Dearborn County Historical Society

Last updated on September 25, 2009

Dearborn County Historical Society

The Dearborn County Historical Society has many resources available for genealogy research. Some of these are listed below.
Microfilmed Court Records
- Family Surname File
- Funeral Home Records

*Join First Families of Dearborn County!

First Families is open to descendants of anyone who was living in Dearborn prior to and including 1850. Applicants must be members of the Dearborn County Historical Society. An application fee of $25.00 is required when submitting your family history. For more information, and to request applications, please contact the Historical Society.

*Dearborn County Pictorial History, Vol. 2

A new book that is being put together by the historical society is the 'Dearborn County Pictorial History, Vol. 2, The World War II Years, 1940- 1945'.
The historical society is currently accepting photographs from this period for inclusion in the book. If you have any photographs of DEARBORN COUNTY people relating to a branch of service, battles, training, civilian defense leaders, life during 1940-1945, military crew and company photos, and would like to loan them to the society for the book, please email me, Kathy Esposito, for futher instructions.
Deadline for photo submission is May, 1, 2000.
Advanced orders are being taken for the book at a discounted price. Price before May 1, 2000 is $39.00. After May 1, 2000 and before Dec. 1, 2000 $45.00. After Dec. 1, 2000 $50.00.
Any help in the way of photographs will be greatly appreciated.

*The Underground Railroad

People from Dearborn county (maybe ancestors of yours?) were involved in the Underground Rairoad.
A new project, 'The Underground Railroad Project' is being put together.
South East Indiana was a part of the Underground Railroad. Some Dearborn county residents had risked their lives and property helping fugitive slaves make their way to Canada.
The UGRR project is going on throughout Indiana, and will result in a new historic trail which will allow people to follow the routes once taken by fugitive slaves and their rescuers.
The Dearborn County Historical Society is serving as a local collection point for stories about the UGRR. If you know a story or have heard of a family in this area who helped escaped slaves, please call the Dearborn County Historical Society at (812) 537-4075, and the information will be passed on.
Again if you, or someone you know has any information to help this project, please contact the historical society.

*The DCHS has many items for sale. Some of those items are books. Below is a partial list of books that are for sale. (They would make great gifts!) Please contact the DCHS to purchase the books, or for more information concerning other items for sale.

Dearborn County 'A Pictorial History Vol. 1'

This hardcover book has 176 pages. It is filled with old photographs and information taken from around the county.
Cost: $49.95

'Early Dearborn County Indiana Wills'

This is a softback book with an index, compiled by Chris McHenry. It contains 51 pages.
Cost: $5.00
Please contact the Historical Society to purchase the book or ask any questions concerning the book.

'1885 Histories of Dearborn and Ohio Counties'

This book is the reprinted, indexed version of the 1885 Histories. It is hardback, and contains 987 pages.
The publication of this reproduction was made possible through the sponsorship of the Hillforest Historical Foundation, Inc. of Aurora, IN.
Cost: $65.00
Please contact the Historical Society or Hillforest to purchase the book.

'The Best Men of Westmoreland'

An historical account of the Lochry Expedition, by Chris McHenry. The book is soft cover, and includes 111 pages.
Cost: $10.00

'Dearborn County Indiana In Vintage Postcards'

This book is full of old postcards of Dearborn county. If you love old pictures, and want to see how Dearborn County looked, you will want a copy. It was very nicely done by Milt Masing. It is a soft covered book with 124 pages plus an index.
Cost: $18.99

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