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Aug 1998: FALLON -- Trying to find info/burial place for Andrew FALLON, he was listed in the 1900 St. Clair Co. Almshouse. Jeanne Weaver
Aug 1998: Seeking any information on John Roche, born 1876 in IL, married Nellie ? probably ca 1902. Daughter Nellie born 1903, son Edgar born 1906 ,and David born 1908/9. They lived in East St. Louis in 1910, at 475 East 24th St. Hattie Tillman was living with them. She was 23 years old, no relationship given. He was also in East St. Louis in 1900 census. In OK late 1920's, and he probably died there in early 1950's. Nellie married William Oscar Turner. Any information will be appreciated. Thank You, JoAnn Turner
Oct 1998: I am seeking information about my grandmother, Anna Marie "Annie" FUCHS, who was born in Belleville, St. Clair County, IL, Jan. 4, 1872. She was a daughter of Louis FUCHS and his wife, Caroline DIEHL FUCHS, Any information on "Annie", her parents, or siblings will be greatly appreciated. Please reply to Arthur J. Burch.
Jan 1999: Seek info re: POTTER, HURT. Tasso Dyton Potter, b. 1835 Lebanon, St. Clair, IL. Son of Levi Warren Potter (b. from Herkimer Co., NY), d. 1840 Lebanon, St. Clair, IL. Tasso m. Susan Jane Hurt Saline Co., MO 1857. Tasso's siblings: Oscar, Marsella, Jay. Paul Haynes in Ann Arbor, MI.
Mar 1999: Wish to correspond with descendants of Peter George VOGT, born 1800 Erlenbach, Germany, died 1880 Millstadt; and his first wife, Catharina "Margaretha" LEPERE, born 1805, died ca. 1845. The couple was married in 1826 and settled in Stookey Township ca. 1835. The family was Protestant and most were members of an Evangelical Church/presently United Church of Christ. They were the parents of the following known children: (1) Catharine VOGT (1827-1903 Millstadt), married Adolph WEYGANDT in 1850 and Peter STRAUSS in 1855; (2) Johann George VOGT (1829-1900 Belleville), married Charlotte HECKEL 1856, Ottilie OLDENDORPH 1867, & Mrs. Christina BRUNNER; (3) Dorothea VOGT (ca. 1831-ca. 1906 St. Louis, MO ?), married Jacob BEIDERLINDEN 1851 & Benedict HUWE 1857 (4) William VOGT (1834-1912), married Julia WAELTI 1856; (5) Friedrich VOGT (born & died in 1837); (6) Philipp VOGT (1839-1872), married Maria KECK 1864; (7) Peter VOGT Jr. (1842-1878), married Maria KOCH 1866; (8) Esther VOGT (1844-1924), married Charles WAGNER 1866 & Fred KUSE 1888. She resided in St. Louis, MO most of her life. Thanks, Bob Buecher

Mar 1999: Seeking descendents of Charles FALK and Mary EVANS who were married mid 1800s, place unknown. Charles listed on St. Clair County 1860 Census. Thanks--Jeff Franks
Mar 1999: I am interested in finding the families of PAUL GEIL, VALENTINE RHEIN, and JOHANN HEIN. Paul Geil and Valentine Rhein were the guardians of the 4 Heissner children in 1860-1879 according to probate records. They were minor children of JOHANNES HEINRICH HEISSNER and CATHERINA HEINER HEISSNER HEIN. Johannes Heissner died in 1857. Catherina remarried in 1862 and died in 1863 in Floraville, IL. Shirley Heisner Davis
Apr 1999: I am looking for info on an adoption: James Sterrett gave up a daughter, Alberta, for adoption to Mat and Sarah Smith on 8/14/1914. The daughter was 6 at the time. The mother was listed as dead. The father, James, was living in Belleville at the time and gave consent for their adoption. Any info on this I would love to hear from you. Sherry
Apr 1999: Researching John FLANAGAN who married Francis WEST in St. Clair Co. in 1835 and was developer of the Town of Mascoutah with Theodore KRAFFT. FLANAGAN was listed in the 1850 census as born in Virginia but have been unable to identify location, parents or how he got to St. Clair County. [email protected]
Apr 1999: Researching Surnames: CURNAYN, HEMKRIETER, HEIMKREITER, and HEMCREITER. Trying to locate info on Frank Alexander CURNAYN b. c1884 m. Emma HEMKRIETER(various spellings above) m. c1908 in St. Clair county. Children were: Emmet Marion b. 1918, George b. 1908, Frank b. 1914, and Margaret. All info appreciated, Kim Mesaros, -- Oakland Co., MIGenWeb CC,
Apr 1999: Please send any information on the following surnames. HERMANN, HERRMANN, NEIDINGER, WEBER, STURM, SEIBENALER, THULL. Any information is greatly appreciated. Robert Hermann
Apr 1999: HARTLAGE - Am looking for "lost" brothers of my Louisville, KY ancestor in St. Clair and Clinton Cos., IL. My ancestor, Casper Henry Hartlage, came to America in 1837. Family tradition says two brothers came with him, but did not stay in Louisville. These were Catholic people and generally farmers. Am intested in any information concerning the arrival date and origins of HARTLAGE family members in St. Clair Co. Pat Hartlage, Jeffersontown, KY
Sep 1999: Searching for information on the families of Phillip SCHOTTER and Barbara ZEISEL. They were married sometime before 1889. Barbara ZEISEL was born near O'Fallon. Jim Ryan
Seeking any information on our grandmother, Anna Marie FUCHS, who married Enoch Arden BURCH in St. Louis, MO on 10/19/1886. Her Death Certificate for 9/31/1941 states that she was born in Belleville, IL on 6/4/1872, however, her parents are stated as unknown. Enoch and "Annie" lived most of their lives in Missouri, but died in Quincy, IL.

Our research has indicated that "Annie" was a daughter of Louis FUCHS and Caroline DIEHL FUCHS, however, a visit last week to Belleville indicates earlier research to be in error. I found:
1) Louis FUCHS -- b 10/27/1828 in Baden, Germany -- d 4/23/1895 in Belleville, IL -- md 12/6/1853 in Belleville
2) Caroline DIEHL -- b 1837 in Wurttemberg, Germany -- d 9/30/1890 in Belleville, IL
3) Louisa FUCHS -- b 1854 in Belleville, md Conrad STIRN on 8/19/1883 in Belleville, moved to NY
4) Gustavius F. FUCHS -- b 7/22/1856 in Belleville, d 2/21/1936 in Belleville
5) Frederick FUCHS -- b 1858 in Belleville, moved to Missouri
6) Charles FUCHS -- b 1862 in Belleville, moved to Missouri then California
7) Alfred Louis FUCHS -- b 1867 in Belleville, d 11/30/1904 in Belleville
8) Anna E. FUCHS -- b 1870 in Belleville, md Jacob F. Schmidt on 3/10/1893, moved to Texas
9) Meta Emily FUCHS -- b 6/18/1869 in Belleville, md Charles A. GROSSART on 9/9/1893, d 7/16/1903

Louis FUCHS' parents were Frederick and Louisa FUCHS, b 1801 and 1804 in Baden, Germany -- d in Belleville. Louis FUCHS had brothers, also in the Belleville area:
1) Charles FUCHS -- b in Germany, md Louise Loser on 5/31/1853 in St. Clair Co.
2) Gustave Emil FUCHS -- b 6/5/1838 in Germany, md Anna TOEPFER of St. Louis, d 2/8/1923 in St. Clair Twp.
3) Conrad FUCHS -- b 7/31/1848 in Germany is possibly another brother.

I have considerably more information regarding the FUCHS family, and am anxious to share information with anyone else researching this rather large family. As it appears that 8) above is not our grandmother, hopefully someone has knowledge which will reveal the Anna Marie FUCHS we're searching for. Please contact Arthur J. Burch

Feb 2000: I am looking for Jane and Richard Harcourt, believed to have lived in the St. Louis area around 1850-1860. May have been in East ST. Louis. Help greatly appreciated.Thanks. Jane Bond
Mar 2000: Families in Madison and St. Clair Counties, IL: Edward Theodore WEIN 1885-post 1965, son of John and Lisette [PEPPE] WEIN; William John Peppe b ca 1861 Madison Co IL; Charles KASEBERG m Charlotte Grebe; Anna C. Kaseberg 1867-1936 m John F. BAUER at Nameoki, IL; Lizette BURGDORF b 1872 Mitchell, IL m ? TIEMANN. Sherry Kaseberg
April 2000: I am interested in corresponding with anyone interested in the TANNEHILL family that resided in St. Clair or Monroe Co, IL and St. Louis, MO. I descend from Andrew Jackson TANNEHILL b. abt 1816 KY m. Mary Jane WHITESIDE and their son Andrew J. TANNEHILL b. 1851 St. Clair Co, IL m. Elenore PULSE. Jan Heiskell
Sep 2000: I am looking for the family of William H. Wright and Nancy Pitts who married in St. Clair County in 1851. I have been unable to locate this family after their marriage. Can anyone help? Kareen Chamberlain
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