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-- History of TMG --

TMG was founded in October, 1989.  The founding officers were Norbert Fortman, President; Richard Duncan, Vice-President/Program Chairperson; Margaret Wilson, Secretary/Treasurer; Hubie Duncan, Publicity/Membership Chair; and Earl Rogers, Librarian/Archivist. Since that time, TMG has placed a high value on membership, friendship and sharing.  

The following is an excerpt from an article in Volume II, Number 5 of the Tinley Moraine Genealogists Newsletter, dated May, 1991.  Richard Duncan, one of the founding members and a past president, wrote th
is narrative of the beginnings of TMG:

Our History of Sharing with an Emphasis on Helping You, the Individual  

With several societies in the area (in 1991) why organize another one, why not seek the membership of those existing societies?

Originally a few casual friends got together informally … to discuss genealogy and our respective areas of research and techniques. These few get-togethers proved so productive in the exchange of ideas and sources that we decided to meet regularly. At subsequent meetings, we invited additional friends. The circle got larger and the exchange of information more insightful. It wasn’t too long that we realized how much we assisted one another in our individual research. Therefore, with the premise of assisting the individual researcher and the fact that our circle was getting larger we decided to organize with a structured format - state and federal registration and the rest is history.

Many of us were already members of other societies, ethnic, religious and historical, but none of these seemed to stress the individual researcher…

By sharing your experiences we all, become better acquainted with one another and ultimately better friends.

17 years later….written by our 2006-07 TMG President Peg Kapustiak

We continue the emphasis on sharing and cooperation.  Past meetings included Interest Groups, which gather after the speaker’s program.  Currently, there are Irish, Polish, Swedish, German and Italian Interest Groups.  (Editor's note: Due to time constraints, we are unable to have the special discussion groups after our programs. However, we encourage everyone to get together and participate at their leisure.) 

Each monthly members meeting includes a Members Forum – your opportunity to share an insight or a tip or a genealogy accomplishment that you feel will help others.  These suggestions are then published in our newsletter Relatively Speaking.

In January of each year, TMG usually has a program of Sharing between Members.  It may be your favorite website, or book, or resource material.  It may be sharing strategies for researching on the internet or good resource libraries you have visited. 

Our Membership Brochure also puts an emphasis on YOU, the genealogist.   

The following is an excerpt from the Newsletter of the Tinley Moraine Genealogists Newsletter, dated May, 1990.  Richard Duncan, one of the founding members and past president, wrote the
following article:

Why are we named “Tinley Moraine Genealogists”?

“Moraine” is the geological name applied to the rock and soil deposits carried, and subsequently left behind by the four glaciers during the Cenozoic era – 10,000 to 2,000,000 years ago.  In that time, four glaciers moved across this part of the continent: Nebraskan, Kansan, Illinoisan and Wisconsin .  It was probably during the Wisconsin Glacier that a much larger Lake Michigan was formed – now the Lake Michigan Basin .  

As the glacier moved south from northern Canada , it formed a lateral ridge extending from Lake Superior , near Marquette , Michigan , south through Wisconsin into Illinois , to just west of Arlington Heights .  At about LaGrange Road and 95th Street, the ridge turns southeasterly through Tinley Park at Harlem Avenue and 159th Street; Cicero Avenue and 183rd Street.  South of Chicago Heights and north of Steger, the ridge turns east through Indiana then back around through Michigan .  The ridge follows a line nearly parallel to the contour of Lake Michigan , 5 to 15 miles west and is about 3 to 5 miles wide.  

Shortly after Tinley Park was incorporated (in 1892) several geologists from the State of Illinois were making a survey in the area and discovered that the rocks were smaller and the clay had different characteristics in the substrata to the east compared to the area west of the ridge that ran through Tinley Park.  As a result of the discovery, the area east of the Ridge was renamed Tinley Moraine (formerly called the Valparaiso Moraine).  

Because these two events, the incorporation and discovery, were almost coincidental and of historical significance to the residents and the initial organizing group, the committee (Earl Rogers and Richard Duncan) submitted the name Tinley Moraine Genealogists, which was approved.  

We hope the name reflects the unique character and quality of current as well as future members.

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