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Miller Family Information (Dearborn County)

All of the information included below was submitted by researcher Susan D. Engle. (Thank you Susan!) If you have any questions concerning any of the information, please contact Susan.

She wrote concerning the transcribed records;
"William B. Miller (b. 1812) and William Sawdon (b. 1811) were good friends; both came from England (I have no idea if they knew each other before ending up in Dearborn County.) Their children Annie Ruth Miller and George Sawdon married. My mother-in-law was a Sawdon (George was her grandfather), which is how I have the info now."
Susan also submitted information about Millers Mill located in Dillsboro, IN. This is located further down this page.


Among Sawdon family records are pages from a small notebook, 3.25 inches by 6 inches; listed mostly chronologically, in very neat, legible handwriting. The list is titled "Mary E. Miller's Record of Family".
Mary Elizabeth Miller ("May") was born 17 Feb 1844, died 16 Apr 1909; never married. Since this document contains a few dates through 1912, her original document may have been added to, and then hand-copied (to the pages in my possession) by another relative,
probably a Sawdon. The writing seems to be from the same hand on these small pages.

William B. Miller (b. 1812 in England) settled near Aurora, Dearborn County, Indiana; William Sawdon (b. 1811 in England) also settled there; the two Williams were good friends; their children Annie Miller and George Sawdon were married in 1870.

{Anything in curly brackets is not in the original. I have included expanded information, correct spelling, and editorial comments for further identification.}

Carefully transcribed by Susan D. Engle.
Please contact me if you have additional information to add.

NOTE: Name as handwritten
{Additional information/editorial comments}
Date as handwritten
# {numerical order on list - not in the original}



W B Miller born
{William B. Miller}
{b.} Feb 9, 1812

Sarah A Miller
{Sarah A Gullette, married William B. Miller}
{b.} Feb 21, 1813

Charles B Miller
{son of William B. Miller}
{b.} Sept 15, 1840

John G Miller
{son of William B. Miller}
{b.} June 5, 1842

Mary E Miller
{Mary Elizabeth ("May")} {dau of William B. Miller} {unmarried}
{b.} Feb 17, 1844

Annie R Miller
{Anna Ruth Miller ("Annie")} {dau of William B. Miller} {married
George Washington Sawdon}
{b.} July 26, 1846

Sarah J Miller
{dau of William B. Miller; no other info; probably died as infant;
not counted as part of "family of 8 children" in Mary E. Miller's
{b.} Feb 16, 1848

Emily Miller
{Emily Miller ("Emma")} {dau of William B. Miller} {married Henry
{b.} July 8, 1850

Robt W Miller
{Robert W Miller} {son of William B. Miller}
{b.} March 8, 1852

Reuben H Miller
{son of William B. Miller} {married Elizabeth McGee}
{b.} Jan 1, 1854

Enoch D Miller
{son of William B. Miller} {married Rachel R Van Dolah}
{b.} Apr 12, 1856

Henry Schmolsmire
{married Emily Miller}
{b.} Apr 9, 1844

Geo W. Sawdon
{George Washington Sawdon, son of William Sawdon b. 1811} {married
Anna Ruth Miller}
{b.} May 7, 1846

Mary J. Treslin
{married John G. Miller}
{b.} Jan 26, 1847

Helen E Wymond
{married Charles B. Miller}
{b.} Feb 12, 1847

Hattie Marshall
{married Robert W. Miller}
{b.} Feb 10, 1850

Elizabeth McGee
{married Reuben H Miller}
{b.} Aug 19, {no year; possibly between preceding and following
dates of Feb 10,1850 and Oct 17,1858;}

Rachel R Van Dolah
{surname: Van Dolah} {married Enoch D Miller)
{b.} Oct 17, 1858

William W. Miller
{son of someone on this list}
{b.} Jan 1, 1867

Carl C Miller
{son of someone on this list} {married Kate Harris}
{b.} Aug 25, 1869

R Adin Sawdon
{Robert Adin Sawdon ("Adin")} {son of William Sawdon b. 1811}
{b.} Sept 11, 1871

Willie Miller Sawdon
{William Miller Sawdon} {son of George Washington Sawdon}
{b.} Jan 1, 1873

Pearl Miller
{married Clarence Palmer} {dau of Robert W. Miller}
{b.} Mar 5, 1873

C. Otto Sawdon
{Charles Otto Sawdon, son of George Washington Sawdon}
{b.} Oct 10, 1874

Daisy E Miller
{dau of someone on this list} {married Elmo Coruthers}
{b.} Nov 21, 1874

Sadie J Miller
{dau of Robert W. Sawdon} {married Bert Glover}
{b.} Feb 10, 1876

Lura May Sawdon
{dau of George Washington Sawdon} {married Cassius Gibbons Randall}
{b.} May 28, 1876

Raymond Miller
{son of Robert W. Miller} {married Rozena Lange}
{b.} Feb 10, 1877

Roy Miller
{son of someone on this list}
{b.} Feb 10, 1879

Reuben's babe
{Reuben H Miller & Elizabeth McGee's child}
{b.} Jan 6, 1880

Mary Edna Miller
{dau of someone on this list, possibly Robert W. Miller: in his obit:
1 child died infancy}
{b.} May 3rd, died May 17, 1880

Mary G. Miller
{dau of someone on this list}
{b.} June 3, 1881

Herbert Miller
{son of Reuben H Miller} {married Clara Ward}
{b.} July 6, 1881

Harry Miller
{son of someone on this list}
{b.} Sept 15, 1883

Helen Miller
{dau of Robert W. Miller}
{b.} Nov 29, 1883

Emma's babe
{child of Henry Schmolsmire & Emily Miller} {no other info}
{b.} July 7, 1885

Florence Miller
{dau of someone on this list}
{b.} Aug 17, 1886

Enoh's babes
{Enoch D. Miller & Rachel R Van Dolah's child[ren?]}
{b.} Mar 20, 1887

Florence Schmolsmire
{dau of Henry Schmolsmire & Emily Miller}
{b.} Aug 21, 1887

Nellie Schmolsmire
{dau of Henry Schmolsmire & Emily Miller}
{b.} Jan 19, 1892

Marie Palmer
{dau of Clarence Palmer & Pearl Miller}
{b.} Dec 27, 1894

Martha Miller
{dau of someone on this list}
{b.} Oct 7, 1895

Mildred Sawdon
{Eva Mildred Sawdon} {dau of Robert Adin Sawdon} {married Clyde Jennings
[b 15 Aug 1896] who is not in this list}
{b.} June 21, 1896

Chas{?/Chad?} Palmer
{son of Clarence Palmer & Pearl Miller}
{b.} June 7, 1897

Willie Glover
{William?} {son of Bert Glover & Sadie Miller}
{b.} Sept 25, 1899

Ruth Marguret Sawdon
{Ruth Margurette, dau of Robert Adin Sawdon; she was born Aug 16, 1901, married Lytle Morris who is not on this list}
{b.} Aug 16, 1901

Edwin S. Randall
{Edwin Sawdon Randall} {son of Cassius Gibbons Randall & Lura May Sawdon}
{b.} Sept 8, 1901

Ruth Glover
{dau of Bert Glover & Sadie Miller}
{b.} Apr 1, 1902

Lura J. Sawdon
{Lura Josephine, dau of William Miller Sawdon; married Walter Chapin
Guthrie who is not on this list}
{b.} Jun 3, 1903

Helen Palmer
{dau of Clarence Palmer & Pearl Miller}
{b.} Mar 20, 1904

Agnes F. Sawdon
{Agnes Francis Sawdon, dau of William Miller Sawdon} {family Bible spelling has "i" in Francis}
{b.} May 25, 1905

Elmo Coruthers
{son of Elmo Coruthers & Daisy Miller}
{b.} Jun 1, 1905

Edith Glover
{dau of Bert Glover & Sadie Miller}
{b.} Mar 26, 1906

Jane Miller
{dau of someone on this list}
{b.} Apr 1, 1906

Helen L Randall
{Helen Lura Randall; Sawdon Bible shows Sep 29, 1906} {dau of Cassius Gibbons Randall & Lura May Sawdon}
{b.} Sep 29, 1907

Esther M. Sawdon
{Esther Mable Sawdon, dau of William Miller Sawdon; died of tuberculosis sometime before June 4, 1955)
{b.} Mar 30, 1907

Francis M. Sawdon
{Francis Marie Sawdon, dau of Robert Adin Sawdon; family Bible spelling has "i" in Francis.}
{b.} Jul 6, 1908

Edith A. Sawdon
{Edith Adelaide Sawdon, dau of William Miller Sawdon}
{b.} Oct 17, 1908

Irene Elizabeth Miller
{dau of someone on this list}
{b.} May 1, 1909

Esther Glover
{dau of Bert Glover & Sadie Miller}
{b. blank; possibly between preceding and following dates of May 1, 1909 and
May 26, 1910}

Eleanor Anna Sawdon
{dau of Charles Otto Sawdon}
{b.} May 26, 1910

George Wilder Sawdon
{son of William Miller Sawdon}
{b.} Sep 3, 1910

Will Wilder Sawdon
{son of William Miller Sawdon}
{b.} Jul 12, 1912

Carl Day
{son of someone on this list}
{b.} May 30, 1896

Franklin Day
{son of someone on this list}
{b.} March 25, 1901

Zena Lange
{Rozena Lange} {married Raymond Miller}
{b.} Aug 29 {no yr}

Clara Ward
{married Herbert Miller}
{b.} May 11 {no yr}

Ruth E Curtis
{Ruth Elizabeth Curtis} {married Charles Otto Sawdon)
{b.} June 16, 1883

Clarence Palmer
{married Pearl Miller}
{b.} Mar 7, 1873

Nellie M. Cole
{married Robert Adin Sawdon}
{b.} Dec 17, 1874

Bert Glover
{married Sadie J Miller}
{b.} Mar 2 {no yr} {probably b. by or before 1899}

Cassius Randall
{Cassius Gibbons Randall} {married Lura May Sawdon}
{b.} Mar 7, 1875

Adelaide Wilder
{married William Miller Sawdon}
{b.} Aug 1, 1877 {corrected from 1887, circled/ penciled}

- - - - - - - - - - - -


W. B. Miller to Sarah Gullette
{William B. Miller} {ch: Charles B, John G, Mary E, Anna R, Sarah J,
Emily, Robert W, Reuben H, Enoch D}
{m.} Dec 10, 1839, by W Fleming

C. B. Miller to Helen Wymond
{Charles B. Miller} {Helen E. Wymond}
{m.} Mar 25, 1866, by Heslin

J. G. Miller to M. J. Treslin
{John G. Miller, married Mary J. Treslin}
{m.} Feb 20, 1867, by Rev Cotton

G. W. Sawdon to Annie Miller
{George Washington Sawdon) {Anna Ruth Miller} {ch: Robert Adin, William Miller, Charles Otto, Lura May}
{m.} Nov 3, 1870, by Prof Newton

R. W. Miller to Hattie Marshall
{Robert W. Miller} {ch: Pearl, Sadie J, Raymond, Mary E, Helen
{m.} May 6, 1872, by Rev. Woodlock

R. H. Miller to Libbie McGee{Reuben H Miller} {Elizabeth McGee} {known ch: nameless b 1880;
Herbert; probably others}
{m.} Nov 28, 1878, by Rev C. C. Edwards

E. D. Miller to Rachel R Van Dolah
{Enoch D Miller} {known ch: nameless b. 1887 probably died}
{m.} May 3, 1882, by W R Lathrop

H. Schmolsmire to Emma Miller
{Henry Schmolsmire} {Emily Miller} {known ch: nameless, Florence, Nellie}
{m.} Sept 19, 1882 by L. G. Adkinson

Clarence Palmer to Pearl Miller
{ch: Pearl, Marie, Chas/Chad?, Helen}
{m.} Dec 24, 1893, by T. G. Cocks

Carl Miller to Kate Harris
{Carl C Miller}
{m.} Jan 10, 1894 {by [blank]}

R. Adin Sawdon to Nellie Cole
{Robert Adin Sawdon} {Nellie M Cole} {ch: Eva Mildred, Francis Marie, Ruth Margurette}
{m.} Sept 25, 1895, by T. G. Cocks

Bert Glover to Sadie Miller
{Sadie J Miller} {ch: Esther, Willie, Ruth, Edith}
{m.} Jan 1, 1899, by C. E. Heslin

C. G. Randall to Lura May Sawdon
{Cassius Gibbons Randall} {ch: Edwin Sawdon Randall, Helen Lura Randall
{m.} Sept 26, 1900, by C. E. Heslin

W. M. Sawdon to Adelaide Wilder
{William Miller Sawdon} {ch: Lura Josephine, Agnes Francis, Esther
Mable, Edith Adelaide, George Wilder, Will Wilder}
{m.} Aug 6, 1902, by Dr. Swaney

Elmo Coruthers to Daisy Miller
{Daisy E Miller} {ch: Elmo}
{m.} Sept 15, 1903 {by [blank]}

Herbert Miller to Clara Ward
{m.} Dec 5, 1906, by R. Brumley or Brumby

C. O. Sawdon to Ruth Curtis
{Charles Otto Sawdon} {Ruth Elizabeth Curtis} {ch: Eleanor Anna,
Leah Mildred, Emily Ruth}
{m.} Oct 10, 1907, by Rev. Casey

Ray Miller to Rozena Lange
{Raymond Miller}
{m.} May 30, 1908, by V. Hargitt

"MILLER'S MILL" (1830's-1901)

This newspaper clipping, currently in my (Susan Engle's) possession, is among family
papers pertaining to the Miller family of Dillsboro, Dearborn County, Indiana.

{Curly Brackets} indicate my editorial comments.
Susan D. Engle June 2001
The Enquirer, Cincinnati, Saturday March 23, 1901 {photo 5" x 6 3/4"}
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - -


Special dispatch to the Enquirer.
Dillsboro, Ind., March 22.-The accompanying picture is a reproduction of the old stone flouring mill which for so many years has stood about two miles north of here on Hogan Creek, and but a few rods south of the B. and O. Railroad.
The mill was built by W. and E. Miller soon after their arrival from England. A large stone in the west wall of the building bears the following inscription, which is rudely carved: "Built by W. and E. Miller in 1839." For several years the mill contained but two
pairs of burrs, one for grinding wheat, and one for grinding corn. Originally the mill was driven by an overshot wheel, which was 15 feet high, with wood bull wheel and an upright shaft, also of wood.
In 1850 two more pairs of burrs were added, and machinery to bolt flour was put in. Two years later a wooden overshot wheel was put in which was six feet wide and sixteen feet high.
The water required to run the mill was brought by a narrow mill race from a dam about 500 yards north of the mill. When the old O. and M. Railroad was built there was a bitter legal fight between the promoters of the road and the proprietors of the mill over the territory traversed by the little mill race, but the mill people were victorious.
The original proprietor of the old mill, W. Miller*, operated the plant until his death, about 20* years ago, when it was taken in charge by his son Robert W. Miller, and later by another son, Enoch D. Miller
When the vast Miller estate was divided the old mill fell to the share of Mrs. Emily Miller Schmolsmire. She had the mill remodeled, put in new machinery, a new bolting and cleaning apparatus, but retained the old burr system of grinding. It had been in operation but a few weeks when the flood, which visited Hogan Creek four years ago, washed the mill dam away. Later the B. and O. Railroad purchased the right to turn off the water from the mill, and thus the once busy hum of the Hogan mill has been silenced perhaps, forever.
About a year ago the property was purchased by Mr. William Ruhlman. A short distance from the mill stands a sun dial which is 336 years old, it having been brought from England by the Millers almost a hundred years ago.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - -

*{William B. Miller, born Feb 9, 1812 England; died Feb 6 1889;
buried Mt. Tabor Cemetery, Dearborn Co., Indiana}

Below is a letter that had been written by Wm. W. Miller. The letter describes his experiences as a young doctor on an Indian reservation in 1889 in Idaho. William's roots were in Dearborn co. IN. Again Susan writes,

"This letter was written by William W. Miller (b. 1 Jan 1867) on June 25, 1889, to his grandmother {Sarah (Gullette) Miller}. He was a young doctor on an Indian reservation. {Wm. W. is probably son of Charles B. Miller, a son of William B. Miller. The Enoch mentioned at the end of the letter is probably Enoch D. Miller, another son of Wm
B. Miller. All lived in Dearborn County, Indiana.}

In this transcription, original spellings and (lack of) punctuation is retained. The first paragraph appears to be a P.S., in smaller writing at the top of the first page; the body of the letter filled both sides of the paper. Handwriting is very clear."

Susan D. Engle--June, 2001.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Should be pleased to hear from any of you at any time and will be very happy to answer any and all letters any of you may have time to write me. We farm here by irrigation but as last written there was very little snow fall there is no snow on the mountains and this
spring we have no water to irrigate with and even have to haul our drinking water 7 miles. W.W.M.

Fort Hall Agency, Ross Fork, Idaho, June 25/89
Dear Grandmother:
Having been here for nearly two months and a half and not having written to you seems very negligent but I have been very busy and getting straightened up it took nearly all my time, but I have thought of all of you many times and now that I have started will hope to be able to let you know from time to time how I'm getting along and will make this a general letter, suppose ere this you have rec'd the photograph I sent you. I enjoy the place very much and have lots of practice not only among the Indians but the whites also.
There are 1800 Indians and about twenty whites on the reservation, and a curious lot they are too (the Indians) all painted up blue, yellow, red, green and all imaginable colors, wear great big brass ear rings, and necklaces, blankets, shirts, leggins and beaded
moccosins and the little fellows go naked, while the babies are carried around on their mothers backs laced to a papoose board as they are called. Every Saturday is ration day when we issue flour, beef, sugar, soap (they don't use the soap much though) coffee and
such like articles, some of them raise fairly good crops and have quite a nice little bunch of horses. There are two kinds of Indians the Shoshone and Bannock about 1200 of the former and 600 of the latter, the Shoshone are much the better Indians, the Bannocks are a lazy lot more given to stealing horses and riding on trains than working. There is an Indian school 18 miles from here where there are about 100 scholars. They learn besides their school studies farming, harness and shoe making while the girls learn to cook and sew but after leaving school they soon fall back into their old habits and go around hands up and wearing their blankets , its much easier for a white man to become an Indian than for an Indian to learn the ways of the whites. They have their own Medicine man and generally about the time their patient is about to die they call in the Agency doctor but
to a certain extent they are becoming more civilized and I have all the practice I can well attend to. Am getting very thin but my health is fairly good so I cant complain. Hope you are getting better. Tell Enoch to take good care of Daisy and her colt. Love to All I am
yours aff--

Thanks to Susan D. Engle who submitted the information for this page!

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