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Notestine Cemetery

Listed below is the transcription of the tombstones in the Notestine Cemetery, Cedar Creek Township, Allen County, Indiana. The cemetery is located on the north side of Saint Joe Road about .1 mile east of Notestine Road. This cemetery is no longer in use. The cemetery is very well maintained, however many of the stones are broken. The cemetery was photographed and transcribed in October of 2008. All stones in place at that time were included. If there is a photo of the tombstone, there will be a link after the name.
Indiana DNR Location Listings:
Quarter Section 1/SE 1/4SE 1/4NW
Section 322, Twp 32N, Range 13E
Latitude 41.1817 Longitude 85.0472
Easting 663786 Northing 4560768

The listings are in alphabetical order. One surname is listed per stone. If a stone contained multiple people, the names on the stone are listed in order, from left to right. Information that pertains to a single individual is listed after their name. If the information pertains to multiple names, such as a marriage date, it is listed after all the names.

In some instances the stones were very worn and hard to read. In 1932 the DAR did a reading of the cemetery. The information from the 1932 reading was used if the stones were unreadable or if the stones were not found.

At this time, requests to photograph specific tombstones are not being taken. There is no other information on any person other than what is listed. The photographs are copyrighted by the Mary Penrose Wayne Chapter, NSDAR and may not be copied or published in any way for profit. Copies of the photos may be printed for your personal use only. Please give the Mary Penrose Wayne Chapter, NSDAR credit when documenting where the transcriptions and photos were found.

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Barnes Mary daughter of Nelson and Ann Barnes died June 10, 1843 aged 2y. 10m. Photo

Brown Robert 1875-1960 Photo

Cary Sarah F. 1844-1935 Photo

Coleman Barbary L. dau. of J. and S. Coleman died Sept. 21, 1854 ae 5y. 5m. 11d. (No Stone Found)

Coleman Mary E. wife of J. Coleman died Aug. 29, 1876 aged 35y. 7m. 29days.
-----Dearest Mary, thou hast left us Here thy loss we deeply feel But ‘tis God
-----that has bereft us He can all our sorrows heal. Photo

Coleman Selden R. son of J. and M.E. Coleman died July 28, 1870 aged 2y. 6m. 11d Photo
-----Sleep, Selden, sleep Sleep sweet beneath the sod For while we look upon your
-----Grave. Your spirit rests with God

Coleman Susanna wife of J. Coleman died June 1863 aged 55y. 6m. (No Stone Found)

Dementer Eliza wife of F. C. Dementer died Feb. 25, 1878 aged 23y. 25d. Photo

Endinger Barbara A. wife of George Endinger died Dec. 23, 1888 aged 48y. 3m. Gone but not forgotten. Photo

Endinger Geo Co. D. 44th Ind. Inf. Photo

Fletter Elizabeth wife of Samuel C. died Aug. 20, 1855 aged 42years 9m. 7ds.
Fletter Barbara and Fletter Caroline children of S.C. and E. Fletter Photo

Fletter Julia E. dau. of J.M. and Annie Fletter Aug. 30, 1885 aged 6y. 3m. 2d. (No Stone Found)

Frederickson Jacob M. died July 3, 1889 aged 59y. 7m. 2d. Photo

Gater Thomas 1897-1935 Photo

Goodnow Hiram died March 4, 1849 aged 28y. 8m. Photo

Goodnow Leonard died Dec. 22, 1851 aged 62 years 4m. 14d. Photo

Grubb Eva dau. of J. and M. Grubb died May 1, 1856 ae 9m. 2d. Photo

Grubb Marian dau. of J. and M Grubb died Nov. 17, 1852 ae 1m. 2d. Photo

Grubb, Mary wife of John Grubb b. Feb. 14, 1830 died Apr. 27, 1885 Photo

Kandle Matthias M. born Aug. 8, 1815 died May 7, 1848 Photo

Lee Alexander son of P. and R. Lee died Nov. 19, 1854 ae 8d. Photo

Lee George H. born June 25, 1826 died Nov. 16, 1902 aged 66y. 4m. 21d. Priv. Co. I 29th Regt. Ind. Vol. Photo

Lee Job died Apr. 6, 1855 ae 60y. 1m. 8d. Photo

Lee John died Sept. 16, 1862 aged 37years 11m. 20d. Photo

Murphy Susannah died Feb. 13, 1847 aged 52y. 8m. 5d. Photo

Notestine Barbara wife of Jacob Notestine died Aug. 3, 1860 aged 72y 9m 23d Photo

Notestine Catharine died Dec 25, 1871 Photo
Notestine Charlotte d 1857 Photo
-----Wives of J. Notestine Photo

Notestine Columbus son of U. and M.S. Notestine died June 22, 1863 aged 13yrs. 9m. and 15 ds. Photo

Notestine Cuebell A dau. of D. and S. Notestine died Dec. 25, 1868 aged 11y. 9m. 13d. Photo

Notestine Daniel son of D. and S. Notestine died Feb 1871 aged 1y. 8m. 1d. Lovely babe how brief thy stay. Short and Hasty was thy day. Photo

Notestine Jackson died Sept 1, 1843
Notestine Andrew d Jan. 1850 in his 6th year
-----Twin sons of D. and C. Notestine Photo

Notestine Jacob died 1853 Photo

Notestine Jacob B. son of D. & S. Notestine Died Oct. 6, 1869 Aged 2y. & 28ds. Photo

Notestine James A. 1844-1919 Photo

Notestine Jane wife of Peter Notestine died Feb. 10, 1860 aged 38yrs. 8mo. 18 ds. (No Stone Found)

Notestine Mary 1831-1897 Photo

Notestine Peter 1819-1898 Photo

Notestine Pierce son of Uriah Notestine Nov. 26, 1852 ae 24d. (No Stone Found)

Notestine Susan wife of D. Notestine born Apr. 11, 1832 died Apr. 16, 1890
-----Call not back the dear departed
----- Anchored safe where storms are
-----On the border land we left them
-----Soon to meet and part no more.

Notestine Uriah 1815-1900
Notestine Maria L. his wife 1823-1913
Group Photo

Parent Henry C. son of Hiram and Mary Parent died Aug. 3, 1856 aged 6years 1m. 16d. Photo

Parent Mary Louisa wife of Hiram Parent died Dec. 19, 1857 aged 28ys. 4m. 8 days. Photo

Parent Winfield S. Photo

Rinehart Aaron son of Andrew and Mary E. Rinehart died Oct. 1, 1864 aged 2m. 5ds.
-----A little flower of love that blossomed but to die. Transplanted not above to
-----Bloom with God on high. (No Stone Found)

Rinehart Alice A. daughter of Andrew and Mary Rinehart died June 8, 1863 age 1 day
-----Sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest. God called thee home. He thought it best.
-----(No Stone Found)

Rupe Abraham son of Peter and Mary Rupe. Died Apr. 30, 1874 aged 32y. 3m. 23d. Photo

Rupe Andrew son of Peter and Mary Rupe died July 22, 1854 aged 1yr. 22ds. (No Stone Found)

Rupe Peter died July 14, 1859 aged 46yrs. 6m. 14ds. Photo

Rupe Phebe E. dau. of Peter and Mary Rupe died Apr. 25, 1851 aged 2yr. 2m. 16d Photo

Shimp Richard died Feb. 6, 1897 aged 85y. 2m. 10d. At Rest. Photo
Shimp Sarah wife of Richard died Aug. 13, 1863 aged 42y. 9m. 23d. Photo

Shriner Chas. Born Jan. 10, 1795 died Mar. 28, 1881 aged 86y. 2m. 18d In Memory ofPhoto
Shriner Margaret consort of Chas. Shriner b. Apr. 12, 1783 d. June 28, 1861 63y. 2m. 16d. In Memory Photo
-----They emigrated from New Jersey to Indiana in 1819. Photo

Thomas Ellen wife of Michael Thomas died Feb. 22, 1857 ae 66y. 19d. (No Stone (Found)

Thomas Michael Sr. July 25, 1862 aged 87y. 6m. 20d. Photo

Watson Eliza H. dau. of Wm. And B. Watson died June 10, 1845 ae 5y. 3m. Photo

Watson William died Dec. 23, 1844 ae 55y. 11d. Photo

Whitmor George G. died Mar. 17, 1876 aged 84yrs. 7ms. Photo

Widner Amos 1838-1926 I. Reg. Miss. Marine Reg. Inf. Co. K. 76 O.V.I.
Widner Eliza A. his wife 1846-1914 Group Photo

Yerkes Elizabeth died Aug. 3, 1853 aged 1m 10d.
Yerkes Uretta died Jan. 1, 1857 aged 4m. 25d.
-----Children of W. and S. Yerkes Photo

Unknown and unreadable stones

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