Mortality Index - 1850
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Boone County Mortality Index - 1850

Included in the 1850 census was a mortality schedule that asked questions regarding those who died in the twelve months prior to the enumeration. It lists persons who died between 1 June and 31 May of the year prior to the census. This database is an index extraction for  Boone County, Indiana. The schedule lists the deceased name, sex, age, place of birth, month of death, occupation, and cause of death. Mortality schedules are essentially death registers that predate the recording of most Boone County vital statistics. While deaths are under-reported, the mortality schedules remain an invaluable source of information. Remember that an index is only a reference to more detailed information found in the census records themselves. It is important that researchers consult the actual mortality census records to which this index refers. These can be found at the National Archives and regional archives, LDS Family History Libraries and Centers, and at many large libraries.

Source Citation: Stover, T., comp., "Boone County Mortality Index - 1850" [database online] Boone County Genealogy, INGenWeb. 2007. <> Original data: U.S. Federal Census Mortality Schedule, 1850.

Note: All names and information transcribed exactly as shown in the original data including what may be obvious misspelled words and names.

Name Age Sex Month of Death State of Birth Cause of Death
Rhoda M. Airhart 23 F Jan IN CHRONIC
Nancy Amburn 41 F Sep VA FLUX
Alonzo L. Ammond 3M M Dec IN CONVULSION
Isaac Barker 28 M Aug IN TYPHOID FVR
Susan J. Bishop 22 F Jun KY CHRONIC
Albert L. Booker 4M M Aug IN FLUX
Elizabeth J. Broughard 14 F Jul IN FLUX
Abraham Burckhalter 78 M May SC CHRONIC
Ruth Caldwell 15 F Jun VA CONSUMPTION
Desdemona Carmac 20 F Oct IN FEVER
Alexander Chavers 45 M Apr VA PALSY
Amanda A. Coombs 1 F Feb IN SCARLET FVR
Mary A. Cox 8 F Oct IN FLUX
Martha C. Craig 21 F Aug OH FLUX
William C. Craig 38 M Jul OH FEVER
Margaret Crose 5 F Aug IN FLUX
Washington L. Crose 8 M Aug IN FLUX
Mary Darrough 34 F Jul KY CONSUMPTION
Samuel Darrough 6 M Jul IN NERVOUS
Sarah Darrough 58 F Aug PA CHOLERA
John Dehart
32 M Mar OH  
Elijah Dickerson 2 M Aug IN FLUX
Julian Dooly 41 F Sep TN FEVER
Sarah Dotson 1 F Aug IN CROUP
Sarah Duzan 37 F Jul TN NERVOUS
Charles D. Engart 8  M  Oct  VA  Heart Dis
Evans  3DAY  F Sep  IN  
Jacob M. Francis  14  M  May  OH  
Nancy Ann Fullen  12  F  Sep  IN  Infl Head
Louisa Gipson  19  F  Dec  IN  Smallpox
William H. Goleaner  8M  M  Apr  IN  Croup
Gavriel Griffin  75  M  Jan  VA  Consumption
Jane Harmon  8  F  Aug  IN  Flux
John L. Harmon
 22  M  Aug  IN  Flux
Jason Hitchcock
 28  M  Dec  NY  Smallpox
Louisa Hooser  16  F  Mar  NC  
John S. Hoover  1  M  Jul  IN  Cholera
Ellen Horner  1  F  Jan  IN  Croup
Sina Hubble  33  F  Feb  IN  Consumption
Isebeus Icehour 1  M  Aug  IN  Flux
Harmon Irvin 1  M  Dec  IN  Smallpox
Joseph Irvin
 6  M  Dec  IN  Smallpox
William Irvin
 8  M  Dec  IN  Smallpox
William Johnson  1  M  Sep  IN  Fever
John L. Jones 6  M  Aug  IN  Flux
Sylvester L. Jones 4  M  Aug  IN  Flux
Levina* Keeslin 9  M  Aug  IN  Flux
Levinas* Keeslin  9  M  Aug  IN  Flux
Simpson M. Kern 6M  M  Aug  IN  Croup
Adam Ketring
64  M  Apr  PA  Gravel
Sally S. King 1 F Dec IN SMALLPOX
Margaret A. Kirkpatrick 29 F Jan KY CHRONIC
Julian Larrimore 3M F Aug IN FEVER
Juliette Larrimore 3M F Jun IN FEVER
Sarah Lastly 3DAY F Apr IN CROUP
William G. Laverty 9 M Sep IN FEVER
John W. Lemmons 5 M Aug IN FLUX
Edward A. K. Lucas 2 M Aug IN FLUX
Elizabeth Lucas 8 F Aug IN FLUX
Richard J. Markland 9 M Aug IN FLUX
John H. Martin 8 M Feb IN PNUMONIA
Eliza McCabe 38 M Nov KY SMALLPOX
Robert S. McCabe 1M M Nov IN SMALLPOX
Lydiann McChord 7 F Jul IN FLUX
Rebecca Ann McDaniel 2M F Oct IN DYSSENTARY
Perlena McHord 3 F Jul IN FLUX
James McMahan
Sarah Mills 38 F Sep OH SCROFULA
Thomas E. Mills 1M M Aug IN CHOLERA
Miles Nease 4 M May TN INFL BRAIN
Amelia Norris 44 Sep KY CONSUMPTION
George W. Osborne 1 M Sep IN FLUX
Edward J. Paul
Alderson Perkins 1M M Feb IN CONVULSIONS
Elizabeth Philips 1 Sep IN FLUX
Merrit Philips
James D. Pitzer 29 M Aug VA FLUX
Joseph B. Pitzer 4 M Aug IN FLUX
Josephine Pitzer 6 Aug IN FLUX
Sydney G. Pitzer 4 M Aug IN FLUX
Martha J. Pock 1 F Aug IN FLUX
Francis J. Poyner 5 F Aug IN FLUX
Martha Poyner 31 F Aug NC FLUX
Permela Poyner 3 Aug IN FLUX
George Ray 4 M Jun IN SCARLET FVR
Margaret Reese 22 F Aug KY DROPSY
Aaron Richardson 2M M Nov IN  
Margaret E. Riley 1 F Aug IN SCARLET FVR
Angus Rude 3M M Aug IN FLUX
Andrew Rusk 10M M Aug IN FLUX
James T. Sanders 1M M Sep IN FLUX
Louisa Ann Schooler 4M F Sep IN FLUX
William Schooly
Alsa Scott 9M Sep IN SCARLET FVR
Elizabeth Scott 2 F Sep IN SCARLET FVR
Marion Sedurck
Huldah Seely 20 F Dec OH SMALLPOX
Louisa Seely 55 F Dec OH SMALLPOX
James Shaw 7 M Jul IN FLUX
Salano Shepard 1 F Aug IN INFL BRAIN
Nancy A. Simmons 18 F Nov KY  
Rebecca J. Smith 2M F Jul IN CROUP
Smith 2M M Feb IN  
Agness Snodgrass 13 F Mar MO PNEUMONIA
Eliza Spencer 13 F May IN FEVER
Seawright Stephenson
Charles L.* Stewart 1 M Aug VA PNEUMONIA
Charles Stewart 1 M Aug VA PNEUMONIA
Clarlssa A.* Styles 6M F Jul IN CHOLERA
William A. Sullens 2 M Aug IN DIABETUS
Malinda Swears 40 F Aug VA DYSPEPSEA
Swope 1M F Feb IN  
John B. Thompson 2 M Aug IN FLUX
James W. Turner
21 M Aug IN FLUX
John L.* Utterback 4 M Jul IN FLUX
John Utterback 4 M Jul IN FLUX
Eliza J. Ward 28 F Jan OH CONSUMPTION
Margaret White 46 F Aug KY FLUX
Mary E. Wood 5 F Aug IN FLUX
  1M M Mar IN  

Dying is a very dull, dreary affair. And my advice to you is to have nothing whatever to do with it.

W. Somerset Maugham
1874 - 1965
Let us so live that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry.
Mark Twain
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