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Would you like to host an Indiana county site?
If you are interested in becoming a volunteer County Coordinator for the Trails to the Past, please contact the Indiana State Administrator, Jana Cortez You can read more about the opportunities of volunteering with Trails to the Past on their website.


Visit Our Boone County Neighbors
Sometimes our ancestors or their families can be found in neighboring counties. Those bordering Boone County are: Clinton County, Hamilton County, Hendricks County, Marion County and Montgomery County.


Welcome to Boone County Genealogy! I am the County Coordinator for the Boone County Trails to the Past. The Indiana State Coordinator for Trails to the Past is Jana Cortez, I hope you find a wealth of information on these pages to aid you with your research efforts in Boone County. I don't live in Boone County, so unfortunately I'm unable to assist you any further with your personal research, other than the data and helpful resources I know you'll find among these pages. There are links to various genealogical organizations, libraries and message boards that may be able to provide additional help with research and look-up services. I try to post all new data as soon as possible after obtaining it, so bookmark us and check back often!


Boone County Genealogy, Trails to the Past wouldn't be possible without the generous contributions of materials and data from volunteers, researchers and the hard work and efforts of the County Coordinators who set the framework and keep it growing. Please help us to continue to grow by submitting something from your research or materials that could benefit others. I'm hoping you've found something here useful for your research, and the best way to repay in kind is to contribute something that can benefit others. You'll find a link to the page for submitting data to the site, or making comments and suggestions, which are also very much appreciated!

Where to Start

  • FAQ's - Please begin by reading the FAQ's for some helpful information and answers to some of the common questions our Boone County researchers have. This page is updated frequently, so take a look each time you visit.
  • Genealogy Tips - This is a new section I'm starting that I hope will help you whether you are a beginner to genealogy research, or a seasoned veteran. We'd love for you to submit any good tips and tricks you've learned and can pass on for all of us! You'll also find comment boxes on many of the pages with more genealogy tips I hope you'll find useful.
  • Index / Site Map - The most comprehensive list of all the pages on the site. Find the new data here, or something you've missed in the past. Remember, many of the older pages and sections "grow" and have new data added to them continuously, so don't overlook them.
  • Surname Registry - Look for mutual researchers who are researching the same Boone County surnames as you. You can also find mutual researchers on the Genealogy Homepages. If you haven't done so already, request to add your name to the list or new surnames you are interested in. Feel free to also ask to have your personal genealogy website link included. If you have already registered your surnames or linked your website, check to see that your contact email address and the URL of the website are current.
  • Search the Site - Always use the search engine to search for names or topics you are interested in finding. While the search engine does a very good job of finding what you are looking for, remember that it might not display hits for a name spelled with a different variation, or misspelled in the original data. Read the tips on the search page for the best results.
  • Post a Query - Use the message boards to post your queries and request look-ups. Be sure and read the tips for posting do's and don'ts for the best results.

NOTE: All photographs, compilations, derivative and/or original creative works published on Boone County Genealogy, Trails to the Past remain under copyright or license of the owner/creator and by the owner's submission, permission has been granted for these images and works to be displayed on Boone County Genealogy, Trails to the Past and copied by others for personal family genealogical use only. These images and works may not be redistributed or published in any other work, by any method, either commercially or non-commercially, without explicit written consent from the owner of the photograph or creative work, unless identified otherwise.