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Chana School History

The Chana Country School, which was built in 1883, was once an active part of our county's educational process. This school is very special, because it was the only two room wooden school built in this area at the time. One classroom was used for lower grades , and the other room was used for the other students through grade eight.

The structure remained an active part of the Chana School District until the early 1960's. After that time it was used for one class and a bus garage. Then the classroom was boarded up as a final closure to many years of educating local children.

In 1997 the school property was sold and the wooden school was to be destroyed. At that time the Chana School Foundation was formed to save the school.

It has been moved to City Park East in Oregon, Illinois. After renovation it will once again be used to educate children and adults. The children of today will learn to appreciate what great opportunities they have once they experience life of long ago in this turn of the century school.

Restoring the school house to 1883 condition will be very exciting challenge! Many area people are working together to accomplish this task.

If anyone is interested in donating time or money to this project, contact Connie Stauffer at: (815) 732- 2447, or send donations to the Rock River Bank in Oregon for:

Save The School Fund - P.O. Box 637 Oregon, Illinois 61061

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