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††††††††††† WARREN a county in the Western part of Illinois, has an area of 540 square miles. It is traversed by Henderson river, and also drained by Ellison's and Swan creeks. The surface is nearly level; the soil highly productive. The county contains extensive prairies and is liberally supplied with timber.Indian corn, wheat, oats, hay, wool, and pork are the staples. In 1850 it produced 1,021,542 bushels of corn; 122,645 of wheat; 174,396 of oats; 51,277 pounds of wool, and 8293 tons of hay. It contained 13 churches, newspaper office, and 409 pupils attending public schools. Stone coal and limestone are the most valuable minerals of the county.It is intersected by the Military Tract railroad, and by the Peoria and Oquawka railroad. Capital, Monmouth. Pop., 8176.This is courtesy of Kristie Setser, IL AHGP State Coordinator



††††††††††† Hi, my name is Foxie Hagerty, I live in Knox County, IL, which borders Warren County, IL.I have many Terpenning and other family roots in Warren and Knox Counties, plus, other counties of IL.I will be your host for the Warren County site at this address. I started this site to help people out who have roots in Warren County, IL. Iíve helped quite a few of them and have become friends with a lot of them.There doesnít seem to be that much information on the net about Warren County, IL, and there is a lot of information to be obtained and typed up and put on here.If you feel you could help in anyway just click on my email doggie and let me know.I have some sources that I can copy and snail mail to you.You will find my sources listed on the recent updates page.Census and the Marriages takes time to type up and then make them available for the net. So, let me know if you would like to help out.Thanks!."Come on in.Make yourself at home.Look around.I want you to feel at home. Grab a cup of coffee or a can of coke a cola, which is my favorite and do your thing...."

With your help and help of others,I hope to make this one of the Besthistorical and genealogy sites to leave for others and my family members who are tracing their family history in my area.Thanks!*~


~*As of August 19,2002, I have an assistant who also lives in IL. She lives down by Springfield, IL, and works in a building next door to the Illinois Historical Society.Her name is ďKitty SmithĒ and she is helpingto type up information on Warren County IL to put on my website. Kitty has just finished e-mailing me the surnames out of two different books to be put on the web. Uploaded September 6,2002 at 2:53a.

I also, want to note:I'm dedicating this site to my


~*Please add your Warren County, IL,family to the add Bio link.Be sure and mark your spot on my guest map. It will take a minute for the map to down~load. Why? DuH?I have no idea. Wish I did. I would then try and make it faster. Oh Well, as Jennifer says.... Have a Great Day!!!


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Organization of Warren County



Updated Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Recent updates

Histories of Cities, Villages, and Townships

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Warren County, Illinois

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John Peck Terpening Biography

David Terpenning, William B. Armstrong

Indexes to Cemeteries

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Male Marriages

Index 1827 -1915



Pictorial Biological Album of Warren County, IL,by Chapman Brothers 1886

1877 History of Warren County, IL

1899 History of Warren County, IL


Warren County Resources


1877 Township Map


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Hi, I donít like to do Censusís. You will have to follow links.

Thatís the best way I get them. Otherwise, Iím looking at Mic-

rofilm and it gives me a headache. To get back to Warren

County Illiois Website, use you back button on your browser.

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Coming soon the 1870 Federal Census of

Warren CountyóTwps---Berwick, Coldbrook, Ellison

Floyd, Greenbush, and HaleóThis is Vol. I I have just

Purchased this book or email for look-ups!


1930 Census Online


Just Released, Get access to the first complete 1920 census index!!!


1830 Census Warren Co, IL--Kathy's we-site


1840 US Census~Kathy's Warren Co Site


State Census Records


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