1911 Greene County Photo


I have in my possession an old studio photo/postcard of 17 little girls with their teacher, a Miss Campbell. The girls are really dressed up - much more then they would be for a normal school picture -darling girls....no boys. Could this be a Sunday School Group? The message on the back...." With best wishes for a merry xmas and a Happy New Year from, Your teacher, Miss Campbell. It was given to Ruth Goings, who is in the picture. She is probably the little girl on the bottom row with a big bow. Parents of Ruth were Hardin Goings and Lillie Ann Strait. Ruth died two years later in 1913 of TB of the kidneys. This family is also connected with Scott and Pike Counties, but most of Ruth's short life was in Greene Co - Roodhouse...buried in Fernwood Cemetery. If anyone on the list would like a copy of this picture, I will send by attachment. I'm hoping someone will be able to identify the other girls. Annette

Lillie Goings, mother of Ruth, is buried in Morgan County. She moved and lived there after her husband died.


Submitted by Annette Miner