Breaking Down Those Brick Walls Breaking Down Those Brick Walls

Monroe County, Illinois


Many Monroe County researchers have ran into the infamous BRICK WALL that those of us who do family research are all too familiar with. If you have a brickwall in your Monroe County research feel free to submit it who knows the next visitor to the site may have the missing puzzle piece. The following are some of our brickwalls.

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Sharon Hackworth

Catherina Maria Margaretha Riebeling, born February 17, 1882 in Columbia, Monroe County, she married John J. Harmacek on November 24, 1903 in St. Louis. Her sister Elizabeth (Lizzie) Catharina Riebeling, born March 14, 1883 also in Columbia, married Frank J. Harmacek, born October 03, 1879, in Columbia. Frank and John Harmacek were brothers. Both sisters married in St. Louis, I am trying to find where both couples died and where they are buried also who were the parents of John and Frank. We have not found any children born to either couple.

In the 1910 Columbia Census, Elizabeth is in the home of her father and mother William and Milke Margaretha (Jueles) Nee Jansen Riebeling. Her husband we believe was working in St. Louis. We did find that Frank died in 1969 somewhere in St. Louis.

Any help would be appreciated.

Surnames: Riebeling, Mosbacher, Korves, Meyer, Harmacek, Grueter, Roider and others.

Janet Flynn

My massive brick wall is my 4th great-grandfather, Rev. Daniel Hilton, born Apr. 3, 1774 in Bristol, Lincoln Co., ME, died March 6, 1840 in New Design, Monroe Co., IL. He married Martha Wellman on August 6, 1801 in Bristol. A memorial written by his son, Joseph W. Hilton, states that Daniel was orphaned at an early age and was raised by "Aunt Poor" (Jane Yates Poor). His father died (probably in the Revolutionary War) when he was very young. I cannot find the names of his parents anywhere. Any information at all will be very welcome.
Daniel & Martha Hilton's first seven children were all born in Lincoln Co., ME. They are: twin sons who died at birth, Mary, Catherine, Joseph W., Jane & Wealthy. Sometime about 1813-14 the family moved to Marietta Ohio where Daniel founded a Free Will Baptist Church. Son Daniel & daughter Martha were born in Marietta. About 1818 the family moved to Monroe Co. Daniel's small flock also came to IL, where they joined the Lemen family in the Baptist church founded by Rev. James Lemen, Sr. Children Elizabeth, Sylvester, Thomas & Gilbert were born in Monroe Co.
Children married (in Monroe Co.) Mary m. John Jarrard/Jarrett; Catherine m. Peter Strickland Atwell; Joseph m. Sally Tolin; Jane m. John Rogers; Wealthy m. James Rader, Charles Tolin, & John Henley; Daniel m. Elizabeth Tolin; Martha m. George Tolin; Elizabeth m. Samuel Kinney; Sylvester m. Jane Cheek; Thomas & Gilbert died in childhood.

Surnames: Biggs, Clark, Hilton, Lemen, Tolin, Ogle, Reinhold, Spriestersbach, Juelfs, Ritzler, Flynn +++

Cynthia Chisholm
My grandmother-- Elizabeth Mildred Reichenbach-- was married to a man named "EDWARD GROOMS" back in the early 1920's. I can't find anything about this man other than he was born around 1900 and listed his occupation as "shoemaker" on my mother's birth certificate. Since my grandmother was raised in Monroe County I am assuming he might have been from this area as well. Help! :0
Surnames: Grooms, Reichenbach, Knoebel, Weilbacher, Huhn, Mueller

Patricia Knight

I am looking for the parents of Margaretha Schroeder. Margaretha was a mid wife in Monroe County abt. 1860 -1889? She was m. to Fredrich Dedeke and both families came from Hanover. This couple had seven children that I am aware of and attended St. Paul's United Church of Christ in Waterloo. He was a carpenter and they are supposedly buried in the Waterloo City Cemetery. I say supposedly because their obits state so but, to date haven't found their gravesite in that cemetery. Fredrich had a nice obit written up on him in the local newspaper in Waterloo. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
Surnames: Schroeder, Dedeke, Griemel

Joyce Uselton
William J. Montgomery, Constable in Waterloo in 1860 Census, along with wife Matilda Jane (Smith), son John and daughter Martha.
Maribeth Burfeind
I'm looking to find any information about the Demint family. My grandmother's grandmother was Susan Demint Carey, wife of George. I am unable to find her in the census records of 1850, although I know she was born in 1845 in Monroe County. She married George in 1859 and her daughter, Addie, was born in 1860 in Harrisonville. This family is mentioned in the 1870 census. I do not know who her parents were, but I suspect that her mother was Milberry Modglin Demint Bostwick. I do not know when she died or where she is buried.
Surnames: Demint, Carey, Modglin

Thomas Richard Groll Jr.

I am trying to find the burial place of my great-grandmother Josephine Schroeder. Her daughter Anna was my grandmother. Anna, and her brother's (Joseph's) birth place was in Waterloo, Illinois. Some indications are that she was married before but I believe that she died a Schroeder and is buried in the Catholic Cemetery---Sts. Peter and Paul. There also may have been other children involved but this is all the information that I have to date. Her daughter Anna married Anthony Groll (a tinner) from St. Louis. Thomas was just one of their children, I am his son!
I believe that Josephine was born in Germany an migrated here to America as a youngster. She may have been a Schallom or a Kruse before becoming a Schroeder. I am still sorting all of this out, that is why I am seeking her burial place to see what the stone might reveal about my great-grandmother's history! Thanks!
Tom Groll (St. Louis, MO.)
Surnames: Schroeder, Kruse, Schallom

Judy Meredith

I'm looking for birth info on Empson Bird CANTRELL, married to Mary MOORE Sterrett dau. of John Biggs MOORE and Elizabeth WHITESIDES. Mary and Empson were married 4 May 1829 in Monroe Co. According to the 1850 death index, Empson died in Feb. of that year in Washington Co., IL and his place of birth is listed as Kentucky and his age as 45. My question is, where in Kentucky was he born and who were his parents?
Surnames: Cantrell, Biggs, Whitesides, Moore, Gillham

Thomas Richard Groll Jr.
Has anyone ever run across Adam or Renke Schroeder's tombstones in a cemetery in Monroe county? I believe that they would possibly be burried in a Catholic cemetery, but that is not written in stone. All I know is that I was born into a Roman Catholic family but that doesn't mean that my grandmother (Schroeder) was Catholic just because she lived in Waterloo, Illinois. The puzzle is starting to come is just taking time! :-)Thanks! Tom Groll
Surnames: Schroeder

Pam Frierdich-Staley

The info we have on Josef Michalek contradicts itself, but the one that looks plausible is that he was born in 1863, came over to states in 1864 with a visa from Franz Josef I - and then we have the story that Joseph stowed away at age 14 in 1864 (conflicting dates on age) to USA from Austria under visitor's pass issued by Franz Joseph I. He hid under the name of Finch/Fink which was the name of a lady who befriended him on the boat) because he was afraid the German government would find him and put him in the service of the army. This story however is uncollaborated.
He is listed in [Broderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 2 M-Z, Ed. 5, Social Security Death Index: U.S., Date of Import: Dec 8, 1997, Internal Ref. #] Individual: Michalek, Joseph Social Security #: 349-03-7267 SS# issued in: Illinois Birth date: Feb 28, 1881 (which can't be correct if he had a pass in 64)Death date: May 1939 this is correct.
above dates.....lots of discrepancies ... Joseph married Cornelia "Ellen" Dillon from KY and lived in St. Geneive, MO but later moved to Ferguson, MO and family reared there. Last residence was on Harrison Ave. I have found a marriage certificate that says they were married in 1866 at St. Henry's Parrish in Belleville, IL and a dupe was also made in 1935 - we don't know why. Anyone related, please contact us. Joseph also changed the spelling from Michalek to Michael ... or Micheal...depends on which side of the family you talk to :-)

Surnames: Michalek, (Michael) Dillon

Pam Frierdich-Staley

John Schallom 1819-1892 - m. to Maria Weiss 1819 - can not find these at all - do know they had the following children: Josephine, Charles, Wenzel, and George - any help appreciated!

Surnames: Schallom, Weiss

Judy Wilson
Conrad Northcraft, Coonrod Northcraft,these possibly parents of James Hopwood Northcraft born 1845 in Monroe Co. Ohio
Surnames: Northcraft
Jim Allen
Need info on a Nathaniel Hill with wife Mary ? am researching there children. Nathaniel born 7 Aug 1779 in NC moved to St Clair county and possibly Monroe county , ILL. All info appreciated. Thanks
Jim Allen
Allen, Sloan, Danner, Jackson
Peggy Modglin Rendleman
James Modglin married Anna Taylor in Monroe County in 1834. He was later found in Jefferson County census, 1840, 1860, married Nancy Hall Stilly in Washington County after the death of his first wife, and died in Union County 25 July 1888. In census records James reports his place of birth as Tennessee. I am trying to determine his parents and siblings.
Peggy Modglin Rendleman
Looking for link between Aldon Starr and a Henry Starr. I have a Henry Starr named as being buried in the Starr Cemetery, Monroe County, Illinois. Where specifically is this cemetery and can children of this Henry Starr be identified.
Ed Bell
Barnabas Thomas & Sarah Elizabeth Carder, both of Monroe County, married in Jefferson County MO in Feb 1867. Seeking information about either of these folk. Thank you.
Carder or Carter and Thomas

Karen Davidson

My brickwall is my greatgrandfather(maternal), A. Hillery Thompson, B-Sept. 1867 in IL. His father was born in Iowa and I cannot locate records on A. Hillerys' parents or where he was raised. I did find him on census records with his wife Ida A. Miller and their children. Any help on this line would be appreciated.

Surnames  Thompson, Miller, Upton, Morris, Unger

Jeannine Schenewerk

Seeking information on a Lidia/Lilly Luttman, born abt. 1880, in Renault, Monroe County Illinois. She married an Alfred Wilson, son of George Wilson and Catherine Wilson nee Bostwick, in 1899, in Monroe County. I have the name of one of Lidia/Lilly's sisters, Mary Luttman, born 1868, who married Alexis Godare, in Randolph County, Illinois, in 1886.

Surnames:  Luttman, Wilson

Carolyn Sue Smith

The Reis Bible said that my great grandfather, George Reis/Rice was born in Waterloo, Monroe County on 8 May 1844. I have never been able to place him in Monroe County. We located him for the first time on the 1860 census in St. Clair County living with a Samuel Hill family. His name was spelled Reiss. He joined the IL 7th Cal. in 1961 in Randolph County. His Civil War file has both the name of Reis and Rice.
He was suppose to have a sister named Elizabeth that was born in 1835. She married an Abijah Hines and moved to Posey County, Indiana. She used Rice as last name on all of the information that I could locate in Indiana.

Surnames:  Reis, Rice, Reiss, Betz, Schantz, Roder, Lortz

Tom Groll

My brick wall hasn't moved. I have been in and out of the Sts Peter and Paul Catholic Cemetery in Waterloo, Illinois for the past 5 years looking for the burial site of my great-grandmother. I have done this during all seasons and during all weather. Has anyone ever used the archdiocese of Belleville for the location of burial sites? In Missouri, the system is quite developed for our archdiocese catholic cemetery system. Is the system in Bellevile just as developed? What my intentions are is to locate locate her grave site and if need be, place a cemetery marker there.
Tom Groll

Josephine Schroeder was the wife of Adam Schroeder, mother of John Kruse, mother of Joseph, Barbara, and Anna Schroeder.

Surnames:  Schroeder

Rick Irvin

I am seeking the identity of the parents of former Waterloo, IL citizen William C. Starkey born 21 April 1816 and died 29 December 1858. He is buried in the Waterloo City Cemetery, Monroe County, Illinois. He was a Monroe county surveyor. He married Mary Newsham 4 January 1854. He had a natural Aunt, Margaret Stout Williams, of Greene County Illinois, so suspect his mother's maiden name was possibly "Stout". He had two uncles, Captain John Henry Stout and William B. Stout. Both uncles left Greene County Illinois for East Texas about 1817 and 1833, respectively.

Surnames:  Starkey and Stout

Thomas Richard Groll Jr.
I finally found the gravesite of my greatgrandmother Josephine Schroeder (nee Schallom) in the Sts Peter and Paul Catholic Cemetery of Waterloo, Illinois. I have been searching that cemetery for about 10 years and have always come up empty-handed. The stone had toppled over and must have been face down all of these years and only the MOTHER portion on the base was showing. I have no idea who turned that thing over, but for that I am grateful. She is buried in the family plot of her first husband John Kruse along with his parents Elizabeth and Caspar Kruse. Does anyone know of a monument company close by or in Waterloo so that I can get this stone repaired as well as have them look at the others from the 1800's? I would hate for anything to happen to them. I live in St. Louis. Thanks! Tom Groll
Surnames: Schallom, Kruse, Schroeder

John Sullivan
Census records all agree that Catherine Cecelia Chandler was born in Illinois, about 1868, but a death record says she was born in Columbia, Missouri. Should this be Columbia, Illinois? She married Richard Shea in St. Louis in 1889 and lived and died in St. Louis. Her parents were James Chandler and Julia Buckley. 

Surnames: Chandler, Buckley, Shea

Kenneth E. Mittelbuscher
I am looking for any information concerning the Mittelbuscher family history. I recently learned that the Mittelbuscher's emigrated to Monroe County, Il. in the 1880's; specifically, New Hanover. I have traced the family name back to Hannover Germany. Moreover, I discovered that Katherine (possibly Catherina) Mehrtens (maiden name Katerine Mittelbuescher), who died on 02/20/1917, married Wilhelm Mehrtens, grandson of Johann Friedrich Mehrtens, who, I learned, may of been one of the founding fathers of New Hanover. Johann Friedrich Mehrtens, and his wife Adelheid (Jacobs) Mehrtens, were originally from the Hannover region of Germany. I would very much like to find all the information and family history. 
Surnames: Mittelbuscher, Mittelbuescher, Mehrtens, Jacobs.
Cyndy Woller
I am looking for any information on the Schramm family. My great-great grandmother was Christena E. Schramm. She was confirmed 23 APR 1865 location, St. Paul United Church of Christ, Columbia, Monroe co., Illinois #20. She married my great-great grandfather William Linn 12 MAR 1867, location, St. Clair County, IL. I can't find anything on Christena and/or her family. I would appreciate any leads.
Surnames: Schramm, Linn
Pam Santos
I am trying to find the parents of George W Morgan he was born 4-5-1834 in Monroe Co, IL He married Mary Jane Allen on 1-7-1863 in Monroe Co, IL. In the 1850 census he was living with: Edward Morgan 24, Eleanor 24, Matilda 5, Adaline 3, Nancy 1, George 16
This isnt his parents maybe a brother or uncle of his. In 1850 Mortality Index
Jacob Morgan 38 died March 1850 Fever born in KY
John Morgan 43 died December 1850 Fever born in KY
Patrick Morgan 35 died July 1859 Cholera born in KY
Thomas Morgan 30 died July 1850 Cholera Born in KY

In 1870 census it shows a Edwart T Morgan living with George and Mary Jane, this Edward T Morgan was age 26, his brother?
1880 Census shows George's parents born in Kentucky.
In 1840 census there are two males over 50, one Arthur Morgan, and a William Morgan. Are they related? any help would be appreciated it. Thanks
Surnames: Morgan, Allen
Susan Cox
I am seeking info on Thomas Brewer b.abt 1814 Monroe, Illinois. I am not 
completely sure of the birth date but it is all I have. 
Thank You
Richard G. Hamilton
I am searching for the burial place of my great grandmother Ellen Tute, (Cullen). She was married to my great grandfather Patrick Tute in Tipton,on the 23rd of May,1882. Patrick re-married Mary May in 1910, and Ellen is presumed to have died around 1896, maybe due to illness as she would have been about 45=/-.Their marriage record indicates she was born in Tiptown ILL.
Surnames: Tute, Cullen

Thomas R. Groll Jr. 

Hi...does anyone know if there is a local IRAD in Monroe County or Waterloo, IL and how to access their records? I am hot on the trail of my great great grandfather's burial site which I have not been able to find in the cemeteries that I've haunted in the this leaves me to believe that he and his family may not have been Catholic, or that they are not buried in the Monroe County area. On death certificates it is listed the burial site and this might be the piece of the puzzle that I need to go on. Renke Schroeder Died: 3/9/1879 Waterloo Precinct Age 75 Vol 1 pg. 185 Monroe County Also, does anyone know if the Waterloo City Cemetery has been indexed yet?
Tom Groll

Surnames: Schallom, Kruse, Schroeder

Ira McClure
Trying to locate any information on The Concord Congregation of the Reformed Presbyterian Church organized Nov 9, 1842 in Monroe County. Pastor Rev. M. Harshaw. Many members of my family were in the congregation. Would like to know where the church was located and if any records still exist. 
Sherry Gravot
I am looking for a William Vaugh who was married to a Lydia Bishop he arrived around 1840-1850 with his children in tow. His son James was married to a Mary Elizabeth Boyes on 5-7-1857 in Waterloo, IL. He also joined the Union army and was honorably discharged in Alexander VA on 6-5-1865. He was a member of the 130th Infantry. HELP!! 
Cynthia Hicks Curtis
I'm told my ggggGrandfather Michael Crossan (spelled different ways)came from Ireland on "the brig Helen" in abt 1812 to either Sligo, New York or to Pennsylvania and migrated to Monroe County, Illinois where he died before the 1840 census. He was reportedly married to Rachel (Last Name Unknown-- can anyone help there?). I estimate that he was born somewhere between 1780 and 1790. His children are, as far as I can find, James W, John, and Amanuel/Samuel Crossen. All three sons are listed in Arkansas in the 1850 census in Randolph County. Thank-you.
Surnames: Crossen, Crossan, Crosson, Crossin & any other spelling variation for this Irish immigrant.

Thomas R. Groll Jr.  BRICK WALL SOLVED 
The wall has finally crumbled so as to see light from either side and of course so many people that read this wall have been helpful in labeling the branches of my family tree. So, thank you! Last year I was able to locate the gravesite of Josephine Schroeder in the Sts. Peter and Paul Cemetery. Her stone was toppled and appeared to be run over by a piece of heavy equipment. Recently it has been restored by the Weiss Monument Works company in Belleville, IL. This year I was able to locate the grave site of her husband Adam Schroeder in Missouri and will work on getting him a monument probably early next spring. He died in Mo and was not Catholic and this is probably why he was buried in a nonsectarian cemetery there. It appears that his family was Evangelical/UCC and I do not know why his son was not able to bring him all the way back home to Waterloo for burial. Through all of this, I was also able to learn that Josephine's great great-grandparents are also buried in the 
Sts Peter and Paul Catholic Cemetery; Johan and Maria Weiss-Schallom. I only have a few more loose ends to tie up in IL and then I can complete the tree using these German ancestors in Missouri. Thank you everyone for all of the useful leads that this site was able to generate and the 
discovery that became evident because of this communication.

Surnames: Schallom, Kruse (Cruse), Schroeder (Schrader), Groll, Oppermann

Carol Schlueter
Rheinfrank or variations of the spelling. A cross over between Monroe County and St. Clair in the Hecker and Floraville areas. Wendel and Philippina came to the area with Margaretha and Anna Barbara. Caroline and Wendel were born here. Margaretha married John Peter Frank from Floraville and Anna Barbara married Jacob Schuster from New Athens. Philippina must have died bef 1860 and I woud ike to find out her maiden name. 
Surnames: Rheinfrank or variations of the spelling incuding Frank and Franke
Kristi Scruggs - My brick walls are Herman Dammann born 1837 in Prussia and Louisa Hilbrandt Dammann married 1/13/1859 in Monroe CO IL. Trying to find where they died and when. They belonged to the Zoar Evangelical church I believe.
Surnames: Dammann, Hillbrandt
Gary W McNelly - Willis McNelly born ca. 1801 Tennessee, came to Monroe Co., before 1840 two sons born there George W. and James. His first wife died there, need her name and death date. He married Hannah Durrance Erwin there in 1847. Looking for his parents names, can't seem to find the next ancestor back from Willis.
Surnames: McNelly, Royer-Durrance-Erwin/Irwin, Waddle, Mattingly
Carol Hight
Does anyone have information pertaining to the burials in the Martini Cemetery at Martini and Kopp Roads northeast of Waterloo?
Surnames: Schroeder, Wischmeier, Mink
Barbara A. Turley
Mina Krause, DOB 1850,Germany. Married William Sinnhold of Freedom:06 March 1875. Justice of the peace; Prairie du Long Precinct. His Civil War record says; Mina gave birth to twins that died n childbirth and she may have also. William remarried April 1876 to Lizzy Wetzler Heinrich, Waterloo IL. 1860 census, has a Wm.& Johanna Krause W/ a daughter Mina 1851,Siblings; Emilie, Adolph, Henry. Post office: Hecker. Also Lizzy [Elisabeth] Wetzler married Paul Heinrich 1869. Paul committed suicide Aug. 1869 @ the Waterloo Hotel, where he worked. Any information would be helpful.
Surnames: Briegel, Fischer, Ganter, Heinrich, Krause, Lemen, Miller, Schreiber, Scheider, Sondag, Stein.
Surnames: Schroeder, Wischmeier, Mink
Thomas Richard Groll Jr.
Hello Monroe County! Does anyone know of the whereabouts of the old Schroeder farm in Monroe County? It was owned by my great great grandfather in the 1800's. On the old maps, there is a church on or near the property. It consisted of 120 acres. It is believed that Renke Schroeder and his wife Ida are buried on the farm and that is the reason why their graves have not been found in local or surrounding cemeteries. They were Evangelical and their Church was St. Paul's before it became a United Church of Christ. Any help is appreciated. Thank you. 
Tom Groll
Surnames: Schallom, Weiss, Kruse, Schroeder, Groll
Megan Heyl  This Brick Wall Solved!!
Back in February I posted the need to help find my husband's G-Grandfather and fill in his family, and any other family members previous. Well, I am here to report that with the kind hearts and help of many members of this fine organization, I was able to not only find Ernst Heyl, his 2 wives, his 16 children, but his family and burial information!  Being new to genealogy, and having grabbed this hobby by the tail, I have found more information that I could ever imagine. But that isn't the best part.. it is meeting many of you along the way. Without your help and care, none of this would have been possible.   Thank you once again..... now I'm off to find his mom's side! (Watch out Randolph county!) Megan and James Heyl

Original brickwall 
Hello Everyone, I am searching for a whole host of Heyl's. Any help on any of the family members would greatly be appreciated. I have been researching genealogy since January and have found myself stuck on my husband's family. I will list below what I know and if anyone has any other information, if it isn't too much trouble to share, I would appreciate any help. Ernst / Ern Heyl born 1825 in Illinois or Hesse Darmstadt. Married Lena Stock 29 Apr 1860 in Monroe and am guessing they had 3 children. Can't find any info on her/their children, his birthdate etc. Show Ernst marrying Elizabeth Bossle in Monroe on 29 Apr 1860. My best guess is they had 7 children. Ernst and Elizabeth lived in Prarie Du Long in 1880 census, but no trace of Ernst after that. Find Elizabeth thru 1920 census. The children and aprox. birth years are as follows: John P. 1861, Charles E. 1863, Mary/Maria E 1865, (then guessing Elizabeth comes into picture) Louisa 1873, Ida C. Mar 1874, Walter Jacob 26 May 1878 (husband's grandfather), William Christopher 25 Oct 1880, George E. July 1882, Fred J. May 1884, Abner E. Jan 1889. 
Thank you for your time in reading this and helping solve this puzzle. You Megan and Jim Heyl
Surnames: Heyl, Plate, Rahn, Schmidt, Theilen

Leslie Washburn 
Henry Wissmath in the Civil War. June 25, 1861 - July 7, 1964. Pvt. 7, 22 IL US INF Waterloo and any other information on my great great grandfather's family from Waterloo Illinois
Thomas Richard Groll Jr
Today I drove into Waterloo to visit grave sites and pay my respects before Easter. I was happy to see flowers on the grave of my grandmother's brother and his son's burial plots. I did not remember seeing flowers there before but I did place a flag there last year when a researcher came from New Zealand to help figure out this ancestry stuff! Anyway, briefly....My great grand mother was Josephine Schallom who married John Kruse. John died and she went on to marry Adam Schroeder. Josephine had a son by, John Jr. lived with Josephine and Adam. My great grandparents had children of their own. Those that lived were Joseph, Anna, and Barbara Schroeder. It was at the gravesite of Joseph L. Schroeder and his wife Clara & their son's graves that I found the white lilies. Does any one know of this family? They are buried in Sts Peter and Paul Catholic Cemetery in Waterloo, IL. Thanks!
Tom Groll
Surnames: Family of Joseph & Clara Schroeder
Gerry Meier
Bernard Fiecker b. 1800 Germany (Fuechert, Vickert, Ficker, etc) and his wife Adelheid, b 1804 Hanover, immigrated in 1845 with at least 2 children, William, Bernard, and Marie Ann, possibly more. My great great grandmother Theresia, was born 3-10-1845 on board the ship, so I am sure of the date. A daughter, Carolina, was born in Illinois about 1846. Bernard is dead by 1847 since Adelheid remarries Christian Voges on 10-24-1847. I would love to know more about Bernard Feicker. Their children married as follows: Bernard m. Magdelena Schmeerbach, Marie Ann m. Valentin O. Berg, Theresia m. Christopher Hagen (my line). After Adelheid married Christian Voges, I think some of the children went by the name Voges. I have found many spelling varieties for Feicker. The family lived in Fountain, Floraville, Hecker, and later Prairie Du Long.
Surnames: Feicker, Vicker, Feickert, Voges, Hagen, Berg, Schmeerbach
Pat Herigon
Brick wall #1, have looked for his parents/siblings and where he's from for over 30 yrs. Looking for: Absalom/Absolum Bradshaw he d. 1840/41 will dated 20 Dec. 1840 probate 15 Jan. 1841; he list in his will his children: George W., Monroe, John Quinsey, LaFielle ( a headstone w/D. LayFayet 22 Nov. 1813 age 19 yrs. 6 mo was found in a family farm wondering if he could be a brother to Absolum) and Lucinda. 1812 July/Aug he's w/ Capt. Hooker Calvary; March 1812 he's w/Whiteside and Dec. 1815 1st regiment; Preemption Report of 1813 Absolum (& brother James) w/land claims in Monroe Ill area; Adjutant General of Ill records of the service of Militia Riflemen & volunteers in Indian Wars 1810-1813 lists him; Lists of taxpapers 1816 he's listed; 1818 census Monroe Co; 1820 census Monroe Co.; 1830 census Monroe Co. Any and all help is greatly needed and a big thank you ahead of time. Pat
Surnames: Bradshaw, Drury, Goodman, LeVassieur (Vassieur), Louviere (d 'amour dit Louviere), Saucier

Pat Herigon

Brick wall #2: is Ambroise Vassieur (LeVassieur)his parents: Louis (Joseph) (Le)Vasseur and Jeanne Renauz (Renaud) dit L'Eveille; he was b. 1775 Prairie du Rocher m. 1799 Agathe Feliciate d'Amour Louviere (leLouviere)her parent were Antoine D'Amours dit Louviere and Felicite Saucier; they had 3 children that I know of: Jeanne b. 1805 m. William Drury d.??; Constance b. 1807 m. ?(possible Stephen) Langlois; Felicite ?????; Louis ???? Need all the help to find their extended families. Again thank you ahead of time..Pat 
Surnames: Bradshaw, Drury, Goodman, LeVassieur (Vassieur), Louviere (d 'amour dit Louviere), Saucier

Betty Mastain
I'm looking for a Mathias Kribs who shows up on the U. S. General Land Office Records as having land in Monroe County in 1851. The Mathias I'm looking for came from Germany (Prussia) and married a Mary Hart who was also from Germany. They had seven children born in IL. They then moved to MO and show up there in 1870 in Chariton County. If anyone has any info on a Mathias Kribs I would be most grateful. It does seem that the next generation after Mathias the spelling changes to Kribbs.
Surnames: Kribs, Kramer, Barnett, Haislip
Keith Fessenden
I am attempting to locate the parents, siblings, etc. for Henrietta Vogt who married Bernhardt Wienhoff, 06 Nov 1846. 
Surnames: Wienhoff, Rick, Ebert, Wielbacher, Vogt, Belter
Kenneth Louis Reinbold
I'm looking for any information about my grandfather Adam Reinbold born 1867, died 1948. Adam's father and mother were Jakob Reinbold and Emilie Wagoner and died when Adam was very young. Adam was married twice and his first wife was Alvina Illert, born 1884, died 1905. Alvina Illert's parents were Jakob Illert and Linette Frank. Adam's second wife was Emma Bieber, born 1883, died 1943. My grandfather Adam was believed to have been raised by the Adam Burst family in Waterloo. Adam worked on the Knoerenscheld farm as a farm hand when he was 13, according to the 1880 Census. If anyone knows any information about Salome Reinbold, born in 1827 and died in Waterloo 5/28/1879 or any of her family.
Surnames: Adam Reinbold, Alvina Illert, Emma Bieber, Salome Reinbold , Jakob Illert, Linette Frank, P. Knoerenscheld
Tony Wappel
I was a "nerdy" teenage researcher back in the 1970s when Richard Trost was County Clerk and we had no internet. After college and career and all that middle-aged stuff, I finally have the time to try to resolve some of the brick walls I hit back in the 70s! Hopefully, there is someone out there that researched these families or has some new sources for me to check---
I need to know where the following ancestors are buried:
William Crook died 20 October 1878 
Margaret Crook nee Wood died 18 October, 1861
Betsy or Elizabeth Coop nee Proctor died 19 September, 1898 (husband was John Coop and one of her daughters was Mary Alice Crook)
Joseph Proctor, died Winter 1834
Alys Proctor nee Singleton, died Summer, 1835
Both families were of English Catholic descent from Lancashire England and lived in the New Design, Waterloo, Prairie du Long area of Monroe County. (Margaret Wood was a convert to Catholicism but suspect she was from the same part of England.) They also had St. Louis City connections prior to the Civil War but definitely died in Monroe County. I checked 
the Catholic Church Records at both St. Augustne and SS Peter & Paul and St. Vincent de Paul in St. Louis, Mo back in the 70s but we could not find anything. If anyone has any new or updated sources or any other information on these families that might help me, please write me back! 
Thanks so much!!
Surnames: Crook, Wood, Coop, Proctor, Singleton, Kearns, Logan

Carolyn Sue Smith
George Reis/Rice was born (according to the Reis Bible) 8 May 1844 in Waterloo, Monroe County, IL. We located him on the 1860 census living with a Samual Alex Hill in Freeburg, St. Clair County, IL. His name was spelled Reiss. He enlisted in the 7th Illinois Cavalry, Company M in Redbud, Randolph County, IL. on 27 Aug 1861 and name was spelled RICE. He married Babara Betz on 23 Nov 1873 in Mt. Vernon, Posey County, Ind. with name spelled Rice. They had the following children: Henry Theadore who married Anna Lortz, Emma Louis who married Charles Estes, Mary Edith who married George Lynn, Lena Margaret who married George William Lortz, Lizzie Irene who married Albert Rounds, Clemie Viola who married Irvin Downs, Louis George who married May Elliott, William Mathia who married Jewell Elles, Johnie Monroe who married Ada Bines, and Ira Virgil who married Agnes Green. We need to locate him on the 1850 census in Monroe County. The Civil war deposition signed by Samual said he had raised George from the age of 8. 
Thank you for any help or suggestions on how to locate his father and mother.

Surnames: Reis/Rice/Reiss, Lortz, Estes, Lynn, Elliott, Nicholson

Tanya Macdonald
Mary Elizabeth Hildermann, born 2 Dec 1849, Columbia, Monroe County, Illinois. Married prior to 1870 to "unknown Foot" went to Nice, France, widowed with a small son Charles H. Foot, married Adolph Gustav Schmiz in 1873. Mary was raised Lutheran but converted to Catholic when she and Adolph married. Who was Mary's parents? Only other clue I have is she had a Grandmother by the name of "Fries/Freeze/Frieze" I have all the census records, death certificate, Marriage record for Mary and Adolph but cannot find a single clue about her parents. Please help me break through this brick wall.
Surnames: Hildermann, Friese/Freeze, Frieze
Steve L. Wunderle
My great great grandfather and great great grandmother was James W. Chandler and Julia Buckley. He was English and she was Irish. I have her death certificate and know she is buried in Eagle Cliff-Miles Cemetery near Columbia, IL. I assume he is buried there also. No grave markers are in this cemetery. Many have been destroyed. One of their children was John Chandler (My great grandfather) who I know quite a bit about. Any help on James W. and Julia Chandler would be appreciated. I have photographs of John Chandler. 12/26/08.
Surnames: Chandler; Buckley, Shea

William Charles Asher Jr.
My brick wall is in regard to my paternal grandmother, May Asher (Ogles). According to apparently reliable sources, grandma was born on 3-3-1897 in Iron Mountain, Iron County, Missouri to parents Charley Ed and Ann Ogles.
May married Harve (or Haroe) Fortner in 1909 (at 12 years old?), they divorced sometime later, and she married my grandfather, Charles Newton Asher in 1922. They had 4 children, Elmer, William (my father), Emma, and Henry Frank. Grandma died when my dad was 5 years old.I have both marriage licenses but can find nothing else. 

If you can help please email me at or call me at 573-201-7358.
Thanks. Chuck Asher
Surnames: Ogles, Ogle, Asher, Fortner

Phillip Brents
I am researching the William Frederick Bauer family of Monroe Co, IL. He immigrated with his parents at age 12 sometime around 1842/43. He married Mary Dieterle (records say - family says Ulrich) in Monroe Co in 1856 and owned land in Monroe Co as late as 1880/90 before his adult children relocated to Franklin Co, IL. I know that this Bauer family lived in Monroe Co IL from approx 1842/43 to 1890 but no records seem to exist other than census entries in 1860, 1870 and 1880. I do not have access to the US Census records and it would be easy for someone to locate any Bauers in Monroe Co Il in the 1850, 1860 and 1870 censuses to possibly locate other family members, especially William's parents. The family is listed as originating in Saxony. Any Bauer names in or around Monroe Co with Saxony birthplaces would likely be related to my William. Thanks much.
Surnames: Bauer, Dieterle, Ulrich