Dearborn County Indiana Cemeteries

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Dearborn County Cemeteries

Braysville Cemetery in Harrison Township

Coles Cemetery inscriptions in Caesar Creek Township
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Ebenezer Baptist Church, Aurora, IN; virtual cemetery link
John H. Rigg
Azubah Richardson Rigg
Frances Rigg
Curtis Cell Rigg

Heuck-Probst or Huber-Briggs Cemetery in Kelso Township

Horham Cemetery in Manchester Township
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Platt Cemetery in Manchester Township
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Riverview Cemetery Aurora, Center Township --An early transcription {Some of which have early medical cause of death given.}
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Riverview Cemetery -- A later transcription {A much more comprehensive, indexed document} Thank you again, Pete Nock

Saint Paul and Saint Martin -- Jackson Township {New Alsace & Yorkville}. Mary Bittner has volunteered to try to answer questions concerning these 2 cemeteries. Thank you, Mary Bittner

South Sparta Cemetery in Sparta Township --partial listing
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Trestor Cemetery in Washington Township
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Political Graveyard for Dearborn County


There is a Cundale family burial ground and it is located on Possum Ridge Road off State Road # 48 west of Wrights Corner in Manchester Twp, Dearborn County, IN.

This is verified by when, John Cundale and wife sold land to Daniel and Abigail (wife) ROBERTS, 14 Nov 1825, Dearborn County Deed Records Book "A" pages 515 and 516. Daniel and his wife later sold this same land to Sarah Ann Thompson, 9 Apr 1866. In the deed, it stipulated "Except two (2) rods square of ground in the above decribed tract convering the site of the Family Burying Ground, situate on the Ridge East of the Brick Dwelling House, which two (2) rods square of gound the grantor herein reserves to himself and his heirs forever, for burial purposes, together with the right of ingness thereto and egness therefrom and to inclose the said burying ground with a stone wall or other fence and keep this same in repair" The tract was located in the south half of the East half of the North East quarter of Section Ten (10) Township five (5) of Range Two (2).

Thank you Earl Thompson!

** St. Peter's Cemetery -partial listing
Below is a partial listing from St Peter's cemetery located in Dearborn Co.
The information was compiled by Donna Mollaun. She writes: "I only managed to get one row, (about 10%) near the gymnasium. There's another cemetery by the church itself. This was the second to the last row from the right. There was a half row behind it."

BACK, Henry A.: 2/6/1861 to 12/2/1948
and sharing same grave stone.....
BACK, Catherine R.: 11/20/1861 to 2/6/1948

BARTLING (nee Bishoff), Ruth: 8/5/1899 to 1/23/1931

BERGER, Bertha: 1860 to 1932
and sharing same grave stone.....
BERGER, Peter: 1856 to 1935

BEUSTEREIN, Charles: 1880-1963
and sharing same grave stone.....
BEUSTEREIN, Mary Ann: 1885 to 19-- (not filled in yet)

BOEHMNER, Catherine: 1853 to 1933

BORGERDING, Joseph A.: 1890 to 1982

ERHART, Alphonse: 9/11/1863 to 11/25/1933

ERHART, Philomena: 8/21/1861 to 5/29/1940

FISHER, Margaret E.: 1864 to 1935
and sharing same grave stone.....
FISHER, Joseph F.: 1867 to 1953

GLASER (mother), Mary J.: 1/14/1861 to 12/6/1931
GLASER (father), John F.: 7/10/1859 to 6/11/1934

HOOG, Alphonse: 1901 to 1936
and sharing same grave stone.....
HOOG, Rebecca: 1902 to 1943

HOOG, Joseph H.: 1873 to 1948
and sharing same grave stone.....
HOOG, Cecelia A.: 1874-1963

KESTERMAN, Leo B.: 10/22/194? to 12/17/2005
and sharing same grave stone.....
KESTERMAN, Evelyn R.: 8/26/1923 to (no date yet)

KREITZER, Anna: 1895 to 1936

KREMER, John: 1714 to 2004
and sharing same grave stone.....
KREMER, Frances: 1914 to 2002
and sharing same grave stone.....
KREMER, Tom: 1947 to 1974
(3 in same grave)

KUNKEL, Omer J.: 1902 to 1975
and sharing same grave stone.......
KUNKEL, Verena M.: 1902 to 1993

LENDER, Joseph S.: 10/7/1888 to 3/20/1932

McCOOL, Mildred I.: 10/13/1913 to 2/21/1991
and sharing same grave stone.....
McCOOL, Estal G.: 7/8/1908 to 11/2/1947

MESSERSCHMIDT, George: 1899 to 1976
and sharing same grave stone.....
MESSERSCHMIDT, Matilda: 1902 to 1949

MESSERSCHMIDT, Irene: 11/16/1928 to 11/1/1947

MESSERSCHMIDT, John J.: 1/6/1860 to 1/1/1937
and sharing same grave stone.....
MESSERSCHIMDT, Elizabeth: 12/14/1867 to 3/13/1946

MESSERSCHMIDT, William: 1897 to 1937
and sharing same grave stone.....
MESSERSCHMIDT, Helen: 1902 to 1990

METZ, Catherine: 1886 to 1962

METZ, Mary: 1860 to 1929

METZ, Stella: 1890 to 1979

MILFORD, Wiwi: 10/7/1918 to 4/26/1977

MUNCHEL, Robert A.: 7/21/1918 to 7/6/1935

RAUCH, Henry: 1876 to 1969
and sharing same grave stone.....
RAUCH, Rosa: 1883 to 1959
and sharing same grave stone.....
RAUCH, Cornelius: 1910 to 1948; 38 INF, 2nd Div.
(3 in same grave)

RENNEKAMP (mother), Catherine: 1862 to 1931
and sharing same grave stone.....
RENNEKAMP (father), Louis: 1853 to 1931

ROEHM, Mary A.: 1869 to 1929

ROSFELD, Frank: 1859 to 1929
and sharing same grave stone.....
ROSFELD, Barbara: 1856 to 1932

ROSFELD, John M.: 1904 to 1948
and sharing same grave stone....
ROSFELD, Christine: 1908-19-- (not filled in yet)

ROSFELD, H. Martin: 11/5/1903 to 4/23/1948

THEOBALD, Clara: 8/22/1878 to 3/10/1936

THEOBALD, Robert C.: 8/21/1876 to 1/18/1957

SAHM, John J.: 11/2/1886 to 11/27/1975

SAHM, Louise J.: 11/29/1890 to 12/22/1984

SCHERGER, Mary S.: 1858 to 1941

SCHMITZ, Catherine: 1/22/1902 to 6/27/1953
and sharing same grave stone.....
SCHMITZ, Bernard: 3/24/1898 to 5/21/1946

SCHOETTELKOTTE, Regina C.: 6/14/1907 to 12/13/1997
and sharing same grave stone.....
SCHOETTELKOTTE, John B.: 4/21/1902 to 12/21/1946

STROTHMAN, Joseph: 1880 to 1932

TRABEL, Jerome A.: 8/20/1924 to 5/15/1977; TEC4 US Army, WWII

VONLAHR, Mary: 1879 to 1932
and sharing same grave stone.....
VONLAHR, John: 1860 to 1938

WILHELM, Catherine L.: 1892 to 1959

Thanks to the volunteers who submitted the information for these sites

* Dearborn County Indiana Cemetery Records
Vol. A, B and C by Milton A. Masing
Click on the above link. When the page opens, enter the name 'Masing' in the search window, and the books will be listed. Currently Vol A and B are out of print, but Vol C will be available soon. These books are a GREAT resource! Much time has been devoted to the research.

* Dearborn County cemetery book look-ups
Please check the look-ups link for volunteers that are able to do look-ups in the Milton Masing and other cemetery book listings.

*There has been concern in Dearborn County by some, about the vandalism and dis-repair of some rural and pioneer cemeteries. These are the resting places of our ancestors.
Please visit The Indiana Pioneer Cemeteries Restoration Project, to learn more about what has been done in other counties in Indiana, and what we can do for Dearborn county.

Dearborn Co. Pioneer Cemeteries
A page devoted to information concerning efforts to restore Dearborn counties cemeteries. Check here to find more about the meetings etc.

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