Slagle Cemetery Scott Co IL


Section 12 Twp. 14N Range 13W of the 3rd Principal Meridian, Scott County, Illinois

Norman F. Hunnicutt states, "Attached is a picture of Peter Slagle's stone as I found it. There were a couple of standing stones and the rest were either on the ground or piled against the standing ones. As it is a felony to remove a tombstone I left them as I found them. I do hope to return in the spring and salvage what I can. Hope to get some of the relatives interested enough to help.

UPDATE: Norman sent (October 2001) an updated reading of the stones in Slagle Cemetery in Scott County. He indicates that there were many mis-readings of the stones (I've included the corrected readings below). He went on to say that the area has now been cleared, a fence erected and 5 of the stones reset. He is hoping to finish the project in the spring. Our gratitude to Norman for taking on this project and helping to ensure that this family cemetery will endure for many more years.

An additional note from Norman: Most of the thanks for the ugrade of the cemetry site goes to the property owners - Robin & Susie Haynes. They cleared the area and Robin also helped with the fence installation. The fence was purchased with the help of three Slagle decendents, besides my contribution. They were Jenny Disque and Ron Holley, Slagle decendents, but not from this direct line and Emma Lee Price a direct decendent of Peter Slagle as I am.

Name Died Age Add'l Inscription/Info.
SHIBE, Infant 10 Oct 1856 3 Hrs Son of N. & M.A.
SHIBE, Sarah J. 21 Jan 1863 1 Da Dau of N. & M.A.
SLAGLE, Arminda E. 4 Sep 1855 6y 8m 22d Dau of J. & S.
SLAGLE, Barthena 16 Aug 1865 70y 9m 22d Wife of P. Slagle
SLAGLE, Elizabeth Ann 18 Oct 1844 10y 10m 7d Dau of P. & S.
SLAGLE, Francis M. 10 Aug 1838 11y 2m Son of P. & B.
SLAGLE, John W. 30 Aug 1838 6y 5m 22d Son of P. & B.
SLAGLE, Louisa 30 Aug 1855 11m Dau of J. & S.
SLAGLE, Peter 3 Jun 1862 83y 6m 16d
SLAGLE, Simon E. 21 Apr 1853 3m Son of A. & M.A.
SLAGLE, Susannah 27 Sep 1851 17y 11m 6d Dau of P. & S.
P.S. Small stone with these initials
on top - may be that of Peter
Slagle who had a will which
was probated in Nov. 1830.

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