.
Strow Simon P, shoemkr.
Thompson Joel, cheese mnfr, 5 miles n.
Till Richard, saloon and grocer.
Tucker Albert H, agt L S & M S and Ft W & J R Rs.
VanDack Wm Rev (Methodist).
Wallace Wm, harnessmkr.
Ward A A, physician.
Wareham Hiram E, barber.
Waterloo Press, Dickinson & Willis, publrs.
Waterman Jasper M, live stock.
Weaver Noah H, manager W U Tel Co.
Wheaton Oliver L, painter.
Williamson Ely Y, fanning mills.
Willis Frank W, notary and claim agt.
Willis & Co, books.
Winslow Joshua U, druggist.
Zerwis Mathias, blacksmith.
Zirkle Lena, music teacher.

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