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Brenton Chapel Cemetery

Listed below is the transcription of the tombstones in the Brenton Chapel Cemetery, Pleasant Township, Allen County, Indiana. The cemetery is located on the east side of Coverdale Road, .2 mile north of Ferguson Road. This cemetery is no longer in use. The cemetery is mowed, but very few stones remain in place. The township trustees along with desendants of those buried in the cemetery erected new stones that list the name of those buried there. Photos and listings of those new stones are at the end of the transcriptions. The cemetery was photographed and transcribed in October of 2008. All stones in place at that time were included. If there is a photo of the tombstone, there will be a link after the name.

Indiana DNR Location Listings:
Quarter Section 1/4 1/4NW 1/4SW 1/4SW
Section 6, Twp 29N, Range 12E
Latitude 40.9922 Longitude 85.2253
Easting 649278 Northing 4539410

The listings are in alphabetical order. One surname is listed per stone. If a stone contained multiple people, the names on the stone are listed in order, from left to right. Information that pertains to a single individual is listed after their name. If the information pertains to multiple names, such as a marriage date, it is listed after all the names.

In some instances the stones were very worn and hard to read. In 1932 the DAR did a reading of the cemetery. The Allen Count Genealogical Society (ACGSI) did readings in the 1980s. The information from these readings was used if the stones were unreadable or if the stones were not found.

At this time, requests to photograph specific tombstones are not being taken. There is no other information on any person other than what is listed. The photographs are copyrighted by the Mary Penrose Wayne Chapter, NSDAR and may not be copied or published in any way for profit. Copies of the photos may be printed for your personal use only. Please give the Mary Penrose Wayne Chapter, NSDAR credit when documenting where the transcriptions and photos were found.


Ashbaugh Sarah J. died Dec. 7, 1867 aged 4y 2m 5d
Ashbaugh Caroline E. died Feb. 28, 1872 aged 3y 3m 14d
-----Children of Adam & Elvira Ashbaugh

Barber Margaret born Nov. 11, 1780 died in 93 year of her aged. Photo

Bart Daniel died Sept. 26, 1851 aged 22y. 5ms. 28d. Photo

Bass Hetty Ann Bass died Nov 2, 1867 aged 31y 11m 23d wife of John Bass Photo

Clark Infant died Apr. 12, 1860 aged 1 day
Clark Infant died July 22, 1859 aged 2 days
-----Sons of Zacchauh & Belinda Clark

Coverdale John F. died Apr. 7, 1881 aged 71y. & 26d. Photo

Coverdale Joseph B. son of John & Martha Coverdale died Aug. 20, 1862
-----aged 6yr. 7mo. 20ds.

Coverdale Martha 1817-1901
Coverdale Noah 1845-1885
-----Margaret Barber 1780-1873 Mother of Martha
Coverdale John F. 1810-1881
Coverdale Hetty A. 1836-1867
Coverdale Joseph B. 1856-1862
Coverdale Mary M. 1852-1871

Coverdale Noah son of J. M. Coverdale born Dec. 23, 1845 Died May 25, 1885 Photo

Crawford B.L. aged 10y 2m 18d Photo

Crawford Mary E. wife of David Crawford died July 13, 1872 aged stone broken Photo

Crawford Mary J. dau. of Sarah Crawford died Mar. 21, 1855 aged 8yr. 11mo. Photo

Crawford Sarah wife of David Crawford died May 31, 1860 aged 34 yrs. 5ms. 14d. Photo

Davis Letishia born Oct 22, 1812 Botetourt Co VA Died Nov. 15, 1851 wife of Benj. C.
-----(No stone found 1932 DAR listing.)

Earl Frances E. dau. of F. & R. Earl died June 1, 1874 aged 3m. 14d. Photo

Kimmel Wm. A. son of John & Minerva Kimmel died April 4, 1868 aged 1yr. 4mon. & 24ds. Photo

Kinnan Nancy R. wife of John M. Kinnan died Sept. 15, 1865 aged 55y. 3m. 10d. Photo

Kress David W. died Dec. 12, 1871 aged 13y 3m 20d
Kress Eliza C. died Feb. 27, 1863 aged 7y 3m 16d
-----Children of Walter & Eliza A. Kress

Maddux Elizabeth wife of Henry Maddux died Mar. 10, 1859 aged 35yrs. & 10 mo. Photo

Maddux Frank died June 6, 1906 aged 50y. 10m. 16d. Photo

McMahan Elsy dau of J.C. & M.J. McMahon no dates Photo

Orn Elizabeth wife of Jacob Orn died Feb. 12, 1877 aged 85y. 11m. 12d. Photo

Orn John died June 1, 1853 aged 36y. & 5ms. Photo

Orn Sylvia wife of John Orn died June 26, 1873 aged 53y 2m 25d Photo

Riley Isabelle dau of M.L. & M.A. Riley died Aug. 13, 1863 aged 23y 9m
----(No stone found ACGSI listing.)

Robinson Amanda Bart 1825-1907 Photo

Robinson Horney died July 22, 1887 aged 81y. 1m.
Robinson Catherine wife of H. Robinson died Feb. 27, 1864 aged 48y. 9m. 24d.
----Father and Mother

Robison Francis Ellen dau. of J.C. & H.V. Robison died Jan 27, 1892 aged 7y. 7m. 25d. Photo

Robison James died May 16, 1875 aged 82y. 9m. 1d. Photo

Robison John A. born Aug. 15, 1816 died Aug. 19, 1879 aged 61y. 4.d Photo

Robison John F. son of W. & S.E. Robison died May 11, 1870 aged 1m. 16d. Photo

Robison Nancy aged 35y 8m 22d (Stone is broken into 3 sections)

Robison Rebecca wife of James Robison died Dec. 4, 1872 aged 75ys. 11mo. 7ds. Photo

Robison Wm. S. died May 24, 1893 aged 71y. 5m. 21d.
Robison Nancy Kimmel wife of W.S. Robison died Mar. 19, 1864 aged 35y. 8m. 22d.
----Mary E. died May 3, 1865 aged 9y. 2m. 13d.

Robison Origin W. son of W. & C. died Oct. 2, 1851 aged 3y 9m
----(No stone found ACGSI listing.)

Sites Wm. Co. H. 85th Ind. Inf. Photo

Stonebrook Amy J. dau of R. & E. Stonebrook died Aug. 15, 1860 aged 11 yrs. & 18d. Photo

Ward Rhoda Salena dau of E.S. & M. Ward died Dec. 30, 1864 aged 10y. 5m. 11d. Photo

Watson Ruth Celestia dau. of G.W. & S.E. Watson Feb. 8 or 9, 1854 aged 1y 18d
----(No stone found 1932 DAR listing.)

Watson Sarah Rebecca In memory of daughter of G.W. & S.E. Watson died Febr. 9, 1854
-----aged 1 year & 18 days Sleep sweet bab and take your rest,
----God called hir home he thought it best.

Webster Benjamin F. son of H.C. & A. Webster died Apr. 16, 1860 aged 9mo. 16ds. Photo

Webster William departed this life April 23, 1888 in his 88th year.
Webster Jane departed this life Jan. 9, 1862 In her 61st year.
----In memory of Father and Mother

Webster William C. born May 10, 1826 died April 1, 1908
Webster Nancy Ann his wife born Nov. 12, 1831 died June 12, 1870

Welbaum Elizabeth dau. of J.B. & M. Welbaum died Apr. 23, 1852 aged 1y 1m 26d
-----(No stone found ACGSI listing.)

Welbaum Martha J died Jan. 18, 1857 aged 1m 6d
Welbaum Lewis died Mar. 9, 1857 aged 5y 6m 6d
Welbaum Infant Son still born Feb. 21, 1856
----Children of Michael & Anna Eliza Welbaum
----Sleep sweet babe and take thy rest, God called thee home he thought it best.

Welbaum Rebecca born Feb. 8, 1827 died March 2, 1899 Weve met to part no more
Welbaum Elizabeth S. born Aug. 6, 1852 died Feb. 25, 1874
Welbaum Christie born Mar. 16, 1850 died Sept. 4, 1856
Welbaum Jacob died Mar. 25, 1855 aged 1 day
----Children of D. & R Welbaum
Welbaum David born April 5, 1812 died March 1, 1893 We part to meet again

Welbaum Sylvia wife of David June 26, 1873 aged 33y 2m 25d
-----(No stone found ACGSI listing.)

Two stone could not be read

Unknown #1 Photo

Unknown #2 Photo

Master stone list
Brenton Chapel Cemetery
Erected 1988
Bequest of L. Milburn Pool
Administered by Pleasant Twp. Board

Pleasant Twp. Board
Harold Longstreet Trustee
Dale Genth Advisory Board
Robert Houlihan
Ralph Thiele

Ashbaugh C of Adam & Elvira
Ashbaugh Sarah J. D 1867 A 4y 2m 5d
Ashbaugh Caroline E D 1872 A 3y 2m 14d
Barber Margaret 1780 1873
----M of Martha Coverdale
Bart Daniel E D 1854 A 22y 2m 28d
Bass Hester A (Coverdale)
----W of Joseph or John 1835 1867
Clark sons of Zaccheas & Belinda
Clark Infant D 1859 A 2d
Clark Infant D 1860 A 1d
Coverdale John F 1810 1884
Coverdale Martha 1847 1901
----W of J F
Coverdale C of J F & M
Coverdale Hetty 1836 1887
Coverdale Noah 1845 1885
Coverdale Mary M 1852 1871
Coverdale Joseph D 1862 A 6y 7m 20d
Crawford BL A 10y 2, 18d
Crawford Mary E D 7/13/1872
----W of David
Crawford Sarah 1826 1860
----W of David
Crawford Mary J D 1855
----D of Sarah A 8y 11m
Davis Letisha 1812 1851
----B Botetourt Co V
----W of Benj
Earl Frances E D 1871
----D of F & R A 3m 14d
Kimmel Wm A D 1868
----C of J & M A 11y 1m 21d Kinnan Nancy N 1810 1865
----W of John H
Kress C of Walter & Eliza
Kress Eliza D 1862 A 17y 5m 16d
Kress David D 1851 A 5y 5m 20d
McMahan C of JC & MJ
McMahan Charles D 1859 A 1y 26d
McMahan Elzy (no dates)
Maddux Elizabeth 1824 1859
----W of Henry
Maddux Frank 1856 1906
Maddux James 1880 1935
Orn Elizabeth 1792 1877
----W of Jacob
Orn John 1817 1853
Orn Sylvia 1820 1873
----W of John
Riley Isabelle 1839 1863
----C of ML & MA

Robison Frances E D 1881
----C of JC & H A 7y 7m 25d
Robison James 1792 1875
Robison Rebecca 1797 1872
----W of James
Robison John A 1818 1879
Robison Mary E D 1865 A 9y 2m 13d
Robison Wm S 1827 1898
Robison Nancy (Kimmel) 1779 1864
----W of WS
Robinson Horney 1806 1887
Robinsons Amanda (Bart) 1825 1907
----W of H
Robinson Catherine 1816 1864
----W of H
Robinson John F D 1870
----C of W & SE A 1m 16d
Robinson Origin D 1851
----C of W & C A 3y 9m
Sites Wm (no dates)
----CO H 85TH Ind Infantry
Stonebrook Amy J D 8/16/1860
----C of C & E
Ward Rhoda S D 1864
----C of ES & M A 10y 5m 11d
Watson C of GW & SE
Watson Ruth C D 1854 A 2y 6m 22d
Watson Sarah R D 1854 A 1y 18d
Webster Wm C 1826 1908
Webster Nancy A 1831 1870
----W of WC
Webster Benj F D 1860
----C of WC & NA A 9m 16d
Webster Wm 1800 1888
Webster June 1801 1862
----W of Wm
Welbaum C of Michael & Ann E
Welbaum Infant son d 1865 (stillborn)
Welbaum Lewis D 1857 A 5y 6m 6d
Welbaum Martha J D 1857 A 1m 6d
Welbaum David 1812 1893
Welbaum Rebecca 1827 1899
----W of D
Welbaum C of D & R
Welbaum Elizabeth S 1852 1874
Welbaum Jacob D 1855 A 1d
Welbaum Christie 1850 1856
Welbaum Elizabeth D 1852
----C of B & M A 1y 1m 26d
Welbaum Sylvia 1840 1873
28 children
36 adults

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