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Acquisitions and Donations --

New Acquisitions  

The TMG Board actively pursues the goals of contemporary significance and permanent value for the Library collection.  Guided by the focus to provide resources for genealogy and family history, both the present and the future, it attempts to maintain overall balance. It searches for materials, which will interest current and potential library users.  

The TMG Board is invested in approving decisions, as needed, with the recommendation of the Library Liaison, to reviewing lists, subscriptions for long-term value, and bibliographies of materials, recommendations from the general membership and other sources of information to determine the inclusion or exclusion of an item for the collection.  The following criteria may be used for these decisions:  

  • Current usefulness and public demand

  • Permanent value

  • Authority and competence in presentation

  • Relationship of the item to the existing collection

  • Relative importance in comparison with other works on the subject

  • Physical characteristics of the item

  • Price 

Donated Materials  

TMG welcomes gifts of books and other materials, with the understanding that decisions regarding the use or disposition of an item will be made in accordance with the mission statement of the library collection and the general selection criteria listed above.

Specifically, items of general interest may include:

  • Genealogy  / family history book titles

  • Complete indices of related topics

  • Compilations of geographic, regional, demographic, or ethnic sources

  • Complete “runs” of serials (periodicals, quarterlies) of three consecutive years or more

  • Monetary donations to purchase specific titles (in accordance with selection criteria)

Sorry, we will not accept individual family histories.  

A completed and signed donation form by the contributor must accompany the materials.  It is understood that the spirit of this mission statement will be the foundation for the handling of the donated items.  No donated item shall be returned to the donor for any reason.  A donation form is a part of this Statement.  

In order to continue to develop a useful and attractive collection, the TMG may remove books and other materials, which are no longer useful. The same criteria are used in the removal of materials as in their acquisition. Specific judgments may be made for one or more of the following reasons:  

  • Poor physical condition
  • Obsolescence of Information
  • Insufficient public use or basic value
  • unnecessary duplication of multiple copies

Items removed from the collection may be made available or sale, with the proceeds being used to aid the library, or they may be recycled or otherwise discarded.

Within the guidelines given above, we will happily accept donations to add to our collection and benefit other genealogists doing family research.  Please utilize the donation form and contact us via tinleymoraine@yahoo.com. Donations may also be made to the TMG Library Collection in the name of a family member or friend.  This is a nice way to recognize a person and continue a legacy.   

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