Merriss Cemetery

Scott County, Illinois



New Photos - taken April 21, 2007


Stan & Jeanie Lowe along with Brianna Boggs & Emily Abbott found Merriss Cemetery on 23 Aug 2003 and took pictures of some of the stones and the inside of the cemetery. They found it to be overgrown (an understatement judging by the above photos) and situated in a dense woods. The bugs and spiders were active so they didn't stay long enough to record all the stones that they were able to see.

The stones were scattered over a large portion of the wooded area and since the woods are dense, many of the stones are covered with moss and mold. A gentleman who lives in the house near the cemetery told them that someone let cattle pasture in that area at one time which may explain why so many of the stones are down and/or broken. He also said that the 1,600 foot TV tower which once stood in the field is no longer there. Apparently it came down during an ice storm years ago. You can see where the tower was once located and the cemetery is behind that location, in the woods approximately 30 or 40 feet.

Earl & I visited this cemetery on April 21, 2007 to see how many stones we could locate and photograph. The results of our trip are listed below. The stones were indeed scattered over quite a large area although they tended to be grouped by surname. Almost every stone which was down had to be dug up after locating it by probing or by a small corner which was visible. The grass and weeds have already started to grow so there may well be other stones (not located on this trip) which are also buried with no visible sign of their location. The Rodgers stone is a new entry, not previously located or included on the listing I used to compile the original online.

Driving Directions: This cemetery is located north of Bluffs. Turn at the corner of Fairview Road at Rte 100 (630E) outside of Bluffs and at the sign on Rte. 100 which directs you to Fairview Cemetery. Turn on to Fairview Road and follow it up a hill past Fairview Cemetery (sits on the left side of the road about 0.6 miles from the turn). Continue on past Fairview Cemetery for another 0.5m and you will see a pasture with a woods located on the right side of the road. Merriss Cemetery is located in those woods which sit approximately 0.1 mile off the road.

If a name appears in red, click on the name to bring up a photo of that individual's tombstone.

Name Born Died Age Additional Inscription/Information
AITKEN, Robert 8 Nov 1861 ca 44y4m
AITKEN, Robert 14 Nov 1866 4y6m4d Son of R. & E. Aitken
BROWN, William 6 Aug 1864 3y9m25d Son of W. & M. Brown (No stone found)
CAMP, Willie M. 5 Aug 1864 1y2m13d Son of C. & J. Camp
CHAPMAN, James H. 11 Oct 1864 33y7m23d Co. I, 11th Reg. Mo. Inf. Vol.
CHAPMAN, Julia A. 26 Aug 1861 3y6m13d Dau of J.H. & N.A. Chapman (No stone found)
CHAPMAN, Lulie Bell 28 Sep 1876 3m13d Dau of S.N. & E.F. Chapman
CHAPMAN, Mahala 23 Jun 1889 75y6m19d Wife of William Chapman
CHAPMAN, O. S. (15 Jun 1864) Co. I, 11th Mo. Inf.
CHAPMAN, William 14 Mar 1865 54y8m14d
CURRY, Benjamin 23 Mar 1863/5 23y5m10d Co. K, 14th Ill. Inf.
CURRY, Eliza 29 Apr 1848 31y2m18d Wife of James B. Curry
CURRY, James B. 24 Feb 1853 42y9m14d
EDMUNDSON, Sarah 11 Jun 1854 29y4m15d Wife of James Edmundson
EDMUNDSON, Sarah E. 6 Dec 1845 11d Dau of J. & S. Edmundson
KENYON, Thomas C. 8 Oct 1864 1y4m
LITTLEJOHN, James 2 Aug 1864 6y8m15d Son of W. & J. Littlejohn (No stone found)
LITTLEJOHN, James 2 Aug 1870 5m1d Son of Wm. & J. Littlejohn
LITTLEJOHN, Jean 10 Sep 1864 2y4m10d Dau of W. & J. Littlejohn (No stone found)
LITTLEJOHN, Jennie 19 Jul 1868 8m7d Dau of Wm. & J. Littlejohn (No stone found)
LITTLEJOHN, John 31 Aug 1864 2m18d Son of W. & J. Littlejohn (No stone found)
LITTLEJOHN, Mary Dau of W. & J. Littlejohn (No stone found)
MC D. A., Mary 72y Wife of C. (No stone found)
MERRISS, Bethuel 10 Dec 1852 45y11m16d
MERRISS, Caroline M. 25 Mar 1853 41y4m15d Wife of J.B. Merriss
MERRISS, Child 20 Apr 1853 4y1m10d Child of J.B. & C.M. Merriss
MERRISS, David S. 10 Mar 1845 1d Son of E. & N. Merriss
MERRISS, Elery Sr. 30 Apr 1848 35y8m2d
MERRISS, Eliza 15m4d Dau of J.B. & C.M. Merriss
MERRISS, Elizabeth 31 Aug 1856 61y1m7d Wife of S. Merriss
MERRISS, Elizabeth 4m Dau of J.B. & C.M. Merriss
MERRISS, Infant 13 Jan 1853 Dau of E. & N. Merriss
MERRISS, Infant Son
MERRISS, James Cyrus 7 Mar 1865 18y11m13d Son of B. & S. Merriss
MERRISS, Jasper N. 25 Apr 1853 2y12d Son of E. & N. Merriss
MERRISS, John A. 20 Mar 1853 22y7m4d
MERRISS, John B. 3 Aug 1848 47y8m5d
MERRISS, Julia Ann 6 Oct 1848 15y3m Dau of B.T. & S. Merriss
MERRISS, Miriam Parthena 28 Jan 1853 4y5m26d Dau of B. & S. Merriss
MERRISS, Samantha 20 Jun 1866 55y10m5d Wife of Bethuel Merriss (No stone found)
MERRISS, Stanton R. 5 Jan 1848 52y9m14d
MERRISS, William T. 20 Dec 1862 22y10m Corp. Co. I, 129th IL Vol., s/o B.T. & S. Merriss
PARK, Elizabeth 7 Nov 1832 25 Jun 1863
REID, Minnie 15 Oct 1865 10m19d
RODGERS, Emmett 12 Sep 1883 14 Dec 1886 3y3m2d Son of J.D. & M.D. Rodgers
STEWART, Alfred 15 Oct 1843 31y5m6d
STEWART, Isabella 17 May 1867 21y11m Born in Edinburgh, Scotland; w/o D. Stewart
STEWART, Robert 5 Oct 1857 21y11m
UNKNOWN, Gordon 26 Nov 1863 62y

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