Morrison Cemetery

Scott County, Illinois



Section 12 - Township 15 North - Range 13 West - 1/2 mile West of Oxville.

In 1927 Sara John English copied all the grave stones that could be read, except large stones face down. This cemetery was abandoned in an area with stock running over the graves. We reproduce herewith her reading which is probably the only record of these early people. We do not know the exact location, except that it was in the vicinity of Oxville.

Stan & Jeanie Lowe set out recently (Jan. 2004) and successfully located this burying ground. As can be seen from the pictures she provided above, there is little resemblance to a cemetery or the burying ground that Sarah English copied stones in over 70 years ago. As the ground is frozen, it was impossible to probe to find additional stones - Jeanie has promised to return when the weather is warmer to probe for additional stones. The others were undoubtedly knocked down by livestock and are now under the dirt, grass and weeds in this abandoned and forgotten little cemetery in Scott County.

Name Born Died Age Additional Inscription/Information
BUTLER, Andrew Thomas Co. B, 27th Ill. Inf.
DUNBAR, William 26 Mar 1853 60y8m36d
FAHNESTOCK, Mary Ann 13 Mar 1844 38y8m16d Wife of J. Fahnestock
HARRIS, Dorcas 18 Aug 1845 56y Wife of Joseph Harris
HARRIS, James 15 Dec 1862 52y3m20d
HARRIS, Joseph G. W. 11 Jan 1847 7y10m16d Son of James & Lorenda Harris
HARRIS, Lorenda 18 Jun 1856 42y9m28d Wife of James Harris
HARRIS, Lucy 25 Feb 1858 35y Wife of Noah Harris
HILL, Margaret 14 Apr 1865 33y1m6d Wife of W. H. Hill
JOHNSON, Charles 22 Nov 1856 5y Son of N.R. & N. Johnson
JOHNSON, Infant 29 Oct 1856 Son of N.R. & N. Johnson
KERAN, John 13 Apr 1847 3m13d Son of J. & R. Keran
NYHART, Charles G. 19 Sep 1848 2y11d Son of Daniel & Nancy Nyhart
PIKE, Elizabeth 9 Feb 1784 25 Oct 1839 54y3m16d
SOUTHARD, Constandt 17 Aug 1839 5y1m Son of J. & J. Southard
SOUTHARD, Infant 1837
SOUTHARD, Ossey 5 Feb 1850 65y27d
SOUTHARD, Unknown Stone down
SOUTHARD, William 15 Mar 1850 10y7m11d Son of J. & J. Southard
WILLS, Andrew 29 Feb 1848 70y 1812, Pvt. Mathews Co., 2 Ky. Mt'd Mil.
WILLS, George 19 Sep 1857 11y10m12d Son of J. & E. Wills
WILLS, John D. 10 Jan 1851 18y
WILLS, Sarah F. 30 Aug 1862 1y7m Dau of J.W. & E. Wills
WILLS, Serapta 16 Mar 1851 16y
WILLS, Wife of J. W. 7 Jul 1862 28y5m29d

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