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Shell-Sowers Cemetery

Listed below is the transcription of the tombstones in the Shell-Sowers Family Cemetery, Scipio Township, Allen County, Indiana. The cemetery is located .1 mile south of State Road 37 on the west side of Allen Road, on a small hill. This cemetery is no longer in use. There are tombstones lying in a pile at the side of a mowed field. We found a few stones lying on the ground that were partially covered in dirt. There are several stones in the lilac bushes at the corner of the property. The lilacs are very dense and have obviously been growing around the stones for several years. The cemetery was photographed and transcribed in July of 2009. All stones in place at that time were included. If there is a photo of the tombstone, there will be a link after the name.

Indiana DNR Location Listing:
Quarter Sections 1/4. 1/4SW, 1/4SW, 1/4SW
Section 6, Twp 32N, Range 15E
Latitude 41.2563 Longitude 84.8261
Easting 682161 Northing 4569485 The listings are in alphabetical order. One surname is listed per stone. If a stone contained multiple people, the names on the stone are listed in order, from left to right. Information that pertains to a single individual is listed after their name. If the information pertains to multiple names, such as a marriage date, it is listed after all the names.

In some instances the stones were very worn and hard to read. The DAR did a reading in 1932 and the Allen County Genealogical Society did a reading in the 1980ís. The information from these readings was used if the stones were unreadable or if the stones were not found.

There is no other information on any person other than what is listed. The photographs are copyrighted by the Mary Penrose Wayne Chapter, NSDAR and may not be copied or published in any way for profit. Copies of the photos may be printed for your personal use only. Please give the Mary Penrose Wayne Chapter, NSDAR credit when documenting where the transcriptions and photos were found.

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Alderman Catherine Jane Died July 21, 1849 Aged 21 Y. 8 D. Wife of John N.
-----(No stone found 1932 DAR listing.)

Alderman Jane Died Aug 6, 1849 Ae 1 m 24 d Dauít of John N & Catherine Alderman Photo

Ireland Harriett O. Died Mar. 14, 1853 Aged 7 Y. 3 M. 10 D. Dau. of J. & S. Ireland
-----(No stone found 1932 DAR listing.)

Jackson Adam Born Nov. 10, 1822 Died May 17, 1883 Aged 61 Y. 6 M. 7 D.
-----(No stone found 1932 DAR listing.)

Jackson Adam E. Born Feb. 10, 1853 Died Aug. 18, 1853 Son of A. Jackson
-----(No stone found 1932 DAR listing.)

Jackson Alcora Died June 27, 1871 Aged 1 Yír 11 Mo & 3 D. Dau. of A. & J. Jackson Photo

Jackson Betsy wife of Adam Jackson d. 1851 aged 22y. Photo

Jackson Jane Died July 16, 1858 Aged 36 Y. Wife of Adam Jackson
-----(No stone found 1932 DAR listing.)

Jackson Rosanna 86 Y. Wife of Thomas Jackson (No stone found 1932 DAR listing.)

Jackson Thomas Died Sept. 10, 1869 83 Y. 5 M. Photo

Luce Ada A. died Dec. 23, 1862 3Y. 1 D. Dau. of Charles & Amy Luce Photo

Luce Alice I. Died Sept. 29, 1860 Aged 1 Y. 1 M. 2 D. Dau. of A. & C. Luce
-----(No stone found 1932 DAR listing.)

Luce Amy Died May 3, 1863 Aged 44 Y. 5 M. 8 D. Wife of Charles Luce Photo

Luce Chas. Co. E. 30 Ind. Inf. Photo

Minnich John L. Died July 2, 1863 Aged 23 Y. 5 M. 4 D. 23rd Ind. Inf.
-----Son of J. & M. Minnich (No stone found 1932 DAR listing.)

Read Reuben Died Oct. 7, 1854 Aged 16 Years Son of J. M. & E. Read Photo

Shell Died June 2, 1849 Ae. 11 yís 6 mís & 11 dís.
-----NOTE: Stone broken. No first name.

Shell Ann M. Died June 2, 1842 Aged 41 Y. 6 M. 11 D. Wife of Phillip J. Photo

Shell Clorci W. Dec. 21, 1869 Aged 29 Y 10 M 10 D (No stone found 1980ís ACGSI listing.)

Shell George W. Died Dec. 27, 1869 Aged 29 Y. 10 M. 10 d. Photo

Shell Phillip J. Died Aug. 5, 1878 Aged 74 Y. 6 M. 4 D. Photo

Two stone could not be identified.

Unknown #1 Photo

Unknown #2 Photo

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