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"G. W. Hawes' Indiana State Gazetteer and Business directory"
Published, Indianapolis, IN, 1858
DeKalb County Entries

A post office of De Kalb county.

A post town and the county seat of DeKalb county, pleasantly located immediately west of Cedar creek, 1 miles south of the Air Line Railroad, and 22 miles north of Fort Wayne, near the center of the county. Cedar creek is a fine stream, durable and affords sufficient water power during the whole year for saw mills, and other machinery. It was first settled in 1836. The surface of the surrounding country is slightly undulating with light and sandy soil. The buildings are all built of wood, one and two stories high, there being no brick manufactured in the county. The dwellings are tasty and convenient, and the grounds around many of them ornamented with choice shrubbery and shade trees. There are two very respectable church edifices in the place, one Methodist Episcopal, the other Presbyterian. There is just completed a fine high school building, costing about three thousand dollars. Contains one newspaper, the "DeKalb County Democrat," weekly, a court house, jail, and county offices, two churches, three hotels, one steam grist mill, one saw mill, eight lawyers, two justices, four physicians, three blacksmiths, one book store, five boot and shoe makers, one brick maker, twelve carpenters, two cabinet makers, two carriage makers, four ministers, three clothiers, four general stores, two dress makers, two harness makers, five groceries, one hardware, one hide and leather store, two foundries, one stove dealer, one watch and jewelry store, one cooperage, three painters, one tanner, one tailor, one wheelwright, one churn maker. There are three schools with an attendance of 150 pupils. Distance 134 miles northeast of Indianapolis. Population 1,000.

Alphabetical list of Professions, Trades, Etc.
Abright Wm., harness maker.
Attenburg Daniel W., county surveyor.
Baldock Thomas, carpenter.
Baldock Thomas, hotel keeper.
Beers & Dickenson, attorneys at law.
Berry E., foundry and machine shop.
Berry E., painter.
Bolinger John, carpenter.
Bowers L., farmer.
Bowers L., grocer.
Buss Mrs., dress maker.
Butt J., grocer.
Campbell Levi, boot and shoe maker.
Case J. W., justice of the peace.
Chamberlain J. N., physician and surgeon.
Davis J. D., justice of the peace.
Davis J. D., hardware and cutlery.
Davis J. D., dealer in stoves and tinware.
Dean J. Rev., Methodist Episcopal.
DEKALB COUNTY DEMOCRAT, Wm. C. McGonigal, editor and proprietor.
Dickinson T. R., township trustee.
Dickinson T. R., attorney at law.
Dills Wm. H., attorney at law.
Ettinger J. & R., cabinet and furniture manufacturers.
Ettinger R., town marshal.
Fluke Philip, dealer in hides and leather.'
Fluke P., farmer.
Fluke Philip, tannery.
Ford & Chamberlain, druggists.
Ford J. H., physician and surgeon.
Ford Stephen S., boot and shoe maker.
Gorig A., physician and surgeon.
Gotschius J. M., county commissioner.
Griswold James, grocer.
Griswold W., township trustee.
Griswold W., prop'r sawmill.
Griswold Wylys, county recorder.
Groves James, wagon and carriage manufacturer.
Hall Jonathan, wagon and carriage manufacturer.
Hare J. R., churnmaker.
Helwig Jacob, county treasurer.
Hemstreet J., county commissioner.
Hoover J. B., attorney at law.
Houghton O. C, carpenter.
Howard J. B., painter.
Jones Harrison, carpenter.
Jones Frank, carpenter.
Johnson, Slagle & Co., steam gristmill.
Johnson J., cabinet and furniture manufacturer.
Keesler G., M. D., physician and surgeon.
Letson S. & J., boot and shoemakers.
Long S. D., hotel keeper.
Lowland Mrs., dressmaker.
Lowrey Wm. H., carpenter.
McGonigal Wm. C, attorney at law.
McGONIGAL WM. C., editor DeKalb county Democrat.
Miller J. N., foundry and machine shop.
Mills James, brick manufacturer.
Moore John, carpenter.
Morrison J. B., attorney at law.
Mott E. B., attorney at law.
Palmer J. B., carpenter.
Park W., farmer.
Park W., clothing dealer.
Park W., general store.
Park W., bookseller and stationer.
Pierce M. F., township clerk.
Pierce Milton P., county auditor.
Plum Jeremiah, county coroner.
Plum A., grocer.
Ralston Samuel W., county sheriff.
Reger R. & Bro., watches, clocks and jewelry.
Reish Wm. E., carpenter.
Rhodes M. L., general store.
Rhodes M. L., clothing dealer.
Rickel John, boot and shoemaker.
Sanders S., general store.
Sealey A., county commissioner.
Smith J., carpenter.
Sperry A. L., cooperage.
Sprott Samuel W., county clerk.
Stewart J., painter.
Stiefel & Wolf, booksellers and stationers.
Stiefel & Wolf, clothing dealers.
Stiefel & Wolf, general store.
Stimely C, township trustee.
Stohl G. W., tailor and clothier.
Talbert G. W., harnessmaker.
Tinney T., township trustee.
Tinney Thomas, blacksmith.
Valleau W., carpenter and builder.
Valleau Wm., wheelwright.
Waggoner Geo., grocer.
Wallace E., carpenter.
Ward S. B., boot and shoemaker.
Ward S. B., Rev., Baptist.
Weaver V., hotel keeper.
Weldon T., township trustee.
Weldon Thomas, blacksmith.
Widney S. W. Rev., Methodist.
Widney J. P., town assessor.
Wier Anthony, blacksmith.
Wright E. Rev., Presbyterian.

A post office of DeKalb county.

A post office of DeKalb county.

A post office of DeKalb county.

A post office of DeKalb county.

A post office of Dekalb county.

A post office of Dekalb county.

A post office of DeKalb county.

A post office of DeKalb county.

A post office of Dekalb county.

A post office of DeKalb county.

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