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Old Harlan Cemetery

Listed below is the transcription of the tombstones in the Old Harlan Cemetery, Springfield Township, Allen County, Indiana. The cemetery is located on the south side of State Road 37, on the east end of Harlan, across for Repp Road. This cemetery is no longer in use. The cemetery is now well cared since being adopted by Harlan Elementary School. The cemetery was photographed and transcribed in September of 2009. All stones in place at that time were included. If there is a photo of the tombstone, there will be a link after the name.
Indiana DNR Location Listings:
Quarter Section 1/4, 1/4NW, 1/4SW, 1/4SE
Section 28, Twp 32N, Range 14E
Latitude 41.1968 Longitude 84.9128
Easting 675028 Northing 4562906

The listings are in alphabetical order. One surname is listed per stone. If a stone contained multiple people, the names on the stone are listed in order, from left to right. Information that pertains to a single individual is listed after their name. If the information pertains to multiple names, such as a marriage date, it is listed after all the names.

In some instances the stones were very worn and hard to read. The DAR did a reading in 1932 and the Allen County Genealogical Society did a reading in the 1980s. The information from these readings was used if the stones were unreadable or if the stones were not found.

There is no other information on any person other than what is listed. The photographs are copyrighted by the Mary Penrose Wayne Chapter, NSDAR and may not be copied or published in any way for profit. Copies of the photos may be printed for your personal use only. Please give the Mary Penrose Wayne Chapter, NSDAR credit when documenting where the transcriptions and photos were found.

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Old Maysville Cemetery Marker
-----This cemetery exists because every life is worth loving and remembering-always.
-----Harlan Elementary Sixth grade 1998
-----Milken Family Foundation
-----Festival For Youth

Old Maysville Cemetery Marker
-----List of every person buried in the cemetery at the time stone was erected.


Newland Cordelia Looks like there was some inscription in the center, but is now unreadable. Photo

Newland Isaac Co. F 23 Ohio Inf. Civil War Star: Gar 1861-1865 Photo

Notestine Mary Died Dec 4, 1860 Aged 23 Yrs. 10 Mo. Wife of Aaron Notestine Photo

Nusbaum Charles W. Jan. 31, 1853 3y 6m son of E.W. & M.E. (No stone found ACGSI listing.)

Nusbaum Geo. W. 1822-1907 94 Y. 9 M. 18 D.
Nusbaum Mary E. Died Nov. 13, 1863 Aged 38Y 4M 26D Wife of G. W. Nusbaum
Nusbaum Sarah C. Died Jan 31, 1896 Aged 51Y. 2M. 3D. Wife of G. W. Nusbaum
Nusbaum Nettie E. Died May 22, 1897 Aged 21Y. 8M. 10D. Dau. of G. W. & S. C. Nusbaum

Nusbaum George Franklin Died Qpr. 8, 1889 Aged 6Y. 6M. 15 D. Son of G. W. & S. C.

Nusbaum Mary E. Died Sept. 22, 1863 Aged 8 Months Dau. of G. W. & M. E. Nusbaum Photo

Ober A. O. Co. F 142nd Ind. Inf. Civil War Star: GAR 1861-1865 Photo

Ober James M. Died Oct. 31. 1887 Aged 74 Y. 2 M. 14 D.
Ober Harriet B. Died Apr 11, 1885 Aged 73 Y. 7 M. 8 D. Wife of J. M. Ober

Ober Lois H. 1868 8d dau of G.W. & M.E. (No stone found DAR listing.)

Oberholtzer Lovine K. died Oct 17, 1855 Aged 1 year 10 mo. 20 d Daughter of Henry & Anna

Ohler Augusta Died June 21, 1886 Aged 59Y 8M 27D Wife of Jacob Ohler Photo

Ohler Peter Died Nov. 2, 1872 6Y 2M 11D Son of J. & A. Ohler Photo

Pattee Florence Oct 3, 1883-Nov 16, 1884 Dau. of T.D. & Mary Pattee Photo

Pattee Laura March 27, 1890-Feb 27, 1894 Dau. of T.D. & Mary Pattee Photo

Pattee Rev T Died Oct. 11, 1867 Aged 90 Y. 7 M. 2 D.
Pattee Betsy Died Jan 11, 1855 Aged 71 Y. 6M. 11 D Wife of T. Pattee
Pattee Rev D Died Oct. 29, 1870 Aged 67 Y 10 M 7D Stone has Masonic emblem engraving

Perkins Benjamin Died Jan. 30, 1889 AE 69 Ys. 7 M. 1 Day
Perkins Elizabeth Kees Died Mar. 29, 1891 AE 76 Ys. 5 Mo. 13 Ds. Wife of Benjamin Perkins.

Perkins Charles Looks like there was some inscription in the center, but is now worn off and

Perkins John Sr. Died May 26, 1870 Aged 66Yr. 11M. 17D. Farwell at top Photo

Perkins Michael Died July 4, 1883 Aged 50 Ys. (See below for second stone.) Photo

Perkins Michael Co A. 121 Ohio Inf. Civil War Star: GAR 1861-1865 (See above for first

Perkins Phebe Died Feb. 26, 1872 Aged 57Yr. 9mo. & 21 days Wife of John Perkins Photo

Perkins W. Died Mar. 16, 1862 Aged 30 Ys. Photo

Perkins Washington Co. D 88 Ind. Inf. Civil War Star: GAR 1861-1865 Photo

Peters Benny 1876-1902 Photo

Peters John 1816-1900 84 Y.
Peters Sidney A. 1816-1901 85 Y His Wife

Peters Joseph Born Aug 12, 1843 Died Dec 24, 1889 Photo

Place Willard 1899-1900 Son of R & V Place Photo

Preston Ann Died Jun 27, 1880 Aged70 Y 10 M 24 D Photo

Preston Cyrus M. DiedJan 22, 1875 Aged 70 Y. & 1 D. Photo

Price Children of M. & E. Price
Price Charles J. Died Nov 19, 1862 Aged 2Y 3M 19D
Price Gabriel Died Oct. 11, 1864

Raynor Lorancie born Mar. 31, 1840 Died Feb 9, 1899 Inscription unreadable Photo

Reichelderfer Elmina Born June 27, 1860 Died Mar. 15, 1885 Photo

Reichelderfer Infant Died July 2, 1862 Son of J. & S. Reichelderfer Photo

Reichelderfer Jacob Jan. 30, 1835-Feb. 26, 1920
Reichelderfer Sarah Nov. 27, 1837-Feb 20, 1915 His Wife

Reichelderfer John D. Oct. 16, 1812-Jan. 31, 1899
Reichelderfer Hester Feb. 19, 1810-Oct. 31, 1903 His Wife

Reichelderfer John Wm. Died Feb 3, Aged Son of J. D. & H. Reichelderfer Photo

Reichelderfer Jos. E. 1868-1905 Photo

Reichelderfer Libbie Mar. 10, 1897 35Y 12 D
Reichelderfer Child Mar. 16, 1897 11D

Reichelderfer Lucy A. Sept. 24, 1864 33Y 11M 16D Wife of C. Reichelderfer Photo

Reichelderfer Malinda Died Sept. 23, 1848 Aged 3Y 6D Dau of J. D. & H. Reichelderfer Photo

Reichelderfer Mary Ann July 20, 1858 4m 4d Dau. of J. & S. (No stone found ACGSI listing.)

Reichelderfer Sarah C. 1873-1951 Photo

Reichelderfer Tena Died June 25, 1845 5D. Dau. of J. D. & H. Reichelderfer Photo

Rice Nancy Died Aug 27, 1891 Aged 75 Y, 8M, 11D Photo

Ritcha Elizabeth 1826-1889 Photo

Ritcha Louisa M. 1860-1879 Photo

Ritcha Samuel 1821-1894 Photo

Robbins William W. Died Aug. 26, 1871 Aged 31Y 5M 29D Civil War Photo

Roberts Charlie 13d son of E & S Photo

Roberts Josiah Sept. 3, 1808-April 16, 1889
Roberts Elizabeth June 18, 1811-Feb. 22, 1896 His Wife

Roberts Julia E. Died Nov. 7, 1860 Aged 10M 20D Dau. of F. & E. Roberts Photo

Roberts Orlando Died Oct 6, 1870 Aged 5Y. & 6M. Son of F. & E. Robers Photo

Robins William W. Died Aug 26, 1871 Civil War Photo

Rosener Malinda Died May 22, 1886 Aged 29Y 9M 27D Wife of C. R. Roesener Photo

Rupert Lorenzo O. June 28, 1882-Dec. 18, 1900 Son of E. & S. C. Rupert Photo

Rupert Sarah C. Oct. 25, 1857-Jan. 28, 1889 Wife of E. Rupert Photo

Sapp Infant of S. W. & M. E. Sapp Photo

Sapp Noah A. Died Sept. 30, 1877 Aged 23Y 6M 14 D
Sapp Mary C. Died Aug. 2, 1875 Aged 25Y. 1M. 28 D. Wife of John Michel Difer
-----And there shall be no night there and they
-----need no candle neither light of the sun for the
-----Lord God giveth them light and they shall
-----reign forever and ever.

Scarlet Sarah A. Died Oct. 22, 1869 Aged 3Y __M __D Dau of S. & M. Scarlet Photo

Shafer George
Shafer Mary
Shafer Ella
Shafer Lavena

Shafer Rachel M. B. Nov 19, 1824 D. Apr. 15, 1910 Photo

Shaffer Angeline Died Jan. 16, 1870 Aged 44Ys. & 4 Mos. Wife of J. Shaffer Photo

Shaffer Burkey D. Killed at Shiloh Apr. 2, 1862 Aged 19Y. 1M, 29D. Son of H. & M.
-----Shaffer A member of Co D. 44 Reg. I.V.I.

Shaffer Celia S. Died May 1, 1885 Aged 17 Y. 1 M. 25 D. Dau. of J. & A. Shaffer Photo

Shaffer Henry Died Sept. 28, 1863 Aged 68Y. 1 M. 16 D. Photo

Shaffer Henry B. Died Jan 8, 1862 Aged 3Y 10M 10D Son of J, & A, Shaffer Photo

Skinner Jonas Died (Marker broken, several pieces missing.) Photo

Skinner Martha Died Jan 18, 1867 Aged 74 Yrs. 7 Mos. & 9 ds. Wife of Jonas Skinner Photo

Slough William Died March 20, 1855 Aged 65 Years
Slough Harriet Wife of William

Smaly, Wm. Co. G. 30th Ind. Inf. Civil War Star: GAR 1861-1865 Photo

Smith G. W. Dec. 1, 1825-June 3, 1869
Smith Mary Mar. 1, 1825-June 17, 1884 His Wife

Smith John Henry Died Sept. 4, 1870 Aged 14Y 11M 25D Son of Josia & Henry Smith Photo

Smith Noah Died Feb. 10, 1875 Aged 10 M. 11 D. Son of __ & J. Smith Photo

Smith Vienna Died May ___, 1868 Aged 4 Years 11 Mo 15 Days Dau of J. & Esther Smith
-----Short pain, short grief, Our babe were there, No joys eternal and _ine.

Snider Catharine Died Aug. 22. 1877 Aged 82 Ys. Wife of Peter Snider Photo

Snider J.W. Apr. 11, ---- Son of Henry & Elizabeth (No stone found ACGSI listing.)

Snider Jacob M. blank (No stone found ACGSI listing.)

Snider Mary July 21, 1874 wife of J.M. (No stone found ACGSI listing.)

Snider William L. Sept. 9, 1864 Son of Henry & Elizabeth (No stone found ACGSI listing.)

Snyder Elisabeth Died Oct, 16, 1884 Aged 85 Ys 5 Mo 2 D Wife of Anthony Snyder Photo

Starr Willie C. Died July 22, 1861 Son of G. &. S. Starr Photo

Stauffer Infant Died Sept. 27. 1871 Dau. of W. H. & S. H. Stauffer Photo

Stone Lucine Died Nov. 17, 1874 Aged 60 Y. 5 M. 1 D. Wife of T. B. Stone Photo

Stopher Clara D. Sep 27, 1879 8y 11m 25d dau. of J.D. & S.A. (No stone found ACGSI listing.)

Stopher D. K. Lieut. Co. D 44th Ind. Inf. Photo

Stopher Joseph Died Nov. 30, 1869 Aged 1Y. 2M. 21DS Son of J. & A. Stopher Photo

Stopher Joseph D. Jan. 22, 1836 Sept. 20, 1885 wife of Sarah 49y 7m 28d (No stone found ACGSI listing.)

Stopher Lytle died Aug. 4, 1868 Aged 2 years 4 mos. & 4 days. Son of J. D. & S. A. Photo

Stopher Sarah A. Died June 28, 1899 Aged 61Y. 7M. 20D. Wife of J. D. Stopher Photo

Strauss ________ Born Sept. 26, 1895 Died April 24, 1896 Photo

Swann John C. Died Nov 1, 1862 Aged 23 Yr. 2 D. A member of 23 Bat. Ind. Vol.
-----Civil War Star: GAR 861-1865

Swann R. W. Sergt. Died May 16, 1890 Aged 53 Years & 11 Mos. Co D 30th Reg. Ind.Vol.

Sweet John H. Died Aug. 2, 1851 22 Y. 6 M. 22d Son of J. N. & S. Sweet Photo

Sweet William N. Died Aug 19, 1854 Aged 21 Yrs. 1 Mo. & 25 Ds Son of J. N. & S.

Thayer Alta Died Wife of Geo. F. Thayer (rest of stone is buried) Photo

Thayer Delia A. Died Dec. 10, 1850 Aged 23Y. 3M. 12D. Wife of Geo. F. Thayer Photo

Thayer James A. Died Nov. 2, 1850 Aged 1 y. 2 m. 8 d. Son of G. F. & L. Thayer Photo

Thayer Lydia Ann Died Jan. 22, 1856 Wife of Geo. F. Thayer Photo

Thayer Lydia Ann Died Mar. 22, 1861 Aged 1 y. 18 d. Dau of G. F. & L. Thayer Photo

Thomas Erastos C. Died Nov 30, 1872 21 Ys 23 Ds Photo

Thorp Henry Civil War Civil War Star: GAR 1861-1865 Photo

Thorp Jonas H. Co. E 30 Ind. Inf. Civil War Star: GAR 1861-1865 Photo

Thorp Maria A. Died Sept. 8, 1861 Aged ___ (marker broken, bottom portion not on base)
-----Wife of Jonas H. Thorp

Thorp Maria A. Died Dec 10, 1872 Aged 60 Y 11 M 29 D Wife of H. D. Thorp (On side 1)
Thorp H. D. Died Feb. 1, 1892 Aged 83 Yrs. 7 M. & 20 D. (On side 2)
Thorp Wm. T. 1843-1912 At Rest (On side 2)
Thorp Sarah E. Died Feb, 10, 1850 Aged 22 Days (On side 3)
Thorp John W. Died Sept. 5, 1850 Aged 20 Y 7 M 2 D Children of H. D. & M. A. Thorp (On
-----side 3)

Timbrook, Lavina Died Dec 23, 1885 Aged 34Y 7M. 23D Wife of G. W. Timbrook
-----Meet me in Heaven

Treep Joseph 23 Btry. Ind. Lt. Arty. Civil War Star: GAR 1861-1865 Photo

Vetter Susanah Died Mar. 24, 1871 Aged 67Y 4M 16 D Wife of Michel Vetter Photo

Wakefield Charles Y. Died Feb 5, 1863 Son of A. S. & A. E. Wakefield
----- (Bottom part of marker broken and missing)

Walter Myrtle Rose Died Nov. 20, 1872 Aged 6 Mo. & 17 Ds. Dau. of D. & L. Walter Photo

Webb Craton 1845-1890 Photo

Webb John Co. D 88 Ind. Inf. Civil War Star: GAR 1861-1865
-----Previous information says this is John D. Webb Mar. 19, 1824-Apr. 12, 1906 Aged 82Y 27D

Webb John D. Mar. 19, 1824 Apr. 12, 1906 Photo

Webb John Died Oct. 24, 1881 Aged 91 Yrs. 8 Mos. and 3 Days.
Webb Elizabeth Died Feb. 21, 1873 Aged 73 yrs. 3 Mos. Wife of John Webb.
Webb Rebecca Died Oct. 2, 1863 Aged 26 Years. Dau. of J. & E. Webb

Webb Joseph Died Mar. 23, 1886 Aged 72 Years Photo

Webb Martha July 22, 1924 84y 7m 7d (No stone found DAR listing.)

Wells Bennie P July 22, 1868 2m 6d Son of J.C. & E. (No stone found DAR listing.)

Whaley Isaac Died May 5, 1856 Aged 40Yrs. 3Mo. & 20 Ds. Photo

Whaley Phebe A. Died Aug. 25, 1861 Dau of I. & E. I. Whaley Photo

Wilbur Arvilla 1817-1893 Photo

Wilbur Catherine 1807-1856 Photo

Wilbur Charles 1792-1877 Photo

Willbur Catherine Nov. 31, 1870 1m 13d dau. of C.W. & M.A. (No stone found ACGSI listing.)

Willbur Martha Ann Died Apr 28, 1882 Aged 38 Y. 10 M. 16 D. wife of G. W. WillburPhoto

Willbur Mary Ann Died April 19, 1880 Aged 39 Ys. 3 Mo. 24 D. Wife of G. W. Willbur Photo

Willett Goldie M. Born July 19, 1887 Died Aug (?) 19(?) 1888 Aged 1yr 1 mo & 18 (or 8)d dau
-----of G. W. & F. Willett (?)

Wilson Elisha Co. D. 88 Ind. Inf. Civil War Star: GAR 1861-1865 Photo

Wollet Margaret E. April 1, 1844-Aug. 30. 1877 Photo

Zeis Christopher Died Feb. 19, 1894 Aged 75Y. 9M. 16D.
Zeis Henrietta E. Died June 6, 1881 Aged 53Y 9M 16D
-----Tho lost to sight
-----To memory Dear

Zeis J.W. blank (No stone found ACGSI listing.)

Zeis M.E. blank (No stone found ACGSI listing.)

Zimmerman (Nothing on any side.) Photo

Zimmerman Gladys V. 1913 Photo

Eight stone could not be identified.

Unknown #1Photo

Unknown #2 Photo

Unknown #3 Photo

Unknown #4 Photo

Unknown #5 Photo

Unknown #6 Photo

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