Scott County, Illinois

This Scott County burial site is on the south side of a fence that is exactly one mile south of the Morgan-Scott County line, and is about two miles directly south of Chapin's business district. The densely wooded burial site is east of the nearest north-south roadway. Legal description of the cemetery is in the west half of the northeast quarter of Section 23 in Township 15 N Range 12 W. The abstract to the property, owned by Edwin Lakamp of Chapin, reveals that three rods square are reserved as a burial ground. In addition to the toppled tombstones listed below, the remnants of three horribly weathered brown sandstone markers still protrude about six inches above the ground. Mr. Lakamp remembers seeing other tombstones on the hilltop, but a search for them was unfruitful. He remembers that one of the missing tombstones marked the grave of Hardin Parks, and that Hardin Parks either was born or died in 1870. The compilers are indebted to Mr. Clifford Thaxton of Jacksonville and to Mr. Lakamp, both of whom took the compilers to the cemetery.
Name Born Died Age Additional Inscription/Information
PARKS, Lydia 6 Jan 1866 27y4m7d Wife of A. W. Parks
PARKS, Pleasant 13 Oct 1865 62y7m9d
ROBINSON, William H. 19 Sep 1847 38y8m1d

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