Shepherd Graves
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Shepherd Graves


"I found a grave site .. just one grave site only, no cemetery. It is located just off State Road 47 on County Road 200 E. in the northeast section of Boone County. The grave marker reads 'Shepherd Sr. & Jr. died 1865 Cholera' and it is located about 1 mile north off State Road 47 on County Road 200E, on the west side of the road. It is identified by a marker and two road reflectors. There is also a cement 'cover' over the grave site. The story I heard from Jean Fausset, an old time farmer across the road from the grave site, is that the family was traveling to the big city, because the father and son were sick. However, they did not make it and had died along the way. The family buried them there where they had died. Jean Fausset keeps this grave site mowed, and keeps flowers on it. He has no relationship to that family at all. Just keeping the grave site clean out of respect. I hope to continue to keep it the same way after Jean passes on. I live around the corner from it, only a mile or so away."
- - Jo-Ann Killion Pedigo