Smithson Cemetery

Scott County, Illinois

Township 14N, Range 13W, Section 12/14

Directions to Smithson: West on IL 106, turn right onto County Road 14 (Hoots Road) north to Priepot Lane (which is the third road on your left). Turn left heading west. Then take the first road on your left off Priepot lane which is a gravel road (Kilver Road). You can see the cemetery on your right just shortly after turning on that road. The cemetery is approximately 4 miles from Winchester.

This cemetery is surrounded by farm ground and is currently planted in corn. Once the corn is up, you will not be able to see the cemetery from the road. There is a little grass road between two fields that goes about half way to the cemetery, but it is still a bit of a trek back to the cemetery from there.

Thanks to Bobbie Jo McKee for the directions and the photographs included below.
Name Born Died Age Additional Inscription/Information
EDMONDSON, Sarah R. 24 Dec 1839 49y4m14d Wife of Eld. J. Edmondson
FLETCHER, Sarah R. 4 Sep 1873 37y4m18d Wife of S. G. Fletcher
HAGGARD, Milly E. 10 Nov 1851 3y2m Dau of R. E. & R. Haggard
HAGGARD, Rosline 26 Jun 1861 50y8m1d Wife of Robert E. Haggard
HAGGARD, Sarah Jane 13 Dec 1853
NOEL, George
NOEL, Mary P.
O'BANION, John T. 1 May 1839 5 Aug 1894
PEAK, Louisa E. 12 Oct 1848 15 Apr 1890 Wife of Lafayette Peak
RECORD, John A. 9 Feb 1858 55y5m?3d
RECORD, Lucy W. 25 Jun 1809 30 Apr 1886
SMITHSON, Eliza Jane 10 Apr 1844 34y10m6d Wife of Wm. D. Smithson
SMITHSON, EMILY A. 2 Mar 1844 Dau of W.D. & E.J. Smithson
SMITHSON, George W. 8 Sep 1873 31y1m8d Son of Wm. D. & Eliza Smithson
SMITHSON, Infant 21 Mar 1898 Inf of J.L. & Lee Smithson
SMITHSON, J. M. 12 Sep 1837 60y
SMITHSON, John M. 14 Nov 1828 10 Oct 1915
SMITHSON, Lucy H. 16 Apr 1837 57y7m11d Wife of J. M. Smithson
SMITHSON, Martha D. 13 Feb 1858 10y1m11d Dau of W.D. & E.J. Smithson
SMITHSON, Patsey 13 Oct 1899 86y>m13d
SMITHSON, Rhoda 13 Jul 1834 11 Mar 1920
SMITHSON, Thomas 1891
SMITHSON, Willie 24 Sep 1875 12 Apr 1876 Son of J.M. & R. Smithson
THOMAS, Josephine 3 Sep 1854 2m15d

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