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Boone County Land Entries 1830-1855 - Index

Listed below is an index showing names, residence and date of purchase of lands sold through the Laporte-Winamac Land Office for the years 1830-1855, for Boone County, Indiana. This index includes only minimal information and may not be complete. Use it as a guide only to help you obtain original record copies. For the complete land record, including land description, you can request information from the Boone County Clerks' Office or the Indiana State Archives.

Boone County Land Records

  • Boone Circuit Court Clerk
    Courthouse, Room 212
    Courthouse Square
    Lebanon, IN 46052
    Phone: 765-482-3510
    Fax: 765-485-0150
  • Indiana State Archives
    6440 East 30th Street
    Indianapolis, IN 46219
    Phone: 317-591-5222
    Fax: 317-591-5324

Boone County Land Entries 1830-1855

Aldrich, Amariah              Boone            IN      1833/12/31
Aldrich, Jacob                Boone            IN      1832/06/11
Atkinson, James               Boone            IN      1834/02/25
Barker, Jacob                 Boone            IN      1835/09/25
Barker, James                 Boone            IN      1835/07/25
Barker, Jeremiah              Boone            IN      1835/07/25
Barton, Samuel                Boone            IN      1835/03/19
Batton, Richard               Boone            IN      1836/04/07
Beck, Abraham                 Boone            IN      1850/12/17
Beck, William H.              Boone            IN      1851/12/22
Betts, John Denny             Boone            IN      1832/07/28
Boldsberry, Ethan             Boone            IN      1834/10/16
Boon, Gabriel                 Boone            IN      1833/11/20
Bowen, Robert Ross            Boone            IN      1833/04/08
Bracken, Robert               Boone            IN      1833/05/28
Brackenridge, William         Boone            IN      1851/01/02
Brown, Anna                   Boone            IN      1836/10/13
Bryan, Norman                 Boone            IN      1834/11/04
Bryan, Theophilus             Boone            IN      1831/12/01
Bulkey, Charles B.            Boone            IN      1837/03/27
Bunton, James                 Boone            IN      1833/12/11
Burckhalter, Abraham          Boone            IN      1832/07/11
Burckhalter, Charles          Boone            IN      1832/01/25
Burrough, William M.          Boone            IN      1838/10/10
Cadwell, David A.             Boone            IN      1850/12/17
Cain, Ruel                    Boone            IN      1832/04/16
Caldwell, Alexander           Boone            IN      1835/01/22
Caldwell, Harvey              Boone            IN      1834/10/08
Caldwell, James               Boone            IN      1833/10/28
Caldwell, John                Boone            IN      1830/11/26
Caldwell, John Calvin         Boone            IN      1839/02/13
Caldwell, Joseph A.           Boone            IN      1836/09/14
Caldwell, Nancy A.            Boone            IN      1835/02/20
Campbell, John D.             Boone            IN      1831/11/15
Campbell, Michael D.          Boone            IN      1830/06/12
Campbell, Ruth                Boone            IN      1835/12/31
Carroll, John                 Boone            IN      1851/09/05
Clements, John W.             Boone            IN      1850/10/30
Cook, Isaac                   Boone            IN      1834/12/15
Cook, Peter                   Boone            IN      1837/03/03
Cooper, John Y.               Boone            IN      1831/11/01
Copeland, Alfred W.           Boone            IN      1837/03/04
Cox, Er Jr.                   Boone            IN      1836/01/13
Cox, Isaac                    Boone            IN      1835/07/07
Cox, Russel                   Boone            IN      1831/06/06
Crose, Andrew J.              Boone            IN      1844/12/06
Daley, David                  Boone            IN      1832/05/30
Davis, Amos                   Boone            IN      1831/09/20
Davis, Elizabeth              Boone            IN      1832/11/05
Davis, Enoch                  Boone            IN      1830/11/24
Davis, George J.              Boone            IN      1851/09/05
De Campbell, Michael          Boone            IN      1834/08/16
Denney, Lewis                 Boone            IN      1834/06/13
Eason, Samuel                 Boone            IN      1834/04/27
Elliott, Nathan               Boone            IN      1836/07/23
Elmore, Resin                 Boone            IN      1836/08/04
Evans, Jonathan B.            Boone            IN      1850/09/18
Fall, David                   Boone            IN      1837/02/01
Fall, John N.                 Boone            IN      1835/02/12
Foreman, Samuel               Boone            IN      1830/04/09
Foster, Greer                 Boone            IN      1833/05/06
Frazer, John                  Boone            IN      1837/03/16
Gapen, Zachariah              Boone            IN      1833/03/07
Gipson, Jacob                 Boone            IN      1830/10/24
Gipson, William               Boone            IN      1833/09/27
Goare, James                  Boone            IN      1836/06/06
Goldsberry, Eli               Boone            IN      1834/11/19
Goldsberry, Ethan             Boone            IN      1836/05/30
Goldsberry, Thomas            Boone            IN      1833/09/24
Hamill, Robert                Boone            IN      1834/01/29
Hardesty, Uriah               Boone            IN      1849/11/08
Haun, Adam                    Boone            IN      1834/11/03
Haun, William                 Boone            IN      1834/11/29
Haworth, George               Boone            IN      1836/02/15
Hazelrigg, Eli                Boone            IN      1845/11/03
Hill, Thomas A.               Boone            IN      1833/05/06
Horrell, John                 Boone            IN      1831/11/25
Hunt, Lecaswell               Boone            IN      1838/07/13
Kern, Adam Jr.                Boone            IN      1833/11/26
Kernodle, George              Boone            IN      1837/04/07
Kersey, Benjamin              Boone            IN      1834/11/19
Kersey, John Jr.              Boone            IN      1836/11/03
King, Washington              Boone            IN      1831/11/05
Lafferty, James               Boone            IN      1834/02/10
Lame, Abel                    Boone            IN      1833/03/28
Lane, Caleb B.                Boone            IN      1848/05/16
Laverty, Alexander            Boone            IN      1836/08/08
Ledick, Jacob                 Boone            IN      1834/11/10
Long, Squire                  Boone            IN      1834/12/08
Lowe, Frederick               Boone            IN      1855/01/11
Maberry, Casewell             Boone            IN      1833/11/12
McBurns, Thomas               Boone            IN      1831/06/10
McCann, Thomas                Boone            IN      1831/04/18
McConnell, James L.           Boone            IN      1833/10/06
McDaniel, William             Boone            IN      1826/11/08
Messmore, William             Boone            IN      1831/10/26
Michael, William              Boone            IN      1832/08/30
Miller, William               Boone            IN      1836/09/07
Mills, James P.               Boone            IN      1832/12/03
Mills, Zimri                  Boone            IN      1832/12/18
Montgomery, George            Boone            IN      1832/11/01
Moore, James T.               Boone            IN      1836/06/24
Moore, Laban                  Boone            IN      1837/10/09
Morgan, Isaac                 Boone            IN      1831/11/01
Morrison, Robert              Boone            IN      1834/02/04
Mullikin, James               Boone            IN      1836/11/28
Nordyke, Hiram                Boone            IN      1833/03/16
Osburn, George                Boone            IN      1832/06/01
Parsons, Lewis                Boone            IN      1834/10/22
Payne, William                Boone            IN      1835/10/02
Pennington, Abel              Boone            IN      1833/11/04
Ragan, Jesse                  Boone            IN      1834/12/18
Records, William T.           Boone            IN      1835/03/23
Remington, Isaac              Boone            IN      1832/09/13
Rimington, Joseph             Boone            IN      1832/08/02
Roberts, Joel                 Boone            IN      1837/04/06
Rouse, William                Boone            IN      1836/12/09
Salee, Henry                  Boone            IN      1850/01/23
Scott, Crawford               Boone            IN      1852/06/16
Scott, Samuel P.              Boone            IN      1833/12/11
Scott, Thomas                 Boone            IN      1852/07/28
Scott, William                Boone            IN      1850/02/16
Shannon, Elisha P.            Boone            IN      1830/11/17
Shannon, William              Boone            IN      1830/11/17
Shanon, Henry                 Boone            IN      1831/10/13
Shaw, John R.                 Boone            IN      1836/05/26
Simmons, William              Boone            IN      1831/11/04
Skeen, John                   Boone            IN      1830/06/11
Slaback, William              Boone            IN      1835/09/09
Slocum, John                  Boone            IN      1830/11/03
Snavely, John                 Boone            IN      1833/05/28
Sosbe, Samuel                 Boone            IN      1834/12/15
Spencer, Elijah               Boone            IN      1837/05/13
Stephenson, Josiah            Boone            IN      1850/12/23
Stroud, James                 Boone            IN      1836/02/04
Swiney, Benjamin              Boone            IN      1830/03/31
Talbert, Elias                Boone            IN      1834/12/30
Taylor, James L. Jr.          Boone            IN      1829/12/09
Titus, Nathaniel              Boone            IN      1830/10/27
Titus, Stephen                Boone            IN      1830/10/27
Tomer, Solomon                Boone            IN      1837/03/16
Turner, James                 Boone            IN      1830/11/06
Turner, William               Boone            IN      1838/09/22
Utter, Abraham                Boone            IN      1832/09/20
Utter, Abraham Jr.            Boone            IN      1832/12/13
Vaneaton, Samuel              Boone            IN      1832/12/26
Venius, George                Boone            IN      1835/12/31
Vidito, Jasper                Boone            IN      1851/09/09
Wagoner, Solomon              Boone            IN      1833/03/11
Ward, Philip F.               Boone            IN      1846/11/23
Weddlie, Creed Dudley         Boone            IN      1850/10/22
West, Jeremiah                Boone            IN      1833/03/29
West, William                 Boone            IN      1836/02/12
Westfall, Jacob               Boone            IN      1832/11/05
Whelchel, Francis             Boone            IN      1836/12/06
Whelchel, William             Boone            IN      1836/10/28
Wilson, Mary                  Boone            IN      1837/02/01
Woffendale, Charles           Boone            IN      1836/02/23
Work, David                   Boone            IN      1854/04/08
Young, Edward R.              Boone            IN      1849/02/17
Young, Eliza Ann              Boone            IN      1835/12/17
Young, William C.             Boone            IN      1849/04/28

Submitted by: T. Stover - August 2006

Source Citation: Stover, T., comp., Boone County Land Entries 1830-1855 - Index [database online] Boone County INGenWeb. 2006. <> Original data: Indiana State Archives, "Laporte-Winamac Land Office Entries, 1833-1855." Indiana Commission on Public Records, Indianapolis, Indiana.