Taylor Cemetery

Taylor Cemetery
Holloway-Taylor Cemetery

Sec. 3, Twp. 14 N, R. 13W

This is a photo of RaNae's father, Vondas Smith, standing at the "entrance" of the Taylor (Holloway-Taylor) Cemetery. I was anxious to use the picture as it should answer any questions about the "condition" of this cemetery and let anyone wishing to visit this cemetery know what to expect. RaNae and her parents have truly been bitten by the "Family History bug" - thank heavens for brave researchers willing to wade weeds and brush to check these old cemeteries. A big thanks for taking pictures and sharing your work.
This cemetery is located approximately 2 1/2 miles SE of Oxville in Scott County, Illinois and was partially read on 5 August 2002, by RaNae S. Vaughn and her parents, Vondas A. and Leah Ruth Ellis Smith.

Directions: It is located on property currently owned by the Schnake family in a grove of trees in the middle of a cornfield. From Highway 106 East, pass a restaurant called Buck & Jo's Too. Take the first road to the right after passing the restaurant on the left, and then take a left on Walnut Creek Road. Another left turn will need to be taken immediately at the Schnake home's driveway.

If a name appears in red, click on the name to bring up a photo of that individual's tombstone.

Name Born Died Age Additional Inscription/Information
FLETCHER, Seth C. 25 Oct 1894 64y1m10d
HAMILTON, Arzena Elzan 4 Aug 1851 11m21d Dau of R.S. & M.M. Hamilton
HAMILTON, George A. 23 Apr 1861 3m4d Son of J.O. & L.J. Hamilton
HAMILTON, Leonard R. 12 Aug 1860 1y3m7d Son of J.O. & L.J. Hamilton
HARDISTER, Infant 3 May 1872 Son of J.E. & S. Hardister
HARDISTER, Mary A. 22 Mar 1871 2 Apr 1871 Dau of J.E. & S. Hardister
HARDISTER, Maudie M. (13 Oct 1883) 20 Feb 1896 Dau of W.A. & C.F. Hardister
HOLLOWAY, John 17 Jan 1764 11 Sep 1844
HOLLOWAY, Milley 19 Oct 1771 28 Aug 1851 Wife of John Holloway
HOLLOWAY, Sarah M. 17 Nov 1851 6y11m5d Dau of G.M. & M./N. L. Holloway
KEMP, Elizabeth 12 Nov 1863 12y10m2d Dau of B. & L.P. Kemp
KEMP, Lucy J. 19 Sep 1876 10 Dec 1876
MURRAY, A. W., Elder 4 Mar 1821 6 Sep 1914
MURRAY, 3 Infants Infants of G.W. & L. Taylor
NEW, Thomas J. 26 Sep 1861 3y8m3d Son of Wm. M. & L.J. New
NEW, William M. 1 Mar 1882 48y7m9d
SMITHSON, Weltha J. 11 Sep 1871 20y5m7d Dau of G. & M. Holloway, Wife of S.R. Smithson
TAYLOR, Albert 10 Sep 1870 11d "Little sister Nora by his side"
TAYLOR, Alonzo 12 Aug 1855 1y10m6d Son of J.H. & M.A. Taylor
TAYLOR, Edgar C. 3 Mar 1870 17y6m2d
TAYLOR, Edgar 1 Sep 1853 25 Oct 1894 64y1m10d
TAYLOR, Emma A. 6 Aug 1880 11y9m21d Dau of J.H. & M.A. Taylor
TAYLOR, George M. 1836 1872
TAYLOR, Infant of H.E. 2 Dec 1877
TAYLOR, Infant Son 18 Mar 1887 Son of R.A. & G.A. Taylor
TAYLOR, John H. 11 Jan 1828 11 Jan 1878
TAYLOR, Kissy R. 1835 1912 Wife of George M. Taylor
TAYLOR, Lucy 22 Aug 1864 61y9m Wife of Addison Taylor
TAYLOR, Mary E. 6 Mar 1873 32y4m5d Wife of W.W. Taylor
TAYLOR, Milley A. 6 Oct 1826 24 Jan 1894 Wife of John H. Taylor
TAYLOR, Nora 27 Aug 1872 2m3d
TAYLOR, Oliver 7 Jan 1876 2y3m4d Son of C.A. & M.E. Taylor
TAYLOR, Pubcies E. 2 Oct 1865 2m9d Dau of W.W. & M.E. Taylor
TAYLOR, Richard 9 Oct 1852 1y1m6d Son of G.M. & K.R. Taylor
"The little babe is gone to rest to reign with God
forever blest"
TAYLOR, Robbie E. 18 Dec 1887 2y11m5d Son of J.W. & S.G. Taylor
TAYLOR, Sarah 12 Jul 1887 82y28d Wife of Wesley Taylor
TAYLOR, Thomas L. 21 Apr 1880 9y4m
UNKNOWN, Bulah 20 Jan 1889 31 Jan 1889
WALKER, Albert E. 6 Mar 1880 2y10m18d
WALKER, Ora E. 17 Apr 1870 11d Son of I. & P.M. Taylor

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