Monroe County, IL Genealogy & History

Monroe County, IL Genealogy & History

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This site is dedicated to

Mom & Dad

Dad, you were a combat veteran of WWII, but you and Mom needed far more courage, wits, and grace under fire to raise us kids than you ever needed to beat the Axis. Your wisdom is sorely missed.

Many thanks to

So many people contributed to this history that I could never name them all, but special mention has to go to for hosting this website;

My mother-in-law, Mary Elizabeth MILES HICKS, primarily for giving birth to the best wife any man ever had, but also for her extensive knowledge of the families and environs of Monroe County, Illinois;

My wife, Debra Jean HICKS JOHNSON, for allowing me to spend countless hours at the computer, the library, traipsing around the local cemeteries, and all the other research activities involved;

the Monroe County Genealogical Society (website);

the Monroe County GenWeb website (maintained by the hard-working Sharon Hackworth)


last but not least, my late aunt and god-mother, Cleo CANFIELD, who heartily encouraged, and aided and abetted in, my fascination with history and genealogy. All of the above, plus many many others, contrbuted a great deal to this History, but any errors or typos or flubs of whatever sort are solely my responsibility, not theirs!

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