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The birth items below are taken from old newspapers that have been put on microfilm. Very dedicated volunteers, Dawna Fassler, and Earl Thompson, along with myself have been copying birth information from the newspapers for this site. If you have any births to submit, please contact me. Thank you! John Minneman
The below was submitted by Earl Thompson. Thank You!

Source: Lawrenceburgh Press - 21 Dec 1871
Moores's Hill - Born unto J. W. Lambertson and wife on 15 inst. a son. net
weight ten pounds.

Source: Lawrenceburgh Press - 7 Nov 1872
Elizabethtown - Born to A.B. Wamsley and wife, Thursday morning inst. a
daughter. Mother and child doing well. Tut the father is having chills- for a

Source: The Dearborn Independent/Aurora - 10 Jan 1878
Washington Twp.- Born to the wife of Isaac Bruce, a fine son.

NEW! Source: Lawrenceburg Register - 17 Apr 1884
Under Heading Moores Hill
Thomas SHAW
There's a baby at the home of Mr. Thomas Shaw. It's a girl and weights-- Mr. S. Told us, but we have forgotten.

NEW! Source: Lawrenceburg Register - 24 Apr 1884
Dillsborough Column
William Calhoon was born on the seventh day of March, 1816

Thanks to the volunteers who submitted the information for this page!

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