Etheal Cemetery


Scott County, Illinois

Etheal Cemetery in the summer time.

Located in Section 17, Township 15 N, Range 12 W on the Koch Farm, this cemetery isn't marked and is located in a wooded area in the middle of a field. I received an email message from Jeanie Lowe who said, "I was looking at the Scott County, Illinois site and reviewing the information in the cemeteries. I came across the Etheal Cemetery and that is where my great great grandmother is buried. I just found her stone last fall, however my grandpa had found it about 30 years ago."

Jeanie went on to say that she hiked through a field and climbed through a barbed wire fence to get into the cemetery. As with many old cemeteries, it hadn't been kept up "there were tree branches down and it was overgrown with vines. But it was wonderful, the stone was still standing. When my grandpa and uncle found it 30 years ago it was down and they fixed it and placed it upright." She says that although her grandpa is gone now, her uncle was pleased to know that the stone was still standing after all these years.

Jeanie had taken several pictures while she was in the cemetery and has graciously agreed to share them with us here. My sincere thanks to Jeanie for sharing the pictures and for volunteering to return to the cemetery in the fall to take more pictures. Efforts like hers will ensure that the information from this old cemetery will survive into the future for researchers who come after us.

Pictures and additional burial information submitted by Jeanie Lowe

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Name Born Died Age Additional Inscriptions/Information
ETHEL, Jane F. 24 Jun 1886 64y1m28d
ETHEL, Willis Jr. 23 Oct 1838 23y6m17d
FUNK, Samuel 13 Apr 1883 80y4m8d
OEHLER, Katherine 1841 1910 His Wife
OEHLER, Ulrick 1834 1898
SCOBEY, George R. 18 Dec 1900 Co. F 129th Ill. Inf.
SCOBEY, James A. 12 Dec 1971 Co. F 129th Ill. Inf.
SIDDLES, Joseph - (Obit) 30 Sep 1836 4 Mar 1917 No Stone Found
SIDDLES, Nancy A. Morrow 6 Dec 1837 9 Aug 1891 Wife of Joseph Siddles
TAYLOR, Barbara 1830 1911
TAYLOR, George 22 Sep 18??
TAYLOR, Hugh Merret
TAYLOR, James H. 1824 1910
TAYLOR, John Sr. 16 Dec ???? 98y4m
TAYLOR, Lutitia B. 8 Dec 1820 8 Nov 1899
TAYLOR, Katie B. 18 Dec 1868 69y Wife of James Taylor
TAYLOR, Margaret A. 16 Feb 1869 1m1d Dau of H.F. & C. Taylor
TAYLOR, Sarah E. 18 Oct 1842 3y11m13d Dau of F.J. & K.B. Taylor

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