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Below you will find a map of Blackford County the cemeteries marked by black circles. Below the map is a listing of the cemeteries with their code. This is an incomplete alphabetized list of those interred in these cemeteries which you may go to by clicking on the first letter of the last name.

Contributors to date: George O. Bates, Jr, Sharon Bevil, Jerry Clark, Sandy Wilcoxin Ely, Becky Flatter, Shelly Hartz, Bobby Jetmore, George R. Glover, Peggy Karol, Suzi Kicker, Nolan Willman

Thanks goes to Dawn Montgomery for her contribution of data for Row Cemetery and Twibell (North) Cemetery.

A Ba-Be Bf-Bz Ca Claa-Clam Clan-Clap
Clark,a-l Clark,m-z Cle-Ct Cu-Cz D E
L Ma-Mi Mj-Mz N O P
Q R Sa-Sg Sh-Sz T U
V Wa-Wd We-Wh Wi Wj -Wz XYZ

Cemetery Map (click here)

A: Balsley B: Roll (Dundee) C: Schmidt
D: IOOF Montpelier E: Twibell (North) F: Woodlawn
G: Center H: Leffler I: Penrod INPCRP
J: Twibell (South)/Markim K: Hadden L: Herbaugh
M: Pleasantdale N: Miles O: Shields
P: Goghnauer Q: Willman (Lutheran, Greenlawn) R: Hartford City
S: Woolard T: IOOF Hartford City (Hartford City) U: Trenton (West)
V: Trenton (South) W: Cunningham X: County Farm (no stones)
Y: Stewart Z: Reeves AA: Wayman
BB: Sprague INPCRP CC: IOOF Dunkirk DD: Mt. Tabor
EE: Elizabethtown
      (Delaware County)
FF: Buckles (Delaware County) GG: Indian Burial Grounds
HH: Indian Burial Grounds II: Black (Delaware County)
Revolutionary War Veterans: David Kirkpatrick (Y), John Saxon (T), John Mills (O),
Thomas Miles (H), John Twibell (E)