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Many St. Clair county books are mentioned below, although certainly not all. If you have any St. Clair County books in which you will do Look-ups, please read and follow the POLICY followed by the ILGenWeb Project USGenWeb Project. After you have written permission (when necessary), then contact St Clair Coord.

Many of the following reference books are published by the St. Clair County Genealogical Society and their website has Surname indexes to many more books. Books from non-profit organizations and private individuals are also listed below.

If you need more than a few names looked up in a given publication, consider purchasing the book directly from the source. Chances are you will find even more names of interest and unexpected connections once you own the publication. This is particularly true for rural cemeteries and transcribed/translated church registers. Visit the SCCGS directly at the above link for databases, on-line indexes, and publication information.

Request FREE Look-ups from the volunteers below.

Please put ST. CLAIR LOOKUP in the subject line of your request to help the message stand out and hopefully prevent unintentional deletions. Since many volunteers search more than one source, please enter the name of the book in which you are requesting a lookup plus the ancestor of interest. And of course, please remember to thank the volunteer for their time performing your research.

Various History Books

Church Records

Catholic Diocese of Belleville Parish Registers (all of Southern Illinois) available for free viewing on FamilySearch. Click the Search icon, then Browse databases. Registers are mostly in Latin.

St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church, Millstadt, later became St. James.

St. John United Church of Christ, New Athens:
History & Church Records, 1878-1979. Teresa. This book is still in print and for sale by Martha Mae Schmidt, 9848 Hillstown Road, Marissa, IL 62257-2302. 351 pages, indexed, GBC binding, $25.00 ppd.

"St. Philip - Our Salvation History," French Village:
Covers the history of St. Philip parish from 1841-1982, indexes its cemetery as well as its parishoners as of 1982. Charly LaRobardier

All of the following records, and many more, are currently available for purchase through the St. Clair County Genealogical Society.

Census Records

County and State Records

Cemetery Compilations
First visit the St. Clair County Genealogical Society Cemetery Surname Index which includes all of their published inventories 19781998 (including those below) EXCEPT College Hill. Then, come back and ask for a specific Look-up if necessary.

When requesting a Look-up, please specify ST.CLAIR LOOKUP in the subject line of the message box. Some links are to online records (try back later if the page doesn't load).

Family Compilations

Geographical Compilations

High School

Newspaper Records

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